What if I breakdown?

Breakdown Guarantee for long-distance travel!

Tigit will not sell or rent any motorbike that we think won’t survive a journey without a breakdown. To see our list of models, please go to our travel page.

Tigit Motorbikes has a guarantee to refund any maintenance costs that occurred throughout the journey. (this excludes oil changes and flat tires).

To have the motorbike covered from crashes, please read the Tigit Motorbikes Damage Waiver.

To use this Guarantee

  1. The customer must change the oil every 1000km and provide evidence of a motorbike receipt or photo having an oil change. Motorbikes above 150cc (apart from RE Himalayan) do not require this 1000km oil change.
  2. Customers must use genuine Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki stores and phone us before any maintenance. We must understand the situation and be allowed to speak with the mechanic before any work.

What we do not cover

  1. Crashes – this is the customer’s responsibility. See the damage waiver.
  2. Flat tires/replacing tires – We have experience judging the age of a tire and replacing old tires that we feel are not fit for another journey. If a customer points out that a tire is not suitable, we will gladly replace it before the motorbike begins a journey.
  3. We do not cover customers listening to random Vietnamese people claiming everything on the motorbike is broken. 


  1. Crashes are subjective – we try and judge this on what we feel a future customer can potentially complain about. We try and take a relaxed approach to crashes – and if a customer does not trust our report, we are happy to use 3rd party Honda / Yamaha / Suzuki receipts.
  2. Tigit will deduct the damage report from the deposit. Unlike traditional car rentals, we do not charge for the time the motorbike is not operational.
  3. On most models, each piece of bodywork is worth around $10. No customer driving a locally supported motorbike has experienced a crash more significant than $250 of damage. Motorbikes are always fixable in Vietnam.

Read our full article about how to find a mechanic shop in Vietnam


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