Deep Mekong Delta Motorbike Adventure (4D3N)

4 days Mekong Motorbike Adventure

Long An – Bến Tre – Tiền Giang – Đồng Thấp

  • 4 days
Tour guide
  • Renzo – Peruvian tour guide
  • Honda Blade 110cc
  • Honda XR/CRF 150cc
  • Honda CRF 250cc
  • Mixed, on-off road
Skill level
  • Beginner, intermediate

The Mekong Delta presents several mesmerizing landscapes across different provinces with their unique features. In this tour you will see more than just paddy fields and rivers. The deep Mekong tour takes you to the narrowest trails, fully surrounded by nature. We even drive within the fields far from the paved roads or any roads at all. In this way you can see most of what the Mekong has to offer: rice fields, corn fields, lemon fields, dragon fruit fields, chilly fields, all sorts of trees and vegetation. We cross several villages on narrow paths, some left intact from the French Indochina times. And we take the smallest commercial ferries to cross the multiple streams and rivers whenever bridges are absent. This tour gets you closer to the Vietnamese farmer’s culture, Vietnam’s history and nature.

Who this tour is for

This tour is perfect for those seeking some adventure while also wanting to take the time to learn about and understand the Vietnamese culture. This tour offers a great blend of some thrill seeking as well as chilling times with families to enjoy great food and drinks. It is about 500kms in total, so the visitor has to be ready to do some driving, but don’t worry, we’ll have time to rest and even get the chance to refresh at a swimming pool.

Percs of this tour

  • Experience Vietnamese culture in the Mekong Delta
  • Drive on a mixture of road and small back lanes
  • Off the tourist trail and into unique areas of the Mekong
  • Local organic foods and homestays
  • Getting lost while immersed in nature

Photos and Videos

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1 – Bến Tre Province

Distance: ~170kms
Difficulty: Easy, only few very uneven roads.
10% highway, 60% small local roads and 30% dirt roads.

  • Drive to Bến Tre in early morning.
  • Drive through farmlands and passing by ferries.
  • Reach Bến Tre City for lunch.
  • Leave Bến Tre City passing by bridges and themarket.
  • Visit the fruit orchards of Cái Mơn.
  • Stay at a homestay in Cái Mơn.
  • Have dinner at the homestay.
  • Sleep in at the homestay.

Day 2 – Tân Phong island

Distance: ~80kms
Difficulty: Moderate, some slim very uneven roads.
20% highway, 50% small roads and 30% dirt roads.

  • Have breakfast at the homestay.
  • Go kayaking in the river.
  • Drive through Bến Tre’s farms and fields.
  • Reach the island of Tân Phong island for brunch.
  • Make a complete tour of the Tân Phong island, a very natural and stunning location.
  • BBQ dinner in a remote field.

Day 3 – Cái Bè – Cao Lãnh

Distance: ~110kms
Difficulty: Moderate, some slim very uneven roads.
20% highway, 50% small roads and 30% dirt roads.

This day starts with a full morning by boat. A unique and famous feature of the Mekong Delta is the floating markets. Nearly every tourist goes to Can Tho for the famous floating market, but it has been overrun by commercial tourism. We go to a local natural floating market with a diverse range of products. Very few tourists get to see this phenomenal floating market. The boat continues on to a industrial rice market (no tourists) and it’s an opportunity to talk about the Vietnamese economy. We also go to a famous old house that has some of the oldest and most expensive wood in the country. We spend that night in a very exclusive location, quite special for its cultural and historic heritage.

  • Have breakfast at the homestay.
  • We go to Cái Bé’s floating market.
  • We see the commercial fruit floating market
  • We also see the industrial rice floating market
  • We visit the old houses and cruise the river on a private boat.
  • We buy the lunch ingredients at the market.
  • We come back for lunch to the homestay.
  • In the afternoon we take several very small trails in between villages and then some offroad across paddy fields and several crops.
  • We reach the city of Cao Lanh to stay overnight. We stay overnight at a very exclusive homestay where only members of the Communist Party are allowed to stay (I do have the connections). I may not disclose more details at the moment, it is quite private and amazing.
  • We have dinner at that homestay.

Day 4 – Đồng Thấp

Distance: ~150kms
Difficulty: Moderate, some slim very uneven roads.
20% highway, 40% small roads and 40% dirt roads.

The province of Dong Thap is famous for its lotus flower and chili fields. We have the chance this day to drive through several fields in plain nature with a lot of dirt trails and even through forests. The nature in this province is amazing and we will cross all of it. We even have the chance to observe the farming fields of the prisons (don’t worry, it’s safe). There is more offroad to do on this day and the nature around is stunning. We finally reach Ho Chi Minh City in the afternoon, right on time to avoid the rush hour craziness.

  • We ride small village roads towards infinite paddy fields.
  • We ride riverside and through a bamboo lane to cross a small forest
  • We reach the lunch place where we have food over the lotus fields
  • We head back to Ho Chi Minh City through pineapple fields on offroad only.
  • We reach the city in the afternoon.

Accommodation and food

We sleep at local homestays, all with clean bathroom and showers. The last homestay is a hidden gem with a twist, it is an exclusive place where ONLY WE are allowed to stay, you will not regret it and the surprise will please you greatly. All food will be organic and delicious! Adventurous food can be available, ask us for more information if you would like something less conventional.

*Vegetarian food will need to be pre-booked. However, neither vegan nor
gluten-free options are possible.

The motorbikes we use

The Honda XR150cc and the Honda Blade 110cc are the default motorbike for this tour.

The Tour Guide

Renzo is one of few expats to master the difficult Vietnamese language

Hosted by Renzo, from Peru (30 yrs old).
Fascinated by local culture and cuisine, Renzo is one of few expats to master the difficult Vietnamese language. Renzo is able to translate and display traditional Vietnam with his language skills and passion for food which will take travelers to places that are undiscovered and unique.
Also fluent in French, Spanish and English, Renzo is the guide for the job for answering all those fascinating unanswered questions about different cultures.

Culture and language skills aside, Renzo runs a motorbike rental company for expats within Ho Chi Minh City. This has lead to an interest in providing motorbike related guided tours which dive deep into the Mekong Delta and stay distant from the standard tourist trails.

Tour Price


  • Prices are in USD
  • This is an all-inclusive tour
  • the standard bike for the tour is the Honda XR150/Honda Blade 110
All inclusive Package Mekong Motorbike Adventure
2 pax (minimum) $560 / person
3 pax  $510 / person
4+ pax $470 / person

Tour Information

What’s included

  • Motorbike
  • English Speaking Guide
  • All meals, water and soft drinks on tour
  • Accommodation in local home stays and hotels – twin share
  • Petrol
Not included

  • Personal expenses
  • Beer and alcohol on tour
  • Personal health insurance
  • Tips and gratuity
  • Damage to the motorbikes

Booking Tour