Ho Chi Minh Road Motorbike Guide


Ho Chi Minh Road Motorbike Guide

The Ho Chi Minh Road is a highway that runs nearby Ho Chi Minh City making its way north, to just outside of Hanoi. This route is often confused with the Ho Chi Minh Trail, a network of roads that mainly run through Laos and Cambodia. We have a complete guide to the route, for those of you who want more. Here, we will cover the highlights.


Ho Chi Minh Road Complete Guide

Bridge On The HCM Highway

A look at the lush landscapes and wandering rivers that follow the Ho Chi Minh Road across the country.

How Long Does The HCM Trail Take To Motorbike?

Currently, the HCM highway totals roughly 1300-kilometers that officially starts at Ngoc Hoi in Kon Tum Province to Hoa Lac in Hanoi. The government has future plans of expansion that will take the road from Cao Bằng Province to Cà Mau Province making the route closer to 3000-kilometers.

To ride the current route by motorbike with all the endless exploration, sites to see, and fun along the way you’ll want to allow at least seven days.


What Is The Best Part Of The HCM Trail For Motorbiking? 

The best part starts at Prao, makes its way through A Luoi, up to Khe Sanh and finishes in Phong Nha National park.

The road on this stretch is in perfect shape, remote and empty with stunning lush forests all around. As Phong Nha approaches the rivers that the Ho Chi Minh Road follows the waters gradually become more turquoise from the limestone. A stunning phenomenon of incredible beauty.


This section of the Ho Chi Minh road has it all and is probably one of the best pieces of road in the entire world.


Hang Son Doong Cave

Hang Son Doong Cave awaits you in the Ke Bang National Park. The feeling of adventure intensifies when you seek out this place on two wheels.

Top Sights On The Ho Chi Minh Road



  • Buon Ma Thuot Coffee. Some of the best coffee in the world comes from Vietnam. The best of that coffee is grown in the region around Buon Ma Thuot. The ground here was blessed with incredibly fertile basalt soil that grows these highly sought after beans. Stop and try the coffee while you check out some of the other top things to do in Buon Ma Thuot




  • Bishops House – Kon Tum. Hosted on an expansive grounds of trees, gardens and natural beauty, this is where the Bishop lives. This flashy mansion-style home also doubles as an education center for any of the local tribesmen looking to get out of the fields and into a priesthood. Free!



  • A Roang Commune. A tiny village that will put you in touch with the locals and give you a sense of how the Vietnam villagers still live. There is a hot spring to enjoy, waterfall to explore, and homestay to spend the night at.


  • Khe Sanh Combat Base – A Luoi. The Combat Base was once home to the United States Marine Corps Outpost that first saw action in January 1966. Nowadays the base sees more photo ops than Marine Ops, and you can tour around and visit the small museum, military helicopter, and bomber plane.


  • Ke Bang National Park Caves. Dark Cave, Paradise Cave, and Phong Nha Cave give travelers the option to explore underground via boat tour, zip line, kayaking, and trekking. If you’ve got a few thousand dollars to spare, you could also arrange exploration to Hang Son Doong – the largest cave in the world.


  • Thanh An Tea Hills. Endless lush green hills surrounded by a winding river produce some stunning scenery and sensuous tea. If a drone made its way into your motorcycle luggage, Thanh An Tea Hills make for amazing photos. 


  • Lam Kinh Historic Site. History buffs or those in the making will appreciate the historical significance of the dynasties that ruled here. At one point they kept the Chinese out of the country, at another point established what became the countries capital in Hanoi. Tombs, relics, artifacts, it’s all here.


  • Cuc Phuong National Park. Go on a primate tour, see the prehistoric cave of man, visit the 1000-year old tree, and go hiking. The national park is perfect for exploring and another gem in Ninh Binh province.  


Family on a motorbike

You never know what experiences you might run into until you really get off the beaten path and start to explore. This family lives way up in the highlands and probably rides 5-up on this old Chinese bike down singletrack trails.  Good luck getting their solo on you new Honda!

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