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For a Hanoi to Hanoi loop (passing through Ha Giang) Tigit recommends a minimum of 7 days.
For a Ha Giang to Ha Giang loop, Tigit recommends a minimum of 4 days.

Ha Giang is located above Hanoi and has become one of the most popular areas of Vietnam to drive by motorbike. It is spectacularly beautiful and these days, it has excellent tourist infrastructure in terms of hotels and food.

Ha Giang is around a 6 hour road journey from Hanoi, via a bus or a private car. Or, it is possible to ride to Ha Giang with around 1 and a half days of driving. And pretty good driving at that!

Ha Giang is generally ridden as a loop, Ha Giang to Ha Giang, or Hanoi to Hanoi (through Ha Giang). The valleys and mountains are deep and stunning, and the road conditions are usually pretty good!

There is variation as well for off-roading options, fun ferries, and crazy skywalks.

The Ha Giang loop can easily be done by yourself with no guide, but Tigit guides, as always, will show you some special gems that you would need help to complete, as well as make the entire experience more convenient and easy.

We have rental routes documented for Ha Giang and the North West, written by our guides. They are a good place to get you started.

Tour Highlights

  • Experienced guides that can take you on easy terrain or difficult terrain
  • A well organised journey so you can enjoy the scenery and not worry about the logistics
  • Guides can take you on hidden skywalks that you would never find by yourself (and we don’t recommend without a guide!)
  • Tigit guides divert away the tourist traps and commercialied hotels

Who this tour is for

There is no denying that you can easily rent a motorbike to experience this amazing region.

However, if you want a guide to make the journey run smoothly so you don’t have to worry about a thing; then this tour is for you.

Or, if you want a guide to take you on some crazy and hidden trails and skypasses; then this tour is for you.

Tour Prices

Please see this page for single travelers or groups who want to rent a guide (non-inclusive tour).

  • Prices are in USD
  • This is an all-inclusive tour

Honda XR150 / Honda Blade 110: All-inclusive: 175 USD per person per day.

Honda CB500X: All inclusive: 200 USD per person per day.

Start in Ha Giang +$50 per person

Stop in Ha Giang + $50 per person

Start and stop in Ha Giang +$100 per person

Minimum 2 riders per tour.

Tour Guide

Tigit Guides

Tigit guides are local enduro enthusiasts. Passion lies in driving and motorbikes. A tour is a way to escape the Tigit office and be out there on the roads. Be assured they are enjoying the trip just as much as you are.

Tigit guides are selected based on their motorbike skills, we hope, that they have enough skills to get both themselves and you out of the mud!

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