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The Honda CB 500x is the largest rental motorbike in Vietnam

Tigit Jon smashing the CB 500x from Nha Trang to Danang

The Honda CB 500x is a comfortable mid-sized adventure motorbike. Perfect for the job of traveling Vietnam in style.  The Honda CB 500x has ABS breaking on both the front and back. A comfortable upright seating position, adventure kitted forks, and shocks with extra travel for hitting those potholes at speed. 

Honda CB 500x reliability and performance

Tigit Jon enjoying the Ho Chi Minh Road on the Honda CB 500x

The Honda CB 500x is a smooth well finished machine. It looks stunningly beautiful, and it glides along effortlessly. The Honda CB 500x is the “large-capacity motorbike” that Tigit has chosen to invest money in. This is down to the performance, reliability, and overall customer feedback.

The luggage and pillion situation of the Honda CB 500x

Tigit kits the Honda CB 500x with free 37 litre Aluminium side boxes (per box, 2 x 37L). An optional top box can be rented through the booking platform. This motorbike is in our fleet for a traveler wanting something similar to what they may drive at home or for a comfy two-person cruise. However, this motorbike is way beyond the performance capabilities needed in Vietnam. Get this motorbike for comfort, safety, control, and stability. Not for speed or power.

The Honda CB 500x is a “do it all” mid sized adventure motorbike

Internationally the Honda CB 500x would be seen as a mid-sized adventure motorbike. In Vietnam, however, it sees itself as a powerful, large-capacity machine that dominates the roads of Vietnam. We are finding riders of the CB 500x enjoying all riding styles, from casual road journeys to pushing their skills in the Vietnamese jungles. The motorbike appears to handle everything, to the point that a growing CB 500x community is being built around renting our CB’s and then going on to buy one of their own. 

The Tires we put on the Honda CB 500x

Our tires are still all over the place, but as they wear out, we are equipping the Honda CB 500x with Metzeler Karoo Stree tires. Tigit Jon has found these to be the best value for money over distance while providing a 70/3o road to offroad feel.

The Honda CB 500X boxes pictures

Honda CB 500x's photos

Gears6 Gears
Engine Size500 cc
Seat Height810 mm
Weight195 KG
Horse Power46.9 HP
Tank Size17.4 Litres

Honda CB 500x's photos

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Honda CB 500x

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99 Replies to “Honda CB 500x”

  1. Hi, we are looking to book with Tigit for the ha giant loop on 26th September til 3rd october. My wife does not have a bike licence, but has ridden plenty of scooters in Asia. Will the police fine her for not having a licence on say a Honda xr150, or should we double up on say a Honda cb500. I’ve got lots of biking experience and will be fine on anything

    1. For us as a company our customers have not been having a problem. But Ha Giang is a sensitive area for this at the moment. I think the reason we are ok, is our bike number plates are registered in the South. I personally think they are targeting local companies.
      In my opinion she can ride, but as always I have to disclaim that I might be wrong 🙂

  2. HI, I am planning on renting a CB500 from you in Hanoi for around 10 days in October to do the Ha Giang Loop. Is it better to leave and return to Hanoi on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) or weekday (Monday or Friday) to start & finish the loop? Or does it not really make a difference? Thanks

    1. I don’t think it really makes a difference. But I would imagine weekdays have less tourists in Ha Giang.