TigitMotorbikes Prices 2024

Prices displayed here are for pickup and returns from Tigit offices. Ho Chi Minh, Dalat, Danang, and Hanoi.
We also offer Phan Rang, Hue, Hoi An and Ha Giang, however the prices have extra fees displayed through the booking process.

Working hours

Tigit working hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Saturday , however it is possible to pickup and return out of hours, and on Sundays. Additional fees will be applied (shown through the booking process)


Honda Blade – 500USD by cash, bank transfer or card.
All other motorbikes – 1000USD by cash, bank transfer or card

We refund all early returns. Please book for the maximum amount of time your holiday will likely be. Feel free to return early to get a refund on unused days. Please return to the correct city, though.

Read more information about the Tigit Damage Waiver.

Want to buy a motorbike? Go to our motorbike for sale section.

DayStart/Finish same cityStart/Finish different city
PricePrice (with damage waiver)PricePrice (with damage waiver)
1USD 13.00USD 15.00USD 63.00USD 65.00
2USD 26.00USD 30.00USD 76.00USD 80.00
3USD 37.83USD 43.83USD 87.83USD 93.83
4USD 49.92USD 57.92USD 99.92USD 107.92
5USD 61.75USD 71.75USD 111.75USD 121.75
6USD 73.32USD 85.32USD 123.32USD 135.32
7USD 84.63USD 98.63USD 134.63USD 148.63
8USD 95.68USD 111.68USD 145.68USD 161.68
9USD 106.47USD 124.47USD 156.47USD 174.47
10USD 117.00USD 137.00USD 167.00USD 187.00
11USD 127.27USD 149.27USD 177.27USD 199.27
12USD 137.28USD 161.28USD 187.28USD 211.28
13USD 147.03USD 173.03USD 197.03USD 223.03
14USD 156.52USD 184.52USD 206.52USD 234.52
15USD 165.75USD 195.75USD 215.75USD 245.75
16USD 174.72USD 204.72USD 224.72USD 254.72
17USD 183.43USD 213.43USD 233.43USD 263.43
18USD 191.88USD 221.88USD 241.88USD 271.88
19USD 200.07USD 230.07USD 250.07USD 280.07
20USD 208.00USD 238.00USD 258.00USD 288.00
21USD 212.94USD 242.94USD 262.94USD 292.94
22USD 217.36USD 247.36USD 267.36USD 297.36
23USD 221.26USD 251.26USD 271.26USD 301.26
24USD 224.64USD 254.64USD 274.64USD 304.64
25USD 227.50USD 257.50USD 277.50USD 307.50
26USD 229.84USD 259.84USD 279.84USD 309.84
27USD 231.66USD 261.66USD 281.66USD 311.66
28USD 232.96USD 262.96USD 282.96USD 312.96
29USD 233.74USD 263.74USD 283.74USD 313.74
30USD 234.00USD 264.00USD 284.00USD 314.00
31USD 239.00USD 269.83USD 289.00USD 319.83
32USD 244.00USD 275.67USD 294.00USD 325.67
33USD 249.00USD 281.50USD 299.00USD 331.50
34USD 254.00USD 287.33USD 304.00USD 337.33
35USD 259.00USD 293.17USD 309.00USD 343.17
36USD 264.00USD 299.00USD 314.00USD 349.00
37USD 269.00USD 304.83USD 319.00USD 354.83
38USD 274.00USD 310.67USD 324.00USD 360.67
39USD 279.00USD 316.50USD 329.00USD 366.50
40USD 284.00USD 322.33USD 334.00USD 372.33
41USD 289.00USD 328.17USD 339.00USD 378.17
42USD 294.00USD 334.00USD 344.00USD 384.00
43USD 299.00USD 339.83USD 349.00USD 389.83
44USD 304.00USD 345.67USD 354.00USD 395.67
45USD 309.00USD 351.50USD 359.00USD 401.50
46USD 314.00USD 357.33USD 364.00USD 407.33
47USD 319.00USD 363.17USD 369.00USD 413.17
48USD 324.00USD 369.00USD 374.00USD 419.00
49USD 329.00USD 374.83USD 379.00USD 424.83
50USD 334.00USD 380.67USD 384.00USD 430.67
51USD 339.00USD 386.50USD 389.00USD 436.50
52USD 344.00USD 392.33USD 394.00USD 442.33
53USD 349.00USD 398.17USD 399.00USD 448.17
54USD 354.00USD 404.00USD 404.00USD 454.00
55USD 359.00USD 409.83USD 409.00USD 459.83
56USD 364.00USD 415.67USD 414.00USD 465.67
57USD 369.00USD 421.50USD 419.00USD 471.50
58USD 374.00USD 427.33USD 424.00USD 477.33
59USD 379.00USD 433.17USD 429.00USD 483.17
60USD 384.00USD 439.00USD 434.00USD 489.00
61USD 389.00USD 444.67USD 439.00USD 494.67
62USD 394.00USD 450.33USD 444.00USD 500.33
63USD 399.00USD 456.00USD 449.00USD 506.00
64USD 404.00USD 461.67USD 454.00USD 511.67
65USD 409.00USD 467.33USD 459.00USD 517.33
66USD 414.00USD 473.00USD 464.00USD 523.00
67USD 419.00USD 478.67USD 469.00USD 528.67
68USD 424.00USD 484.33USD 474.00USD 534.33
69USD 429.00USD 490.00USD 479.00USD 540.00
70USD 434.00USD 495.67USD 484.00USD 545.67
71USD 439.00USD 501.33USD 489.00USD 551.33
72USD 444.00USD 507.00USD 494.00USD 557.00
73USD 449.00USD 512.67USD 499.00USD 562.67
74USD 454.00USD 518.33USD 504.00USD 568.33
75USD 459.00USD 524.00USD 509.00USD 574.00
76USD 464.00USD 529.67USD 514.00USD 579.67
77USD 469.00USD 535.33USD 519.00USD 585.33
78USD 474.00USD 541.00USD 524.00USD 591.00
79USD 479.00USD 546.67USD 529.00USD 596.67
80USD 484.00USD 552.33USD 534.00USD 602.33
81USD 489.00USD 558.00USD 539.00USD 608.00
82USD 494.00USD 563.67USD 544.00USD 613.67
83USD 499.00USD 569.33USD 549.00USD 619.33
84USD 504.00USD 575.00USD 554.00USD 625.00
85USD 509.00USD 580.67USD 559.00USD 630.67
86USD 514.00USD 586.33USD 564.00USD 636.33
87USD 519.00USD 592.00USD 569.00USD 642.00
88USD 524.00USD 597.67USD 574.00USD 647.67
89USD 529.00USD 603.33USD 579.00USD 653.33
90USD 534.00USD 609.00USD 584.00USD 659.00
DayStart/Finish same cityStart/Finish different city
PricePrice (with damage waiver)PricePrice (with damage waiver)
1USD 25.00USD 30.00USD 75.00USD 80.00
2USD 50.00USD 60.00USD 100.00USD 110.00
3USD 72.75USD 87.75USD 122.75USD 137.75
4USD 96.00USD 116.00USD 146.00USD 166.00
5USD 118.75USD 143.75USD 168.75USD 193.75
6USD 141.00USD 171.00USD 191.00USD 221.00
7USD 162.75USD 197.75USD 212.75USD 247.75
8USD 184.00USD 224.00USD 234.00USD 274.00
9USD 204.75USD 249.75USD 254.75USD 299.75
10USD 225.00USD 275.00USD 275.00USD 325.00
11USD 244.75USD 294.75USD 294.75USD 344.75
12USD 264.00USD 314.00USD 314.00USD 364.00
13USD 282.75USD 332.75USD 332.75USD 382.75
14USD 301.00USD 351.00USD 351.00USD 401.00
15USD 318.75USD 368.75USD 368.75USD 418.75
16USD 336.00USD 386.00USD 386.00USD 436.00
17USD 352.75USD 402.75USD 402.75USD 452.75
18USD 369.00USD 419.00USD 419.00USD 469.00
19USD 384.75USD 434.75USD 434.75USD 484.75
20USD 400.00USD 450.00USD 450.00USD 500.00
21USD 409.50USD 459.50USD 459.50USD 509.50
22USD 418.00USD 468.00USD 468.00USD 518.00
23USD 425.50USD 475.50USD 475.50USD 525.50
24USD 432.00USD 482.00USD 482.00USD 532.00
25USD 437.50USD 487.50USD 487.50USD 537.50
26USD 442.00USD 492.00USD 492.00USD 542.00
27USD 445.50USD 495.50USD 495.50USD 545.50
28USD 448.00USD 498.00USD 498.00USD 548.00
29USD 449.50USD 499.50USD 499.50USD 549.50
30USD 450.00USD 500.00USD 500.00USD 550.00
31USD 455.00USD 506.00USD 505.00USD 556.00
32USD 460.00USD 512.00USD 510.00USD 562.00
33USD 465.00USD 518.00USD 515.00USD 568.00
34USD 470.00USD 524.00USD 520.00USD 574.00
35USD 475.00USD 530.00USD 525.00USD 580.00
36USD 480.00USD 536.00USD 530.00USD 586.00
37USD 485.00USD 542.00USD 535.00USD 592.00
38USD 490.00USD 548.00USD 540.00USD 598.00
39USD 495.00USD 554.00USD 545.00USD 604.00
40USD 500.00USD 560.00USD 550.00USD 610.00
41USD 505.00USD 566.00USD 555.00USD 616.00
42USD 510.00USD 572.00USD 560.00USD 622.00
43USD 515.00USD 578.00USD 565.00USD 628.00
44USD 520.00USD 584.00USD 570.00USD 634.00
45USD 525.00USD 590.00USD 575.00USD 640.00
46USD 530.00USD 596.00USD 580.00USD 646.00
47USD 535.00USD 602.00USD 585.00USD 652.00
48USD 540.00USD 608.00USD 590.00USD 658.00
49USD 545.00USD 614.00USD 595.00USD 664.00
50USD 550.00USD 620.00USD 600.00USD 670.00
51USD 555.00USD 626.00USD 605.00USD 676.00
52USD 560.00USD 632.00USD 610.00USD 682.00
53USD 565.00USD 638.00USD 615.00USD 688.00
54USD 570.00USD 644.00USD 620.00USD 694.00
55USD 575.00USD 650.00USD 625.00USD 700.00
56USD 580.00USD 656.00USD 630.00USD 706.00
57USD 585.00USD 662.00USD 635.00USD 712.00
58USD 590.00USD 668.00USD 640.00USD 718.00
59USD 595.00USD 674.00USD 645.00USD 724.00
60USD 600.00USD 680.00USD 650.00USD 730.00
61USD 605.00USD 685.67USD 655.00USD 735.67
62USD 610.00USD 691.33USD 660.00USD 741.33
63USD 615.00USD 697.00USD 665.00USD 747.00
64USD 620.00USD 702.67USD 670.00USD 752.67
65USD 625.00USD 708.33USD 675.00USD 758.33
66USD 630.00USD 714.00USD 680.00USD 764.00
67USD 635.00USD 719.67USD 685.00USD 769.67
68USD 640.00USD 725.33USD 690.00USD 775.33
69USD 645.00USD 731.00USD 695.00USD 781.00
70USD 650.00USD 736.67USD 700.00USD 786.67
71USD 655.00USD 742.33USD 705.00USD 792.33
72USD 660.00USD 748.00USD 710.00USD 798.00
73USD 665.00USD 753.67USD 715.00USD 803.67
74USD 670.00USD 759.33USD 720.00USD 809.33
75USD 675.00USD 765.00USD 725.00USD 815.00
76USD 680.00USD 770.67USD 730.00USD 820.67
77USD 685.00USD 776.33USD 735.00USD 826.33
78USD 690.00USD 782.00USD 740.00USD 832.00
79USD 695.00USD 787.67USD 745.00USD 837.67
80USD 700.00USD 793.33USD 750.00USD 843.33
81USD 705.00USD 799.00USD 755.00USD 849.00
82USD 710.00USD 804.67USD 760.00USD 854.67
83USD 715.00USD 810.33USD 765.00USD 860.33
84USD 720.00USD 816.00USD 770.00USD 866.00
85USD 725.00USD 821.67USD 775.00USD 871.67
86USD 730.00USD 827.33USD 780.00USD 877.33
87USD 735.00USD 833.00USD 785.00USD 883.00
88USD 740.00USD 838.67USD 790.00USD 888.67
89USD 745.00USD 844.33USD 795.00USD 894.33
90USD 750.00USD 850.00USD 800.00USD 900.00
DayStart/Finish same cityStart/Finish different city
PricePrice (with damage waiver)PricePrice (with damage waiver)
1USD 60.00USD 67.00USD 110.00USD 117.00
2USD 120.00USD 134.00USD 170.00USD 184.00
3USD 174.60USD 195.60USD 224.60USD 245.60
4USD 230.40USD 258.40USD 280.40USD 308.40
5USD 285.00USD 320.00USD 335.00USD 370.00
6USD 338.40USD 380.40USD 388.40USD 430.40
7USD 390.60USD 439.60USD 440.60USD 489.60
8USD 441.60USD 497.60USD 491.60USD 547.60
9USD 491.40USD 554.40USD 541.40USD 604.40
10USD 540.00USD 610.00USD 590.00USD 660.00
11USD 587.40USD 657.40USD 637.40USD 707.40
12USD 633.60USD 703.60USD 683.60USD 753.60
13USD 678.60USD 748.60USD 728.60USD 798.60
14USD 722.40USD 792.40USD 772.40USD 842.40
15USD 765.00USD 835.00USD 815.00USD 885.00
16USD 806.40USD 876.40USD 856.40USD 926.40
17USD 846.60USD 916.60USD 896.60USD 966.60
18USD 885.60USD 955.60USD 935.60USD 1,005.60
19USD 923.40USD 993.40USD 973.40USD 1,043.40
20USD 960.00USD 1,030.00USD 1,010.00USD 1,080.00
21USD 982.80USD 1,052.80USD 1,032.80USD 1,102.80
22USD 1,003.20USD 1,073.20USD 1,053.20USD 1,123.20
23USD 1,021.20USD 1,091.20USD 1,071.20USD 1,141.20
24USD 1,036.80USD 1,106.80USD 1,086.80USD 1,156.80
25USD 1,050.00USD 1,120.00USD 1,100.00USD 1,170.00
26USD 1,060.80USD 1,130.80USD 1,110.80USD 1,180.80
27USD 1,069.20USD 1,139.20USD 1,119.20USD 1,189.20
28USD 1,075.20USD 1,145.20USD 1,125.20USD 1,195.20
29USD 1,078.80USD 1,148.80USD 1,128.80USD 1,198.80
30USD 1,080.00USD 1,150.00USD 1,130.00USD 1,200.00
31USD 1,110.00USD 1,182.00USD 1,160.00USD 1,232.00
32USD 1,140.00USD 1,214.00USD 1,190.00USD 1,264.00
33USD 1,170.00USD 1,246.00USD 1,220.00USD 1,296.00
34USD 1,200.00USD 1,278.00USD 1,250.00USD 1,328.00
35USD 1,230.00USD 1,310.00USD 1,280.00USD 1,360.00
36USD 1,260.00USD 1,342.00USD 1,310.00USD 1,392.00
37USD 1,290.00USD 1,374.00USD 1,340.00USD 1,424.00
38USD 1,320.00USD 1,406.00USD 1,370.00USD 1,456.00
39USD 1,350.00USD 1,438.00USD 1,400.00USD 1,488.00
40USD 1,380.00USD 1,470.00USD 1,430.00USD 1,520.00
41USD 1,410.00USD 1,502.00USD 1,460.00USD 1,552.00
42USD 1,440.00USD 1,534.00USD 1,490.00USD 1,584.00
43USD 1,470.00USD 1,566.00USD 1,520.00USD 1,616.00
44USD 1,500.00USD 1,598.00USD 1,550.00USD 1,648.00
45USD 1,530.00USD 1,630.00USD 1,580.00USD 1,680.00
46USD 1,560.00USD 1,662.00USD 1,610.00USD 1,712.00
47USD 1,590.00USD 1,694.00USD 1,640.00USD 1,744.00
48USD 1,620.00USD 1,726.00USD 1,670.00USD 1,776.00
49USD 1,650.00USD 1,758.00USD 1,700.00USD 1,808.00
50USD 1,680.00USD 1,790.00USD 1,730.00USD 1,840.00
51USD 1,710.00USD 1,822.00USD 1,760.00USD 1,872.00
52USD 1,740.00USD 1,854.00USD 1,790.00USD 1,904.00
53USD 1,770.00USD 1,886.00USD 1,820.00USD 1,936.00
54USD 1,800.00USD 1,918.00USD 1,850.00USD 1,968.00
55USD 1,830.00USD 1,950.00USD 1,880.00USD 2,000.00
56USD 1,860.00USD 1,982.00USD 1,910.00USD 2,032.00
57USD 1,890.00USD 2,014.00USD 1,940.00USD 2,064.00
58USD 1,920.00USD 2,046.00USD 1,970.00USD 2,096.00
59USD 1,950.00USD 2,078.00USD 2,000.00USD 2,128.00
60USD 1,980.00USD 2,110.00USD 2,030.00USD 2,160.00
61USD 2,010.00USD 2,141.67USD 2,060.00USD 2,191.67
62USD 2,040.00USD 2,173.33USD 2,090.00USD 2,223.33
63USD 2,070.00USD 2,205.00USD 2,120.00USD 2,255.00
64USD 2,100.00USD 2,236.67USD 2,150.00USD 2,286.67
65USD 2,130.00USD 2,268.33USD 2,180.00USD 2,318.33
66USD 2,160.00USD 2,300.00USD 2,210.00USD 2,350.00
67USD 2,190.00USD 2,331.67USD 2,240.00USD 2,381.67
68USD 2,220.00USD 2,363.33USD 2,270.00USD 2,413.33
69USD 2,250.00USD 2,395.00USD 2,300.00USD 2,445.00
70USD 2,280.00USD 2,426.67USD 2,330.00USD 2,476.67
71USD 2,310.00USD 2,458.33USD 2,360.00USD 2,508.33
72USD 2,340.00USD 2,490.00USD 2,390.00USD 2,540.00
73USD 2,370.00USD 2,521.67USD 2,420.00USD 2,571.67
74USD 2,400.00USD 2,553.33USD 2,450.00USD 2,603.33
75USD 2,430.00USD 2,585.00USD 2,480.00USD 2,635.00
76USD 2,460.00USD 2,616.67USD 2,510.00USD 2,666.67
77USD 2,490.00USD 2,648.33USD 2,540.00USD 2,698.33
78USD 2,520.00USD 2,680.00USD 2,570.00USD 2,730.00
79USD 2,550.00USD 2,711.67USD 2,600.00USD 2,761.67
80USD 2,580.00USD 2,743.33USD 2,630.00USD 2,793.33
81USD 2,610.00USD 2,775.00USD 2,660.00USD 2,825.00
82USD 2,640.00USD 2,806.67USD 2,690.00USD 2,856.67
83USD 2,670.00USD 2,838.33USD 2,720.00USD 2,888.33
84USD 2,700.00USD 2,870.00USD 2,750.00USD 2,920.00
85USD 2,730.00USD 2,901.67USD 2,780.00USD 2,951.67
86USD 2,760.00USD 2,933.33USD 2,810.00USD 2,983.33
87USD 2,790.00USD 2,965.00USD 2,840.00USD 3,015.00
88USD 2,820.00USD 2,996.67USD 2,870.00USD 3,046.67
89USD 2,850.00USD 3,028.33USD 2,900.00USD 3,078.33
90USD 2,880.00USD 3,060.00USD 2,930.00USD 3,110.00
DayStart/Finish same cityStart/Finish different city
PricePrice (with damage waiver)PricePrice (with damage waiver)
1USD 35.00USD 35.00USD 85.00USD 85.00
2USD 70.00USD 70.00USD 120.00USD 120.00
3USD 101.85USD 101.85USD 151.85USD 151.85
4USD 134.40USD 134.40USD 184.40USD 184.40
5USD 166.25USD 166.25USD 216.25USD 216.25
6USD 197.40USD 197.40USD 247.40USD 247.40
7USD 227.85USD 227.85USD 277.85USD 277.85
8USD 257.60USD 257.60USD 307.60USD 307.60
9USD 286.65USD 286.65USD 336.65USD 336.65
10USD 315.00USD 315.00USD 365.00USD 365.00
11USD 342.65USD 342.65USD 392.65USD 392.65
12USD 369.60USD 369.60USD 419.60USD 419.60
13USD 395.85USD 395.85USD 445.85USD 445.85
14USD 421.40USD 421.40USD 471.40USD 471.40
15USD 446.25USD 446.25USD 496.25USD 496.25
16USD 470.40USD 470.40USD 520.40USD 520.40
17USD 493.85USD 493.85USD 543.85USD 543.85
18USD 516.60USD 516.60USD 566.60USD 566.60
19USD 538.65USD 538.65USD 588.65USD 588.65
20USD 560.00USD 560.00USD 610.00USD 610.00
21USD 573.30USD 573.30USD 623.30USD 623.30
22USD 585.20USD 585.20USD 635.20USD 635.20
23USD 595.70USD 595.70USD 645.70USD 645.70
24USD 604.80USD 604.80USD 654.80USD 654.80
25USD 612.50USD 612.50USD 662.50USD 662.50
26USD 618.80USD 618.80USD 668.80USD 668.80
27USD 623.70USD 623.70USD 673.70USD 673.70
28USD 627.20USD 627.20USD 677.20USD 677.20
29USD 629.30USD 629.30USD 679.30USD 679.30
30USD 630.00USD 630.00USD 680.00USD 680.00
31USD 647.00USD 647.00USD 697.00USD 697.00
32USD 664.00USD 664.00USD 714.00USD 714.00
33USD 681.00USD 681.00USD 731.00USD 731.00
34USD 698.00USD 698.00USD 748.00USD 748.00
35USD 715.00USD 715.00USD 765.00USD 765.00
36USD 732.00USD 732.00USD 782.00USD 782.00
37USD 749.00USD 749.00USD 799.00USD 799.00
38USD 766.00USD 766.00USD 816.00USD 816.00
39USD 783.00USD 783.00USD 833.00USD 833.00
40USD 800.00USD 800.00USD 850.00USD 850.00
41USD 817.00USD 817.00USD 867.00USD 867.00
42USD 834.00USD 834.00USD 884.00USD 884.00
43USD 851.00USD 851.00USD 901.00USD 901.00
44USD 868.00USD 868.00USD 918.00USD 918.00
45USD 885.00USD 885.00USD 935.00USD 935.00
46USD 902.00USD 902.00USD 952.00USD 952.00
47USD 919.00USD 919.00USD 969.00USD 969.00
48USD 936.00USD 936.00USD 986.00USD 986.00
49USD 953.00USD 953.00USD 1,003.00USD 1,003.00
50USD 970.00USD 970.00USD 1,020.00USD 1,020.00
51USD 987.00USD 987.00USD 1,037.00USD 1,037.00
52USD 1,004.00USD 1,004.00USD 1,054.00USD 1,054.00
53USD 1,021.00USD 1,021.00USD 1,071.00USD 1,071.00
54USD 1,038.00USD 1,038.00USD 1,088.00USD 1,088.00
55USD 1,055.00USD 1,055.00USD 1,105.00USD 1,105.00
56USD 1,072.00USD 1,072.00USD 1,122.00USD 1,122.00
57USD 1,089.00USD 1,089.00USD 1,139.00USD 1,139.00
58USD 1,106.00USD 1,106.00USD 1,156.00USD 1,156.00
59USD 1,123.00USD 1,123.00USD 1,173.00USD 1,173.00
60USD 1,140.00USD 1,140.00USD 1,190.00USD 1,190.00
61USD 1,157.00USD 1,157.00USD 1,207.00USD 1,207.00
62USD 1,174.00USD 1,174.00USD 1,224.00USD 1,224.00
63USD 1,191.00USD 1,191.00USD 1,241.00USD 1,241.00
64USD 1,208.00USD 1,208.00USD 1,258.00USD 1,258.00
65USD 1,225.00USD 1,225.00USD 1,275.00USD 1,275.00
66USD 1,242.00USD 1,242.00USD 1,292.00USD 1,292.00
67USD 1,259.00USD 1,259.00USD 1,309.00USD 1,309.00
68USD 1,276.00USD 1,276.00USD 1,326.00USD 1,326.00
69USD 1,293.00USD 1,293.00USD 1,343.00USD 1,343.00
70USD 1,310.00USD 1,310.00USD 1,360.00USD 1,360.00
71USD 1,327.00USD 1,327.00USD 1,377.00USD 1,377.00
72USD 1,344.00USD 1,344.00USD 1,394.00USD 1,394.00
73USD 1,361.00USD 1,361.00USD 1,411.00USD 1,411.00
74USD 1,378.00USD 1,378.00USD 1,428.00USD 1,428.00
75USD 1,395.00USD 1,395.00USD 1,445.00USD 1,445.00
76USD 1,412.00USD 1,412.00USD 1,462.00USD 1,462.00
77USD 1,429.00USD 1,429.00USD 1,479.00USD 1,479.00
78USD 1,446.00USD 1,446.00USD 1,496.00USD 1,496.00
79USD 1,463.00USD 1,463.00USD 1,513.00USD 1,513.00
80USD 1,480.00USD 1,480.00USD 1,530.00USD 1,530.00
81USD 1,497.00USD 1,497.00USD 1,547.00USD 1,547.00
82USD 1,514.00USD 1,514.00USD 1,564.00USD 1,564.00
83USD 1,531.00USD 1,531.00USD 1,581.00USD 1,581.00
84USD 1,548.00USD 1,548.00USD 1,598.00USD 1,598.00
85USD 1,565.00USD 1,565.00USD 1,615.00USD 1,615.00
86USD 1,582.00USD 1,582.00USD 1,632.00USD 1,632.00
87USD 1,599.00USD 1,599.00USD 1,649.00USD 1,649.00
88USD 1,616.00USD 1,616.00USD 1,666.00USD 1,666.00
89USD 1,633.00USD 1,633.00USD 1,683.00USD 1,683.00
90USD 1,650.00USD 1,650.00USD 1,700.00USD 1,700.00
DayStart/Finish same cityStart/Finish different city
PricePrice (with damage waiver)PricePrice (with damage waiver)
1USD 20.00USD 23.00USD 70.00USD 73.00
2USD 40.00USD 46.00USD 90.00USD 96.00
3USD 58.20USD 67.20USD 108.20USD 117.20
4USD 76.80USD 88.80USD 126.80USD 138.80
5USD 95.00USD 110.00USD 145.00USD 160.00
6USD 112.80USD 130.80USD 162.80USD 180.80
7USD 130.20USD 151.20USD 180.20USD 201.20
8USD 147.20USD 171.20USD 197.20USD 221.20
9USD 163.80USD 190.80USD 213.80USD 240.80
10USD 180.00USD 210.00USD 230.00USD 260.00
11USD 195.80USD 228.80USD 245.80USD 278.80
12USD 211.20USD 247.20USD 261.20USD 297.20
13USD 226.20USD 265.20USD 276.20USD 315.20
14USD 240.80USD 280.80USD 290.80USD 330.80
15USD 255.00USD 295.00USD 305.00USD 345.00
16USD 268.80USD 308.80USD 318.80USD 358.80
17USD 282.20USD 322.20USD 332.20USD 372.20
18USD 295.20USD 335.20USD 345.20USD 385.20
19USD 307.80USD 347.80USD 357.80USD 397.80
20USD 320.00USD 360.00USD 370.00USD 410.00
21USD 327.60USD 367.60USD 377.60USD 417.60
22USD 334.40USD 374.40USD 384.40USD 424.40
23USD 340.40USD 380.40USD 390.40USD 430.40
24USD 345.60USD 385.60USD 395.60USD 435.60
25USD 350.00USD 390.00USD 400.00USD 440.00
26USD 353.60USD 393.60USD 403.60USD 443.60
27USD 356.40USD 396.40USD 406.40USD 446.40
28USD 358.40USD 398.40USD 408.40USD 448.40
29USD 359.60USD 399.60USD 409.60USD 449.60
30USD 360.00USD 400.00USD 410.00USD 450.00
31USD 365.00USD 406.00USD 415.00USD 456.00
32USD 370.00USD 412.00USD 420.00USD 462.00
33USD 375.00USD 418.00USD 425.00USD 468.00
34USD 380.00USD 424.00USD 430.00USD 474.00
35USD 385.00USD 430.00USD 435.00USD 480.00
36USD 390.00USD 436.00USD 440.00USD 486.00
37USD 395.00USD 442.00USD 445.00USD 492.00
38USD 400.00USD 448.00USD 450.00USD 498.00
39USD 405.00USD 454.00USD 455.00USD 504.00
40USD 410.00USD 460.00USD 460.00USD 510.00
41USD 415.00USD 466.00USD 465.00USD 516.00
42USD 420.00USD 472.00USD 470.00USD 522.00
43USD 425.00USD 478.00USD 475.00USD 528.00
44USD 430.00USD 484.00USD 480.00USD 534.00
45USD 435.00USD 490.00USD 485.00USD 540.00
46USD 440.00USD 496.00USD 490.00USD 546.00
47USD 445.00USD 502.00USD 495.00USD 552.00
48USD 450.00USD 508.00USD 500.00USD 558.00
49USD 455.00USD 514.00USD 505.00USD 564.00
50USD 460.00USD 520.00USD 510.00USD 570.00
51USD 465.00USD 526.00USD 515.00USD 576.00
52USD 470.00USD 532.00USD 520.00USD 582.00
53USD 475.00USD 538.00USD 525.00USD 588.00
54USD 480.00USD 544.00USD 530.00USD 594.00
55USD 485.00USD 550.00USD 535.00USD 600.00
56USD 490.00USD 556.00USD 540.00USD 606.00
57USD 495.00USD 562.00USD 545.00USD 612.00
58USD 500.00USD 568.00USD 550.00USD 618.00
59USD 505.00USD 574.00USD 555.00USD 624.00
60USD 510.00USD 580.00USD 560.00USD 630.00
61USD 515.00USD 585.67USD 565.00USD 635.67
62USD 520.00USD 591.33USD 570.00USD 641.33
63USD 525.00USD 597.00USD 575.00USD 647.00
64USD 530.00USD 602.67USD 580.00USD 652.67
65USD 535.00USD 608.33USD 585.00USD 658.33
66USD 540.00USD 614.00USD 590.00USD 664.00
67USD 545.00USD 619.67USD 595.00USD 669.67
68USD 550.00USD 625.33USD 600.00USD 675.33
69USD 555.00USD 631.00USD 605.00USD 681.00
70USD 560.00USD 636.67USD 610.00USD 686.67
71USD 565.00USD 642.33USD 615.00USD 692.33
72USD 570.00USD 648.00USD 620.00USD 698.00
73USD 575.00USD 653.67USD 625.00USD 703.67
74USD 580.00USD 659.33USD 630.00USD 709.33
75USD 585.00USD 665.00USD 635.00USD 715.00
76USD 590.00USD 670.67USD 640.00USD 720.67
77USD 595.00USD 676.33USD 645.00USD 726.33
78USD 600.00USD 682.00USD 650.00USD 732.00
79USD 605.00USD 687.67USD 655.00USD 737.67
80USD 610.00USD 693.33USD 660.00USD 743.33
81USD 615.00USD 699.00USD 665.00USD 749.00
82USD 620.00USD 704.67USD 670.00USD 754.67
83USD 625.00USD 710.33USD 675.00USD 760.33
84USD 630.00USD 716.00USD 680.00USD 766.00
85USD 635.00USD 721.67USD 685.00USD 771.67
86USD 640.00USD 727.33USD 690.00USD 777.33
87USD 645.00USD 733.00USD 695.00USD 783.00
88USD 650.00USD 738.67USD 700.00USD 788.67
89USD 655.00USD 744.33USD 705.00USD 794.33
90USD 660.00USD 750.00USD 710.00USD 800.00