What extras does Tigit provide?
Why are Tigits motorbikes better than backpacker motorbikes ?
Is it a good idea to book the motorbike in advance?
Do you provide helmets?
What is in the contract and what protection do I have if the motorbike is not up to standard?
How does the guaranteed buyback work?
What is a bluecard?
What happens if I crash the motorbike?
What happens if the motorbike is stolen?
Do you provide lessons?
Which route should I take and how long is it?
Is it easy to find hotels/places to stay?
Can I be insured in Vietnam?
Is an international license valid in Vietnam?
Do you provide USB chargers?
What are the fuel/gas/petrol costs?
How to navigate Vietnam?
What is the minimum time to complete a good ride?
Is the traffic in Vietnam dangerous?
How much stuff can I carry on my bike?
Can I send a bag on the train?
What are some useful tools to include on the trip?
What do you think of the Honda Win / Detech Honda Win?
Why should I trust Tigit?
Where are your shops?

What extras does Tigit provide?

Tigit Motorbikes supplies genuine and authentic motorbikes between the Northern city of Hanoi and the Southern city of Ho Chi Minh.

Tigit has a unique buy and buyback program allowing a backpacker to travel without having to worry about time constraints. A fixed rental price designed for backpacking from one end of the country to the other without concerns for time.

Customers can send the motorbike back from several major cities. By using our buyback program there is no need to make it across the entire country.

Customers of Tigit have full ownership of the motorbike and have control of the blue card which can help deal with police and lost parking tickets!

Tigit Motorbikes signature and most popular motorcycle is the Honda Blade which is 2015 modern Honda Motorcycle. Tigit owns  over 60 Honda Blades and fully trust in Honda’s high quality service in Vietnam.
All our motorbikes are purchased new, and are maintained in official Honda stores.

Tigit has phone support for translating in times of need.

Help and support for using the buses and trains. If a traveler is on a quick holiday, or wants to skip the boring sections then Tigit can help by translating at bus and train stations.

Clear and transparent contract agreement that puts the customer and Tigit at a firm understanding of the rules of purchase before any money is transferred. (See Motorbike contracts)

Tigit has a large selection of helmets ranging between $15 and $30 depending on quality.  They are not European standard helmets, but for Vietnam they are “quality”.

Why are Tigit motorbikes better than backpacker motorbikes?

Most backpackers will be seen buying Chinese motorbikes which are cheap and unstable toys. To be better than backpacker to backpacker sales or the random street dealers is not a difficult task.

Perhaps the more important question:  why is Tigit better than the other companies with a reputation?
Tigit buys genuine motorbikes new and maintains them in the official stores.  It can be seen all through our contracts the emphasis we put on only using genuine stores to change oil and maintain the motorbike.

Other companies often cut corners and maintain the motorbikes with Chinese parts. Lack of English and explanations of the importance of NOT to use backstreet mechanics allows customers to run wild. Travelers may fix a perfectly good authentic motorbike in a backstreet Chinese mechanic shop. This is a disaster for a company owning a fleet of authentic motorbikes.

At Tigit, with western support and explanations we regulate the regular maintenance that is required on a motorbike going up and down Vietnam. With understanding, customers will maintain the motorbikes correctly which helps keep them in great condition.

Tigit will gladly accept responsibility for any mechanical failures on the motorbike providing that the customer has followed our contract terms and conditions of only using genuine stores for the checkups.

The oil is changed once every 1000km, one time at Tigit Motorbikes before starting a journey. Then the customer will also change the oil one time in Danang half way up the country.
The motorbike makes its way back on the train to Tigit and the process starts all over again.

Other companies often buy a wide range of second-hand motorbikes to keep deposits lower. This creates an unknown in the motorbikes maintenance history and therefore a wide variety of quality.

We no longer offer the Chinese Motorbikes found in the backpacker areas. Please note, that no companies on Trip advisor provide Chinese motorbikes because the Chinese motorbike does not work properly!

Is it a good idea to book the motorbike in advance?

Yes, for now, Tigit has grown out of its garage space and we are unable to find more storage within HCM and Hanoi. This is causing us stock control problems. Without a booking it is unlikely a motorbike will be available despite the appearances of a full garage. Pre-bookings enable us to provide the information and disclaimers that customers should read before arriving. Tigit employees are not trained to make a hard sale and will turn away customers who we feel have not researched or understood our business. We consider ourselves an online service and not a dealership.

Do you provide helmets??

Second hand helmets are free to borrow. If lost they are $10.

New helmets range between $15-50 dollars and we buyback for $5.
For more information on helmets please visit our helmet page.

What is in the contract and what protection do I have if the motorbike is not up to standard?

On each “model” we have contracts/explanations related to the motorbike or service on offer.

It can be seen on each contract that we have easy and affordable cancellation policies.
To avoid angry customers and pointless fights our contracts are ridiculously easy to back out of.

There is freedom and flexibility to change motorbikes or be offered a refund if not happy.

How does the guaranteed buyback work?

For a detailed description please visit our guaranteed buyback page.

Tigit customers have the freedom to send the motorbike back from any major city that has a bus station or train station.

We send the money using Paypal, Transferwise or Stripe for transfers into the customers home local currency..

Using our Honda Blade program and our guaranteed buyback the total rent for a journey between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh will cost $250. A competitive price in relation to buying and selling a Chinese backpacker motorbike.

What is a bluecard?

The blue card is the ownership papers of a motorbike. Travelers usually like to hold the bluecard, although an artificial importance of this document has been created within the backpacker market when it comes to travelling. For more information please read our page about blue cards.

What happens if I crash the motorbike?

Crashes are subjective – we try and judge this on what we feel a future customer can potentially complain about. We try and take a relaxed approach to crashes – and if a customer does not trust our report then we are happy to use 3rd party Honda / Yamaha / Suzuki receipts.

Tigit only uses motorbikes with plastic exteriors. This is a calculated decision to keep external repair damages to a minimum. We do not offer any motorbikes that we feel external body bodywork damage will be expensive to fix.

The Honda Blade is our most common motorbike for driving Vietnam.
As a general rule each piece of body work is worth $10.

As an example of our most serious crash which destroyed the entire front of the motorbike. This was $250 in a Honda shop and the customer was very happy with the result.
Honda is official and very reasonable. The motorbikes can always be fixed!

In the case of a rare motorbike such as the Honda XR. Considerably more time might be needed for a quote on the fixing costs. This can cause a delay in the buyback repayment.
In Vietnam big manual motorbikes have high import taxes and mechanics do struggle to fix them.
It is a grey area that will be explained to the customer whilst doing the contract.
For customers wanting an interesting motorbike without the risks of worrying about high crash costs, the Yamaha Exciter or Honda Winner might be a better choice!

What happens if the motorbike is stolen?

For a full description please visit our page about secure parking lots.

A Tigit customer has never had a motorbike stolen!
In Vietnam the motorbike always goes inside the hotel or in a parking lot. There are security guards and parking lots everywhere!
Parking lots are outside every beach, restaurant and coffee shop.

People often ask if they need to buy a lock.
If you need to lock the motorbike then the bike is in the wrong place!

However…. it is not a bad idea to buy a lock, and these can be purchased for $4 in a nearby shop.

Unfortunately… if the motorbike is stolen then there is nothing that can be done. The police are useless and there is no point spending the holiday attempting to do paperwork.

There is no excuse for getting a motorbike stolen here. Just be careful and sensible about where it is parked!

Do you provide lessons?

Tigit Motorbikes Ho Chi Minh is located in a quiet parking garage. Customers can practice indoors before heading onto the road.
From within HCM, we have extensive experience teaching first time riders.
Tigit Motorbikes in Hanoi is unfortunately in a busier place, customers can do a loop around a nearby building.
Our employees in Hanoi are not equipped to teach driving manual motorbikes, for a full description please watch our video about driving manual motorbikes.
To learn how to drive a semi-automatic please watch our video teaching about driving a motorbike in Vietnam.

It normally takes customers less than 15 minutes of driving inside the building before feeling comfortable enough to head out onto the open road.

Honda blades (our signature and most popular motorbikes) are incredibly easy to drive and perfect for first time drivers.
A semi automatic gear system allows us to control the acceleration of the motorbike. This is good for first time riders learning to understand and control the accelerator.
When the customer begins to feel comfortable with the motorbike they can change gears themselves which then changes the acceleration of the motorbike.

Which route should I take and how long is it?

The total journey is around 10-11 days driving. Most people will take about 20-25 days when taking into account stopping in the various cities along the way.
For a full description, see our Vietnam routes and maps page.

Using our guaranteed buyback – shorter journeys can be enjoyed where the customer can send the motorbike back to Tigit Motorbikes from any major city.

To fully experience Vietnam, 25 days is needed from South to North, with another 2/3 weeks to experience the North above Hanoi.

Is it easy to find hotels/places to stay?

There are hotels and guest houses everywhere in Vietnam. Each tourist destination is within 1 days driving of each other.
There are also Vietnamese guest houses and hotels everywhere, this includes countryside locations.

Can I be insured in Vietnam?

Please read our page about insurance for detail.

Update – Since Jan 2015 international licenses are now supposed to be valid in Vietnam. Vietnam is a country where no one knows anything about any rules so please do not take this as factual information.

It is true that if you drive a 50cc motorbike or below (limited selection of models), then you are driving legally and therefore home insurance should work.

Insurance does not exist here, drive at your own risk.

Is an international license valid in Vietnam?

Please read out page about licenses.
Since Jan 2015 international licenses are now supposed to be valid in Vietnam. Vietnam is a country where no one knows anything about any rules so please do not take this as factual information

Do you provide USB chargers?

No, Tigit Motorbikes uses authentic motorbikes only. Adding USB chargers voids the manufacturer warranty and also adds an additional layer of diagnostics if the motorbike has a problem as mechanics will automatically blame the 3rd party installation. Customers may add USB chargers if they wish, but we will have no part in the installation and take no responsibility for the electrics.

Tigit recommends buying a USB powerpack which can be bought from any cell phone store $15.

What are the fuel/gas/petrol costs?

Gas is very cheap in Vietnam. A Honda Blade is 50,000vnd (2.5usd) to fill. This will last around 150km or 4-6 hours driving.
Most drives will be around 1 gas tank, some are two.
Using the Honda Blade the oil only needs to be changed once in the entire journey. Oil changes are $4 and this is one of the ways our real Honda’s are financially competitive with buying and selling backpacker Chinese Motorbikes.

How to navigate Vietnam?

To navigate Vietnam we recommend googlemaps or maps.me
Please read our page how to navigate Vietnam for a detailed guide.

What is the minimum time to complete a good ride?

Tigit offers day rentals but realistically at least 5 days is needed to enjoy some countryside roads. For journeys from HCM to Hanoi then normally 20-25 days are needed. Although it can be done within 11 days of very hard driving.

Is the traffic in Vietnam dangerous?

In cities it is chaotic but people drive unbelievably slowly. Even in a crash you will probably be OK!

Tigit Motorbikes garage is away from the chaos of the city center so it is possible to leave your bike with us and leave in the morning from our garage. The road is straightforward and easy to get out of Ho Chi Minh from our location. Customers of Tigit do not need to travel around the small streets of Ho Chi Minh.

How much stuff can I carry on my Motorbike?

Honda Blades can carry approximately 15KG. They come with a rack fitted.
The limiting factor is not the power of the motorbike, but the strength of rack on the back.
It is possible to travel with two people on one Honda Blade and bags.

For comfort the Honda XR is the recommend motorbike for two people.

People with lots of luggage can send a bag between Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Danang and collect the bag when dropping the motorbike off. The cost to send a bag is $15.

Can I send a bag on the train?

To send a bag on the train between HCM, Danang and Hanoi is $15. It is charged by the bag, so pack up one bag to its full potential! We highly advise drivers to send as much as possible on the train. The motorbike will perform better, strapping the bag to the motorbike becomes easier and gas money is saved!
Please note: This service is for Tigit customers only.

Watch how to put a bag on a motorbike.

What are some useful tools to include on the trip?

Although our motorbikes are self-sufficient and we provide you will all the bare essentials to complete the journey without any incident, there are those who prefer to go the “pro route” and be prepared for truly anything. As a recommendation (and not just as a motorbike accessory) we can share that having a good multi-tool on hand is always a good idea. Something recommended by customers is the Leatherman SuperTool. The Super Tool 300 was the most eye catching being a useful multi-purpose sidekick.

What do you think of the Honda Win / Detech Win?

Tigit Motorbikes started as a Honda Win dealer. We stopped renting / selling them because they didn’t work, and the business model is not expandable. The quantity of breakdowns and after service required to avoid review blackmail threats was stressful and impossible to manage. They are toy motorbikes that wobble around and drive like…… toys. However in the right hands, they can provide an exciting holiday on a budget to a group of adventure seekers. The problem is that most backpackers can not really grasp the concept on how bad a Chinese motorbike can be. This  shows through in the comical negative reviews small dealers attract due a quality misunderstanding.  Detech Honda Wins are not much better, and every few years the small Vietnamese dealers find a “new brand” to promote to backpackers as the old brand name gets tarnished. Mekado to Sufat to Detech, they all had the same promotional schemes behind them. For a full list of motorbikes in Vietnam and where the Honda Win stands on the general motorbike market.

Why should I trust Tigit?

Tigit Motorbikes has approximately 300 rental motorbikes on the road. An online presence on Trip Advisor, Google Reviews, Facebook, Instagram and various blogging related websites across the internet including affiliation with the famous VietnamCoracle. Digging deep into the local facebook community groups, forums or even reddit will reveal that there is hardly a bad word on the internet about Tigit Motorbikes.

Check out our gallery of pictures taken by Link in HCM and Ti in Hanoi. Or view are archive of videos including both customer videos and Tigit Motorbike videos.

Where are your shops?

HCM – Office 36&37, Floor G, 360C Bến Vân Đồn, Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Look for Hatha Fitness centre and walk around the ground floor offices
Detailed description of the Ho Chi Minh office.

Hanoi – 6 dinh ngang Hanoi
Look for PT Land coffee, Tigit on 1st floor.
Detailed description of the Hanoi office.

Detailed description of the Danang office.