Nha Trang Nightlife – Best Bars and Social Spots

Nha Trang Nightlife – Best Bars and Social Spots
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If the Nha Trang party scene were a cocktail, it would include a lofty splash of Las Vegas, a little bit of Ibiza, and a touch of a Thailand Full Moon party all severed up with a cool sea breeze.

Nha Trang can hold its own, even compared to Ho Chi Minh City. For those of you who want to feast your eyes on the crazy excitement of beach parties, pub jam sessions, or set your theatrical side loose in full costume. We laid out step by step the top stops for Nha Trang nightlife and even mapped it out for your ease of partying pleasure. In no particular partying order, here they are:

Skylight Rooftop Club

Image: @skylightnhatrang      People waving their hands in the air like they just don’t care, people dressed up like cartoon characters, confetti falling into your cocktail. This is what the top places to party in Nha Trang look like when they are going off!

Skylight: If you’re looking to get as high as possible when you’re out partying, then this rooftop bar 43-stories in the air is the place for you. Skylight Nha Trang was one of the first rooftop club spots to open in the city, and they have been pumping up the party action with their 360o views ever since.

    The place has out of control music, exceptional party lighting, obnoxiously expensive drinks – but hey – you’ll finally be able to use those studded heels or that dapper, white dress shirt you’ve been backpacking Vietnam with for the last 3-months. Bust out your fancy party clothes and start dropping Dong like your parents are picking up the tab, it’s party night in Nha Trang

The highest restaurant in the city also has some of the dearest dining prices. Eat elsewhere then show up for drinks before 8pm and ask for a table near the window. The views here are unreal, and so are those that come here to let loose. After 8pm entrance is around 250,000vnd and includes a free drink. Park your Vietnam motorcycle rental, and come and watch the night turn from dining to dancing along with a revolving host of d.j.’s spinning tracks until midnight.

Before Too Many Cocktails,

Remember to check out the glass floor near the pool that looks over the landscapes below!

Vibe: smart casual dress, at least to get in the door. Once the party is on, anything goes

Price: $$$

Drink: Try “Old Money.” A blend of Scotch Whiskey, ginger, Red Bitter and orange peel.

Pirate Bay Bar

Image: Pirate Bay FB    You clearly don’t need to come dressed as a Pirate here, but you’d probably be treated to some free drinks if you did. It’s a top place to party in Nha Trang where you can feel comfortable in whatever you’ve got on, with or without a parrot.

Pirate Bay Bar: As an excellent pre-party bar, nice place to chill, or if you’re just not feeling the unspeakably loud techno music offered by some of the other top places to party in Nha Trang. Drop your anchor at the Pirate Bay Bar with you and your mateys.

Pirate Bay is a small place with a welcoming atmosphere, and if you are hoping to have an audible conversation with your friends, this is your place. English is well spoken along with Nha Trang’s second language, Russian. You’ll be readily understood, at least by somebody there.

Anyone looking to cure their hunger but doesn’t want to ruin their buzz entirely, they offer up both snacks and full meals here. I’m mean eating isn’t cheating, is it? Then for those of you who aren’t quite ready to jump ship, this spot is open late for all your drinking and party pleasure.  

They offer up some of the best hookah Nha Trang has to offer with drink prices that are well-priced. Even the reviews aren’t peppered with service, noise, or price complaints like most of the competition. If you’re motorbiking Vietnam solo, it’s a great place to meet like-minded travellers and discuss motorcycle routes like the Ho Chi Minh Trail. It’s not Disney pirate tacky, more like just enough pirate that you could show up in boardies or an eye patch and both would go unnoticed.

Vibe: Well, it is a Pirate bar. You can take that theme as far as you see fit.

Price: $, not free, but it won’t cost a treasure chest of cash

Drink: Every partying pirate deserves to try the Tequila Sunrise or the Whiskey Sour with an egg white.

The Sailing Club

Image: @sailingclubnhatrang   The Sailing Club serves up just about every angle for Nha Trang people watching. Whether they’re in smart dinner attire or dancing in the sand, you’ll see it all at the Sailing Club.    

Sailing Club: Disguised as a posh eatery in the daylight, if you wait out the diners you’ll find yourself setting sail for one of the best parties in central Vietnam. Come here on Saturday night to watch the sweaty dancing action kicking up sand on the beach. If the sandstorm isn’t your thing, just bounce back and forth between one of their four bars for party beverages until you change your mind. One of the best places to party in Nha Trang all happens to the throbbing beats of their live d.j’s.  

Anyone who hasn’t made it to a Thailand full moon party yet, Sailing Club has you covered. Every month they host a Full Moon Party dubbed “Insomnia” that won’t exactly leave you sleepless but does go until 2am. Add Sailing Club to your list of things to do in Nha Trang, and anchor yourself here for one hell of a party.

During some of their all-out party nights, you can expect live dance shows, fire displays, and a high-decibel music mix of dance, house, and EDM. The beach-side property for these parties can’t be beat, but you’ll pay for the luxurious location of this top place to party in Nha Trang.

Vibe: Smart casual, but less is more once the beach party begins.

Price: $$$

Drink: Try the Sailing Glow cocktail under blue light for a vibrant looking elixir.

Amigos Whisky Bar

Image: @amigosbar_nhatrang.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I think this photo of friends hanging out at Amigos says it all. The place is so cool, yea gotta wear shades.

Amigos Whisky Bar: Need a night off from heavy house and places packed full of tipsy tourists? Amigos Whisky Bar is like your local at home pub with pints in a pleasant atmosphere. As the name might suggest, they are well-known for their selection of whiskys. If premium spirits born from aged-oak casks aren’t your thing, they can get you into another party beverage, no problems at all.  

This is a great place to enjoy the Nha Trang nightlife and relax, especially if you’ve just come from Dalat to Nha Trang by motorbike and want to put your feet up and chill for the night. That, and you’ll probably run into other travelers who you can swap some of your stories about the Chi Tunnels or Hai Van Pass with.

    Amigos regularly hosts live music like rock, blues, and jazz. For your trips in Vietnam, the cheap beers and for your cool atmosphere couldn’t be more welcoming. If you’re looking for a night out with your Amigos, or to make new ones. Make your way over to the next whiskey bar. Oh, don’t ask why…

Vibe: Like your favorite local pub back home. All styles of dress are welcome.

Price: $$

Drink: Try the whiskey naturally. Maybe you’re feeling like a Chivas night?

Connect Pub

Image: Connect Pub FB     What you see is what you get at Connect. More like a magic hole in the wall that serves up cold beer and good times. Connect bar is your Nha Trang top place to party if you want to make friends with everyone in the place. Even if that is on 35-people.

Connect Bar: When the international melting pot that passes through Nha Trang needs a place to go for a drink, they meet up at Connect Bar. Whether it’s the Brits looking for a fish & chips feed, the Aussies trying to get their party tunes played, the Russians looking for another drink at 4am, or those crazy motorcyclist backpacking Vietnam. The Connect Bar seems to be the place they all stumble towards at one point in the night.

    When it comes to Nha Trang pubs, Connect Bar is really nothing special in the way of baiting attractions. They don’t have a full moon party on the beach, a cover charge with wristbands, a pool to fall in, or a host of circulating theme events. For one of the top places to party in Nha Trang, you’ll feel like your at a house party with besties you’ve had for years.

    Hardly room for a modest party, half the fun is having no choice but to make friends with the person next to you who probably doesn’t have a chair either. Reviews come in with top marks that usually read off like they were written after a few pints. “Fun place to get drunksums up the general review at Connect Bar. Show up in the dark and leave in the daylight! Once you decide to switch your nightly beverage to a morning brew.

Vibe: Exceptionally social pub with customer happiness being their primary concern.

Price: $

Drink: Order 6 or 7 Saigon’s, they’re cheap, and no one here will be any more impressed by a layered cocktail with a frilly straw.

The Rabbit Hole

Image: @rabbitholenhatrang   Anyone looking to animal or people watch in Nha Trang, should find their way through the deep passage into the otherworldly Rabbit Hole. Fuzzy bunnies and fun fur are welcomed with open arms.  

The Rabbit Hole: For those who like to witness off the wall experiences at off the beaten path locations, hop on over to The Rabbit Hole. It’s weird, it’s a bazaar, it’ll rival most of your Saigon adventure nights. You might see someone dressed up like a nursery rhyme character. You might see a go-go dancer who moves her feet to an entirely different beat. Or, maybe you’ll feel at home at one of the best places to party in Nha Trang in this rave-like setting.

Even on a dare, The Rabbit Hole should be visited. Once you’re inside, you can amp-up the dares to include “I dare you to challenge that Russian guy to a vodka-drinking contest.” To slightly more risky dares like; “I dare you to ask that Russian guys’ girlfriend if she’s looking for a new bunny?”

Whatever happens, it’s probably going to be camera worthy – don’t forget to #wtfisgoingonhere – as others will need to see it to believe it. As far as Nha Trang is concerned, this is a top place to people watch the drinks are reasonably priced. Then, for those who don’t have a curfew, it’s one of a small number of places that’s open after midnight. A morning after the Rabbit Hole will welcome a sizeable Vietnamese coffee. Just remember, whatever happens in The Rabbit Hole, stays in The Rabbit Hole.

Vibe: Indie-budget Dr. Seuss movie set, meets available basement rental suite. You’ll get in so long as you’re heart is beating.

Price: $$

Drink: Girls should try the cocktails on Sunday, they’re free!

Riveria Bar

Image: Riveria FB   When you’re looking to be on the receiving end of the people watching in Nha Trang. Order up a flaming cocktail and try to get it down without lighting your lips on fire. Full marks for presentation here.

Riveria Rooftop Bar and Lounge: Before making your way down to one of the beach parties, make your way up to the intimate Riveria Rooftop Bar and Lounge. The place is super chill before 8pm where you can sip and mingle with friends, they even have a PS4 if you’re feeling ultra-chill. Or, come after 8 when the action gets started with d.j.’s and party balloons.

Sticking with the theme of Russian owned bars, Vietnamese entertainment, and a reasonable take on western food. The culture of Nha Trang and its mix of Eastern immigration and Western travellers is worlds away from other cities like Danang, that are likely on your Vietnam motorcycle route. Check our realated post on top things to do in Danang before heading that way.

Riveria helps open the door, and the heavens, towards the best places to party in Nha Trang. You’ll want to get your hands on a Sangria paired with a fruity hookah – then exhale and let the good times flow. Feeling peckish – they’ve got Asian inspired bites like the spring roll, or western food like mainstream pastas and burgers. For rooftop party fun, this is a great place to get started.

Vibe: Smart casual, with the option for a chill or party night.

Price: $$

Drink: They have plenty to choose from. Check out the Blood Orange Mojito if you’re looking for refreshment. Try one of their signature cocktails that are lite on fire if you’re feeling risky.

Louisiane Brewhouse

Image: @louisiane_brewhouse    This is what a vacation should look like. The beach, a cold selection of beers, and immaculate ocean as far as the eye can see. For places to people watch in Nha Trang, by the beach is one of the best.

Louisiane Brewhouse: With people playing in the pool, sunbathing on the beach, live music nightly, and the bustle of a busy brewhouse. Bookmark this spot on your Nha Trang nightlife scene map as they can fulfill your every party distraction need. Like the name might suggest, they brew their own beers, and you can sample a tasty beverage beach-side.

    Not all microbreweries are created equal though. You’ll need to get good and drunk at them before offering up an opinion, or even think about reviewing the place. There might not be enough music to make you hops taste good. Maybe the server was more than funny enough to make up for a warm pint. Or maybe after an evening here, you’ll forget what it was you were judging a good beer by. Was it the alcohol content? You can think about it as you fall face first into your dorm bed to the delight of 9-other travelers.

Check out the Louisiane Brewhouse after 5pm for the music. They feature Asian, Japanese and European food, with a focus on seafood. The Brewhouse makes for a comfortable spot to enjoy your Vietnamese culture trip. As well as an excellent location to plan out your future Hai Van Pass route over a few cold ones. Try the passion fruit beer for a citrus squeeze into your personal pint, then you’ll have something to remember.  

Vibe: It’s not fancy, but you know, maybe don’t wear the stained singlet.

Price: $$$

Drink: The beer of course. A fruity melon or passion fruit beer will please your palate.

Cheers Sports Pub

Image: Cheers Sports Pub        Aside from the fact that the price of your pint is going to be considerably less than back home. You’d have no idea you were not in your own neighbourhood.

Cheers Sports Pub: Just like “Cheers” pubs that can be found in every expat community the world over. This too will satisfy your pub food needs in a standard sports pub setting. If you’ve taken on one too many top party spots in Nha Trang, and just need to watch some rugby and toss back a couple of cold ones. There are enough televisions here to keep your focus bouncing from one Premier League Championship to another all at once, it’s one of the top places in Nha Trang to watch sports.

    Settling down for a feed, the portions on fish & chips, bangers & mash, and their killer Sunday roast are food-coma worthy. That should help soak up the layer of flaming shooters you so proudly consumed at Sailing Club the night before.

Owned by an authentic Englishmen, you’ll feel right at home here as you settle in for a night of beers and ciders with your football friends. Located right in the heart of the Nha Trang action, and stumbling distance to the beach. Park your motorbike rental at the hostel for the night and test the promise of everyone knowing your name as this home away from home.

Vibe: I think you get it. The place could not be more of an English pub.

Price: $$

Drink: If you’ve had it at home you can probably get it here. Newcastle anyone?


Image:@zclubvn       Z Club, the place to literally let loose and party like you’ve got two livers. The place isn’t for amateur partiers, come prepared to have a good time!

Z Club: Those of you who have never had the opportunity to watch people get blindingly wasted to the point of talking in tongues. A variety of Russian pros smoking hookah at Z Club can check that off the list for you. Not the place you come for a casual cocktail, Z or Zima Club, pops tops until the music stops and you are sure to wind up spilling vodka on the dance floor.

    Catering heavily to the newly found wealth of post-Soviet holidaymakers looking for some Russian fun in the sun. You may wonder if you’re still backpacking Vietnam or have fallen into a Ruski-vortex. Fear not, you’ll also see a few locals and some other tourists here to mix and mingle with.

If you like Shisha or just want to look like you like Shisha, you can even practice your hookah smoking alongside a bottle of champagne bubbly. The 100,000vnd entrance for this stop includes a free drink. You’re likely to skip the road trip to Da Nang in the morning, but you’ll get there eventually.

Vibe: Casual, with sexy or Studley always earning extra points

Price: $$

Drink: Try the Boyarsky Shot. Russian vodka, grenadine & Tabasco. You won’t forget it, or will you?

Sunshine Bar

Image: Sunshine Bar FB      Looking for that pristine holiday cocktail photo to make your friends jealous? The Sunshine Bar has a great  water-side location, fruity beverages and thatched roof terrace should cover your photo needs. Get down here for a drink!

Sunshine Bar: A little outside the main artery of the heart of Nha Trang, the Sunshine Bar is a welcoming ray of light to those looking for a taste of home. You can pair a stop at the Sunshine bar with a visit to the popular Hindu Temple – a.k.a the Ponagar Tower. The Hindu temple itself is wildly busy with Asian tourists. If your timing is off, duck into the Sunshine Bar to avoid a temple that’s over-packed.

    A hidden gem down an alleyway, getting here is easily accessible by your Vietnam motorcycle rental. You can opt for a bite of Vietnamese cuisines like there Japanese influenced seafood dishes and Vietnamese style noodle bowls. Or, take comfort in a pure taste from home. Maybe it’s time to indulge in a peanut butter or club sandwich secretly! No one will judge you here, get the peanut butter sandwich and a coke, just don’t add it to your newsfeed.

After you’ve snuck into this welcoming joint, you’ll probably want to have a few drinks and take in the delightful surroundings of your evening. Try their homemade ginger beer for a drink with a little refreshing bite. Before arrival, check out their Facebook page if you want to be part of events like their reggae parties. Ya Mon!

For anyone in search of the top Nha Trang nightlife spots, the Sunshine Bar should be added as a stop off of the usually traveled party trail. Located right near the Cai River, the atmosphere is one of the best. Check them out for a complete part of your Vietnam motorcycle trips, in and around Nha Trang.  

Vibe: Open-air riverside pub, meets attentive Japanese dining. It’s pretty relaxed around here.

Price: $$

Drink: The ginger beer if you like something different. The Sapporo on tap if you want something safe

    No matter if you came to sit back and watch the madness Nha Trang after dark unfold. Or if you want to jump feet first into the action of Nha Trang’s best places to party, this city offers them up like a social tasting menu. Order up the party platter and see the city from the inside out, there aren’t many places like this in the world.

On top of this party action, Vietnam has an endless amount of things to see and enjoy from the seat of your motorcycle. Once you’ve sobered up from the Nha Trang nightlife, and are searching for some Vietnam moments, you’ll actually remember.  Don’t worry, they have bars in both of those cities too.

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