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A different pricing structure where you can “rent a tour guide.” This is a non-inclusive tour where you hire Tigit staff to take care of the logistics so you can relax and ride.

This package is perfect for individuals or groups who want flexibility on their tours to choose:

  • What kind of hotel you go to
  • What kind of food you eat
  • How far you travel each day

Our Rent a Guide package gives you the freedom to plan your own route, (or follow your guide’s tried and trusted routes!). You are open to designing your dream holiday. Select your cities, your sights, and your must-have Vietnamese foods, and let our guides do the rest for you.

Tigit Jon Says:
I have traveled the world on motorbikes. When I run into people on motorbike tours, the biggest complaint they have is spending lots of money and still being put into the cheapest hotels and cheapest restaurants. They often complain about missing out on what the country has to offer in terms of quality.

How does it work

Vietnam is a country that lends itself to making things up on the fly. Overplanning is usually the wrong way to travel here. To deal with this issue, most pre-packaged tours have very “safe” itineraries of 100-150km a day to allow a buffer for things to go wrong. Ambition is definitely not the objective.

With rent a guide, you can travel Vietnam the way this country is designed to be traveled. On the fly!

With the support of admin staff back at base, tour guides will be communicating around lunchtime the likely destination for the day. Hotels will be located, and booked just hours in advance. Of course, we have preferred places to stay and routes that we think are good, but with Tigit, we can also adapt on the fly to create a dynamic and fun tour.

We send our guides out to get lost in the wilderness, so you don’t have to.

Tour Highlights

  • Choose your own route
  • Choose when and if you want a proper hotel
  • Have the guide recommend restaurants and hotels
  • Have the guide check the motorbikes in the morning
  • Tigit guides all have basic mechanical skills and are good riders
  • Have the guide as a backup motorbike for if you breakdown or crash
  • Send the guide home anytime, because you don’t need them anymore!

Who this tour is for

Anyone or any group wanting to optimize their time in Vietnam. The guide can make sure the holiday goes smoothly.

There is too much variety in Vietnam to build a package, so it is better for the client to figure it out as they go, and to have a guide assist them!

Tour Itinerary

Day 01

Choose any route

No itinerary goes to plan, choose a region and points of interest, and we will do the rest!

Tour Map

These are the routes we make public. There are plenty of private routes not on this map!

Tour Prices

  • Tour Guide per day (has his own bike) – 140USD per day (3,500,000vnd)
  • Motorbike Rental – Choose your motorbike from the Tigit site. Prices are here
  • Hotels, food and everything else – paid by the client. Please cover the tour guide’s expenses)

Tour Info

  • Helmet, Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, MX Boots
  • Choose your own accommodation and restaurants
  • English speaking guide who has a bike
  • Send the guide home when you don’t need him!
  • Helpful translation and route planning.
  • Bike rental (please choose a bike from the normal rental options)
  • Hotel, food, gas, all expenses for yourself and the guide
  •  Transport and use of trucks in the event of crashes
  • Burnt clutches, please see full article
  • Tour guide flights if finishing in a city that is not the original starting city

Tour Guide

Tigit Guides

Tigit guides are local enduro enthusiasts. Passion lies in driving and motorbikes. A tour is a way to escape the Tigit office and be out there on the roads. Be assured they are enjoying the trip just as much as you are.

Tigit guides are selected based on their motorbike skills, we hope, that they have enough skills to get both themselves and you out of the mud!

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