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Who Is Tigit Motorbikes?

The Backpacker Vietnam Travel Specialist

Tigit Motorbikes is arguably the biggest backpacker motorbike shop in Vietnam. An online motorbike rental company that specializes in long distance travel across Vietnam. Local rental companies or motorbike tour companies promote daily rentals. This leads to motorbikes sitting around in garages and not being on the road traveling.

Motorbikes On The Road and not in The Garage

Tigit has over 200 motorbikes on the road at any given time. We have small garages across Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh, Danang and Hanoi. This is how Tigit beats the system and allows for very cheap motorbike rentals over the duration of a month or more. Our business model is from the aviation industry. We believe motorbikes should be on the road earning money. Our motorbikes should be on the road providing entertainment to travellers in Vietnam. The concept behind Tigit is to keep garage capacity to a minimum and not have rental motorbikes collecting dust!

Tigit Motorbikes also offers daily and city rentals. Our motorbike options are cheaper than any other reputable competition around.
Looking for proof? Just check Tigit’s stable track record of reviews on Trip Advisor.

Why Tigitmotorbikes?

Tigit only buys genuine Yamaha, Honda or Suzuki motorbikes that are new. A firm maintenance schedule and clear rental contracts help backpackers keep their motorbikes in optimum condition.
As the motorbikes begin to get older they are sold off and replaced with newer motorbikes. As with any large-scale logistics company, Tigit operates in bulk with a select few models. This allows for optimum upkeep and turnover of old motorbikes. This is a concept traditional rental companies struggle to understand. Our competitions slow turnover and sales result in expensive daily rentals on unreliable motorbikes.

Tigit has offices in Ho Chi Minh, Danang and Hanoi which allow travellers to pickup and drop off their motorbikes efficiently when on long distance travels.

The Tigitmotorbike Full-Service Advantage in Vietnam

Motorcyclists will be given a print out of the best routes to take in Vietnam depending on their time frame and travel needs. This print out includes every detail you’ll need to complete your travels successfully. Phone support and perfectly maintained motorbikes for long distance one way rentals.

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