Tour packageRent-a-GuideSet tour
Number of people1 person – 10 people max (road).
1 – 5 people max (off-road)
2 – 10 per guide (road).
2 – 5 per guide (off-road)

Tour Price1 rider - $140 per day (non inclusive). Each extra rider +$15 per day$200 per day (all inclusive CB 500X).
$175 per day (all inclusive XR 150 / CRF 150 / Blade 110)
Route styleWe plan or you plan, it doesn't matter!Set route
AccommodationNo accommodation - Estimated $20-50 per person.Accommodation included (single where possible)
Bike rentalPay for your own bikeBike included
GearWith gear (boots, helmet, knee, elbow pads)With gear (boots, helmet, knee, elbow pads)
Who the tour is forBest for customers with no set plans, who want freedom to plan their own route, but follow a guide.
Hardcore flexibility on hotels and restaurants.
Most customers pick the tour that suits them best.
Want easy, all inclusive and all pre-planned.

Rent a Tour-Guide

Travel at your own pace and plan your own Vietnam adventure. Rent your own personal guide and let them take the hassle out of planning and preparation.

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1 Day Escape Saigon by Motorbike

This tour winds around urban terrain using small dirt tracks and tree plantations which connect farmland. It leaves drivers feeling bewildered at how Tigit found such an amazing and diverse route so close to the big city of Ho Chi Minh. This is an off-road tour at heart, but can…

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  • All-inclusive tour
  • $125 per rider
  • Tigit Guides

North West Vietnam Motorbike tour offroad

A remote, beautiful, and thrilling offroad tour to the North West of Vietnam. Tigit Jon thinks he is the first white guy to visit these trails. The tour is off the beaten path and will have you interacting with plenty of locals.

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  • Hanoi
  • Tigit Guides

Lonely Ranger HCM – Da Nang

Ride the best roads of the south up to the center of Vietnam. Follow the winding mountain roads overlooking stunning green valleys, and discover the breath-taking beauty of the central highlands. This ride just keeps getting better and better with each day. Ending in the calm beach city of Da…

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Motorbike tour between Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi is a ten day drive if doing the good roads. With offices in HCM, Dalat, Danang and Hanoi Tigit is perfectly setup to offer this long distance tour. Best experienced with 13 days or more.

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  • 11 to 15 days
  • Tigit Guides

Vietnam Traffic basics

This is a one-hour motorbike training lesson to get you started on Vietnamese traffic. By the end of the lesson you should feel comfortable to navigate Vietnam's chaotic roads ready for your adventure.

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  • All-Inclusive Tours
  • $30 per person

Beach Run: 2 day hilarious off-road HCM to Ho Tram beach

A fun hilarious and relaxed two day offroad route from Ho Chi Minh to Ho Tram and back again. Nothing serious, just fun and amusing trails!

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  • All-inclusive Tour
  • Tigit Guides

The Best of the HCM Road: Da Nang to Ha Noi

Explore the stunning scenery between Da Nang and Ha Noi, home to 2 of Vietnam’s world-famous roads; the Hai Van pass and the Ho Chi Minh trail. Tick the tourist destinations off your bucket list, then delve into the remote countryside, so far west you can snap a photo of…

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    Ha Giang Motorbike Loop Guided tour

    The Ha Giang Loop is probably the most popular area of Vietnam to travel by motorbike. As always, Tigit Motorbikes are the pioneers of discovering undiscovered terrain, and this tour is a chance for you to experience places others wouldn’t get to go.

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    • All-Inclusive tour
    • Tigit Guides

    HCM to Da Lat 2 Day Enduro; beach to mountains

    An ambitious 2 day enduro tour from Ho Chi Minh to Da Lat. This is the best way to get your holiday started or finished with a very big bang. After this tour, you may as well fly back home. You have now driven Vietnam. The hard way.

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    • Enduro Offroad
    • Tigit Guides

    Off-road Training Ho Chi Minh 2 hours

    Spend a morning or afternoon building skills to help you hit the trails. From beginner to advanced, Tigit trainers can cater each session to your level.

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    • All-Inclusive
    • from 700,000vnd per rider per day
    • Tigit Guides

    Danang one day spectacular View tour

    This one day motorbike tour will take you around the best views in the Danang/Hoi An area whilst showing off some great local foods.

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    • Danang tour
    • from $100
    • Tigit Guides

    1 Ngày Trải Nghiệm Cào Cào với Tigit

    Thử thách bản thân cùng với xe cào cào, khám phá những cung đường chưa ai đi tới! Tắm sình, vượt suối và nhiều loại địa hình khác thử thách kỹ năng lái xe của bạn.

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    • Tour trọn gói
    • 3.500.000 / người
    • Thái

    Hướng Dẫn Offroad Cơ Bản Bằng Xe Cào Cào – 2 Giờ

    Khóa huấn luyện kỹ năng chạy xe cào cào cơ bản sẽ giúp các bạn mới chơi làm quen với xe cào cào, với mỗi buổi tập không quá 2 giờ đồng hồ. Sân tập nằm ở Rạch Chiếc, Quận 9, bao gồm một track nhỏ, một số chướng ngại…

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    • All Inclusive
    • Tigit Guides

    Offroad practice in Hanoi city for tourists and expats

    Beginners to self proclaimed experts, this is a lesson that everyone riding Vietnam should attend. Roads can quickly turn to offroad, and having the correct technique to handle the terrain is the difference between having great fun or simply crashing!

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    • Pre-Planned Tour
    • 50usd
    • Ben Spill


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