Who Is Tigit Motorbikes?

Long distance travel motorbikes

Tigit Motorbikes offers long distance travel motorbikes designed for travelling between Ho Chi Minh, Danang and Hanoi. The idea is to arrive in any of these cities and pickup a motorbike. Drive the motorbike to a different city and drop the motorbike off at a different office.

Tigit motorbikes offers day rentals for starting and finishing in the same city.  However where we separate ourselves from the competition is by providing long distance travel packets. Tigit operates with small garages and a large number of motorbikes from a select few models that we believe are the best performing motorbikes in Vietnam.
No different from the aviation industry, our goal is to keep the motorbikes on the road at all times, and not sitting around in garages collecting dust. This enables us to provide affordable long distance packets for travellers driving the length of Vietnam.

Our most common and popular motorbike is the Honda Blade which can be rented for $10 day, or $250 for up to 35 days.
To rent a Honda XR 150cc Dual Sport Motorbikes is $20 a day, or $450 for up to 35 days.

City rentals

A different side of Tigit motorbikes is our city rental business which mostly operates out of Ho Chi Minh city. Tigit provides high quality scooters for expats living within Vietnam. We use the motorbike models that the locals enjoy, such as the Honda Airblade. Tigit avoids the commonly used Yamaha Nouvo rental motorbike, which is a scrapped motorbike on the Vietnamese market.
Similar to a traditional car rental company, Tigit performs background checks on potential clients and we are selective about who we rent to. This enables us to provide high quality motorbikes that still have some street value on local markets. The idea is that our motorbikes are modern enough that they don’t break down!

Maintenance of our motorbikes

Tigit has a fleet of over 250 motorbikes on the road.
The genuine Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki service centres have professionally trained mechanics throughout Vietnam. They also stock genuine parts which is important for the long term health of a motorbike. Using our clear contracts, customers understand the importance of maintaining our fleet of motorbikes only within the genuine service centres. If anything breaks on the motorbike a customer can pop into a genuine service centre and fix the motorbike within minutes. Provide Tigit with the receipt at the end and we will fully reimburse any costs.

The understanding from our customers about how to maintain the motorbike, combined with our incredibly skilled mechanic, helps keep the motorbikes in optimum condition.

Tigit’s amazing motorbike upkeep is understood on the local expat markets and as our motorbikes creep up to 30,000km or 2 years of age we sell them off on local markets.
For our long distance travel customers this means that nearly no motorbike at Tigit is over two years of age.

Pushing the boundaries of the Vietnamese rental industry

Tigit motorbikes is the first motorbike rental company offering long distance travel packets across Vietnam on genuine motorbikes. Before the days of Tigit Motorbikes where useless backstreet buy and sell shops which only provided Chinese motorbikes such as the Honda Win.

Tigit motorbikes is inspired by traditional car rental companies back home. Tigit is recreating the service, and quality that a car rental company can provide. The only difference is that Tigit is operating in the chaos of Vietnam.

Choosing Tigit Motorbikes

Tigit Motorbikes is purposely located away from the backpacker streets. Our aim is to provide a high quality experience to travellers who know about motorbikes, or have researched and understood what they are doing.

Travellers will be met with modern Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda motorbikes that are in superb condition. Contracts, and papers that explain every detail needed for travelling Vietnam.

Tigit utilises modern payment gateways to British pounds which helps keep currency conversion to a minimum.

Travellers will be given support numbers and documents of Vietnam and the routes we recommend. For a simplified version of our route, feel free to read our best routes to take in Vietnam.


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