Transporting Motorbike By Train

Transporting Motorbike By Train
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Shipping a motorbike by train is possible in Vietnam. Nearly any town along the coastline has a train station where the service is possible. In this article, we are going to explain how to do it, as well as talking about the pros and cons of using the train within a motorbike journey across Vietnam.

How long does the train take

Most train services offer an overnight journey for passengers, and it is possible to book a sleeper bed. Post Corona Virus, the motorbike does not go on the same train as the passenger. It takes between two or three days for the motorbike to show up for short journeys. Long journeys such as Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi are between four and ten days. The exception to the rule where the motorbike goes with the passenger is between Ho Chi Minh and Mui Ne. Also, Hanoi and Lao Cai.  These two lines require booking and arranging in advance.

Sending the motorbike yourself

These days the motorbike does not travel with you on the train. It can take three or more days to arrive at its destination. Generally, it is best to ship the motorbike by train, and then to fly yourself. This leaves you with no motorbike for a few days.
Ultimately, shipping a motorbike by train mid-journey to “save time” no longer works. Blog articles on the internet are all out of date.

Sending the motorbike to Tigit

Sending a motorbike back to Tigit is an easy way to finish your journey early. We charge three days rent from the drop off time, and the train itself is likely to cost $50-100. It is not a cheap way to rid yourself of a motorbike, but it does work efficiently. After dropping the motorbike, head to the nearest airport and fly to where you need to be! Flying is so cheap and fast in Vietnam there is no need to travel on the train yourself.

Customers often book another motorbike from Tigit in a different city. This is a good way to save time and cut out sections that you don’t want to drive.

Email Tigit in advance and explain your new return plans and we will provide you with the shipping details to send the motorbike back to us.

Please be respectful and understand that the train takes time to arrive back at aTigit office. You must return at a train station before your scheduled contract finish date to allow time for the motorbike to make its way to where you were originally going to finish. Failing to allow time could cause another traveler to not have a motorbike that they booked.

The train cost

For a motorbike 150cc and below, the train is around $50 for a one-way journey. Above 150cc and the price can goes to $75 and above. The train line prices are variable and dependent on season and public holidays. It is impossible to give an accurate quote for transporting a motorbike by train.

When dropping your motorbike at a train station, the prices are non-negotiable. When picking up your motorbike at its final destination, you can expect to pay an extra 50,000 to 100,000vnd for the unloading fee. This feels like an unnecessary scam, but it is part of the process, and you can’t fight it.

Trains do not always run on time

  • The train company can delay sending the motorbike without warning.
  • The train company may damage the motorbike, they will not pay.
  • The train is not the cheapest way of getting around, and prices continue to rapidly increase.
  • The train is a large government organization, they are not interested in negotiations, tricks or your potential complaints.

Trains that take the bike with you

Hanoi to Lao Cai: The motorbike always goes with you.

Ho Chi Minh to Phan Thiet (Mui Ne): The motorbike always goes with you.

Checklist To Do

There aren’t too many steps; we just break them down one by one to make your life easier. 

Shipping Steps at the train station

Before You Go to the train station: 

  1. Make sure to have your Passport, blue card (motorcycles ownership documents), cell phone number, and an address to where you will be staying on the other end. 
  2. The train station will empty the gas station, so don’t head there with a full tank.
  3. Ride your bike to the train station noting the opening times are usual business hours, typically from 7am-5pm. Often workers will be on lunch break from 11:30am-1:30pm. It’s best to go in the morning to book the bike for the train. It is not possible to book in advance on the internet.

At the train station 

  1. Go to the train station in the morning to book the bike for the evening. The earlier you go, the more likely there is space.
  2. Find the luggage department to book the bike on the train = phong hanh ly
  3. After booking the motorbike, go to the ticket office and book the ticket yourself.

Dealing With The Train Agent

  1. In the office, you will usually find a woman handling all of the documentation. She will have a list of cities and pricing options for shipping your motorcycle. Motorbike Types: xe số=manual / xe ga=automatic 
  2. Once the pricing is organized, you can clarify how much time it will take so you know when to expect the bike. Allowing an extra day for delays is wise for any adventure holiday. 
  3. Keep the receipts they give you. They can help in the pickup process. 

Paperwork at the train station

  1. The boys in the blue pajamas working in the shipping yard will prep and pack your motorcycle for transport at the station. Here they check and note for any damage already on the bike to avoid any liability claimed for damages during shipping.
  2. Next, all fuel will be siphoned from your tank. As mentioned earlier, keep the amount low.
  3. Often your mirrors will be removed and stored under the seat to avoid them breaking. Your bike will then be wrapped in protective layers of anything from blankets, cardboard, plastic, and so on to prevent it from being damaged.
  4. Finally, a wooden crate is built around the bike to make it easier to ship and protect the plastics from any damages.

Picking up your motorbike from the train station

  1. The freight company should call you when it arrives. If you haven’t heard from them by the day after the bike’s scheduled arrival, it’s best to show up in person, assuming the bike is there. 
  2. Ask the handlers where the closest fuel station is, trạm xăng in Vietnamese. Or point at your fuel tank looking concerned, and they’ll know what you need.

Advantages of using the train to ship a motorbike

  1. Using the train allows you to skip out sections of the country to save time.
  2. Although the train can damage the motorbike, it is the safest form of transporting the motorbike around.
  3. It is possible to ship the motorbike back to Tigit Motorbikes with the train. We will charge three days rent from the drop off date.
  4. The train is great at the end of your journey to get rid of the motorbike. However, there are too many logistic variables to reliably use the train mid-journey or at the start of a journey. 

Disadvantages of using the train to ship a motorbike

  1. No online booking platform means that the only way to book a motorbike on the train is to go to the train station in the morning. If you wish to travel on the train, you will ultimately kill an entire day while you wait for the evening train.
  2. The train can be delayed leaving you with no motorbike.
  3. There is a lot of logistics that go into organizing a passenger and a motorbike on the train. It is usually faster to drive.
  4. The train has become increasingly more expensive through the years.

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  1. Hello, I need to send my bike from Dong Hoi to Hanoi, but I cant find the train Se22, because I want to have the bike with me.

  2. Hello, I have a brand new motocycle to ship from Saigon to Hanoi, It’s a Royal Endfield 500 cc. I would like to have it very nicely wrapped to avoid any damage. Does train station staff are safe??

    Thank you


  3. Is it possible to hire a Tigit XR150 and get it sent to Ha Giang by bus for when I arrive? Thanks

    1. Sorry this is not a service we offer. There are rental companies based in Ha Giang

  4. Hey
    Is it possible to ship the bike from ninh binh?
    We would like to go to vinh or Dong Hoi but would also consider other destinations south from ninh binh.
    Thanks for the detailed infos.

    1. Ninh Binh does have a train station, but the options of where they send to and from are limited due to distances. Overall it is not a commonly used train station for bike transport.

    2. Which company do you recommend to ship a bike from Hanoi to Danang? thanks in advance for experienced advices.

  5. Hi!
    We would like to put our motorcycle on the train from Hanoi to Dong Hoi, is it also possible for the bike to come with you in that direction?
    Kind regards, thanks for the info