1 day Escape Saigon by Motorbike

1 day Escape Saigon by motorbike

  • $120 per /rider
  • All-inclusive tour
  • Minimum 2 people
  • 160km
Tour guide
  • Tom Edmonds (Brittish)
  • Honda XR/CRF 150cc (default)
  • Honda CRF 250 +$20 upgrade
    Included free damage Waiver.
  • Tarmac/Dirt/Clay
Skill level
  • Beginner & Intermediate & Expert
  • Knee pads / elbow pads provided

Perks of this tour

  • Authentic and real Vietnam just outside the big city
  • Both easy and difficult driving depending on group skill set
  • No major traffic
  • Beautiful roads along rivers, tree plantations, and farmland
  • Gravel driving, Mud driving, Clay driving and BIG puddles!

Who this tour is for

Escape Saigon by Motorbike is for anybody and everybody that wants a challenge in the mud.
Within around 40 minutes of departure most clients are already drenched in mud and have successfully gently crashed or dropped the motorbike at least once. No worries, the bikes on this tour are covered by the Tigit Damage Waiver.

Beginner drivers will have some fun on entry-level dirt roads and some puddles.

Experienced drivers can try and keep up with Tom “Wheelie” Edmonds through random tracks, puddles and fast paced lane driving. Keeping up with Tom is a challenge and most clients will be happy to just witness and share his motorbike skills through this amazing mix of terrain.

Tour Itinerary

Get out of Saigon by motorbike!

  1. 8:30am: Meet at Tigit Motorbikes for preparation.

  2. All Day: Drive and drive, and drive some more.

  3. 6pm: Arrive back at TigitMotorbikes.

Tigit Motorbikes is already outside the city center and is set up to head out onto the open and quieter roads. Within around 20 minutes of driving, this motorbike tour is on a ferry and off to the Vietnamese countryside.

Head onto gravel tracks and areas of countryside where extreme development is starting to take place. A moments pause is provided to marvel at an area this close to central Ho Chi Minh that is still traditional countryside but about to be eaten up by modern development. A river’s edge that is the gateway between traditional Vietnam and the big city. A great opportunity to take in the surroundings and the development that is to come.

The tour then winds around country lanes before heading off into forest like plantations of mud. This tour is an off-road tour at heart, but unlike other routes, drivers have the option and flexibility to skip out most of the mud if they should choose to do so. However, we recommend getting stuck in and take this opportunity to experience some serious back lane driving in “Nam’s Forest”. All whilst being in a controlled environment with easy exit points.

For less experienced drivers the urban environment will allow Tom the guide to push you through the mud until enough is enough. Then escape back onto the tarmac roads to experience a more “normal” routes home. A guarantee that there will not be any other one day tours that take clients this deep into the “real Vietnam” within a day.

For experienced drivers, this route provides an amazing mix of fast-paced off-road action and our guide Tom will be sure to keep you entertained with lefts and rights into random plantations at unpredictable moments. Just as you feel settled on your new found tarmac road, Tom will take an unpredictable turn into no man’s land…. and you find yourself straight back into the mud.
It doesn’t take long to be thinking “where am I, and how the hell did they find this path” as you cross through random fields, trees, and tracks which don’t appear on any map.
This route is well researched and a comical maze of track driving around urban terrain and farmland.

This 160km loop around Saigon witnesses an amazing mix of driving through different terrains. Undiscovered “roads” just outside the big city.

The Tour Guide

Tom “Wheelie” Edmonds – knows all the hidden roads around Saigon


Hosted by Tom, a British expat (28 yrs old) who spends his free time driving around. Tom has cooked up over 50,000km in under a year whilst holding down a full-time job! If that is not dedication to motorcycles then I don’t know what is.

The Motorbikes we use

The Honda XR150cc is the default bikes for this tour.

Experienced riders can upgrade to CRF250 for a smoother acceleration on the tour.

Tour Price

  • Prices are in USD
  • This is an all-inclusive tour so leave your wallet at home!
  • the standard bike for the tour is the Honda XR150/Honda Blade110
All inclusive Package Mekong Motorbike Adventure
RIDERS Honda XR150 Honda CRF250
2+ $120/rider $140/rider

Tour Information

What’s included

  • Motorbike rental (Blade / XR)
  • Lunch
  • All meals, water and soft drinks/beer
  • Motorbike Gas/petrol
  • Motorbike Damage Waiver (don’ worry about crashing!)
  • British Tour  Guide


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