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Motorbike blue card

The Blue card
The blue card is the ownership paper of the motorbike. Tigit customers who “buy” the motorbike will be given the blue card. The bluecard has an incredibly high monetary value due to how difficult they are to replace if lost. The value of the bluecard is clearly stated on each model contract.
Customers using passport deposits will not be given the blue card.

Blue cards are not required for travelling Vietnam and the general backpacker market has created an artificially fake importance for carrying these blue cards. The scale of Tigit motorbikes and the use of our transport companies allows our customers to freely travel Vietnam without a blue card.

The blue card is needed if a parking ticket is lost, or somehow the motorbike is confiscated by the police. In these situations Tigit will help come up with a solution.

The standard holiday does not require a bluecard.

Misunderstandings of yellow motorbike insurance.

When buying a motorbike new in Vietnam a yellow piece of paper is provided with the motorbike. This is to cover damages to the motorbike. This is required by law, but in real life is a completely pointless piece of paper with absolutely no value.

Motorbike insurance paper

Motorbike insurance paper

Tigit keeps these pointless pieces of yellow paper in storage should the need for them ever arise. We do not provide them with the motorbike and believe that travelers have no benefit in carrying these papers with them.

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