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The video above says it all. Tigit’s big question at the moment is how to lower the number of crashes on our motorbikes. Whether you are a beginner or a self-proclaimed expert, Ben will be able to teach you something. He has the skillset to break down any rider and give them some practice on Vietnam’s slippery, sandy clay terrain.

Dirt town is only 15 minutes from Tigit Hanoi, and having a facility of this quality nearby is very lucky. If you want to ride a motorbike, this lesson shouldn’t really be optional. It should be something you do for yourself to increase your safety and driving technique.

Tour Highlights

  • Correct standing technique explained.
  • Correct braking technique explained
  • Practice in offroad terrain
  • Correct cornering technique
  • Anything you want to learn!

Who this tour is for

Whether you take motorbiking seriously and want to develop your own technique. To a casual tourist who has ridden a few motorbikes. This is a lesson that is well worth your time and money to increase your safety when driving Vietnam.

Tour Itinerary


Meet at Tigit

Meet Ben at Tigit, who will drive you and your motorbike over to dirt town.

From here you will have a two hour lesson.

Tour Prices

The standard bike for the lesson is the Honda XR 150.
Boots, knee and elbow pads, Helmet are provided for free.

All inclusive – Honda XR 150

$50 USD for one person
+$30 USD for each additional signup

Bike upgrade options

Honda CRF 250 – (+10USD)

Tour Guide

Ben Spill

I am Ben from the UK. I am a retired MX rider, and moved to Vietnam to teach motorcycling fulltime. I love helping riders of all levels!

The Motorbikes we use

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