Off-roading in Da Nang

Off-roading in Da Nang
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It turns out that from anywhere in Da Nang, you can get to dirt within about 20 minutes. For such a large city, this is impressive. We were led by a long-term expat who spends his afternoons after work exploring the trails. His style of driving is quite different from what I am used to. I tend to commit to long A to B drives that start and finish in different cities. However, he will drive any trail, even if it leads to a dead end! 

After recording the GPS and uploading to Googlemaps, I can see easy ways to create loops. Though, the map shown here is live GPS of what we did.

Tigit Jon enjoying an afternoon in Da Nang

What to expect off-roading in Da Nang

Mountains surround Da Nang, and the trails we rode are basically electric pilon maintenance trails. The views are stunning, but unfortunately it does lead to dead-end driving. You will get some confused looks from builders as you drive your way up these very steep slopes. Once again, considering you are only a 20 minute drive from the city center, challenging climbs aren’t a bad way to spend an afternoon!

Interestingly enough, it turns out expats in the area opt for dual sport tires over off-road tires. Hard sand and gravel does not work well with knobbly tires. Basically, you can head to one of these trails on any Tigit bike!

The Yamaha of our local guide. Checkout the tires.

Clutch burn hill

On the map I have labeled a section “clutch burn hill.” It is steep, and most people won’t have the skillset to tackle it. If you find yourself with nothing to do in Da Nang, then give this hill a go. You will be rewarded with a great view if you succeed. Keep in mind, though, we don’t refund burnt clutches! Yes, the XR 150 does have enough power to get up the hill! The question is whether you have the skills.

Enjoying the pilon maintenance trails

Waterfall and swim

I have labeled a “waterfall and swim”, and I notice this isn’t even on GoogleMaps. The drive to get there takes you up a river. It isn’t difficult, and the amount of water driving will amuse most people. The reward is a wonderful swim spot at the end of the drive. I loved this little excursion.

Da Nang is very hot. A swim goes a long way!

Deep river crossing. Bike broke 🙂

I have also marked a “deep river crossing.” Unfortunately for us, it was too deep for the little Yamaha 125, but my KTM 350 had no issues. The weather was dry, and I imagine most of the time this river is unpassable. Either way, the drive to get there is beautiful. I have marked in purple what I think is the rest of the trail. My friend assured me that it does create a loop!

Unrelated shot of a Honda XR 150 in Da Nang ridden by Tigit guide Todd

Conclusion for off-roading in Danang

The off-roading is not spectacular, but then again, my standards are pretty high these days. It is great to spend an afternoon hitting some trails. You can head out at 3pm, and come back at 6pm for beers. It doesn’t need much thinking or planning!

The driving is steep and gravely, and for most people, it is going to be a challenge. This is great because you can always turn around and hit the beers when you get tired. For the tourist, beginner off-roader to novice off-roader, Da Nang is a great place to experience some quick trails.

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