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High quality Honda motorbike

Within the 150cc range, the Honda Winner easily has the best build quality out of our motorbikes. Note that the Honda Winner is a fully manual motorbike, not an automatic. Rock solid balance makes this motorbike feel like it is gliding through the wind, and drivers can find themselves creeping into the 90’s without even realizing it.

Being a Honda – this is the only 150cc manual motorbike we can provide a guarantee of a hassle free holiday with minimum maintenance or breakdown inconveniences. It can be serviced in local Honda Head mechanic shops and has tubless tires that are easy to repair.

The Winner is not a big motorbike and the seat slopes forward. People often book it over the Honda XR 150 due to being fixable in local shops. However, when they arrive at Tigit and test out the seat, they often change to the XR 150.

You are exchanging reliability for comfort with the Winner, in general it is not a comfortable motorbike!

Who the Honda Winner 150 is for

The Winner is for the driver who wants a manual motorbike close to the impossibility of anything disastrous going wrong. The Honda XR 150cc is Tigit’s most common and popular manual motorbike, but for those who just want a motorbike that works, then the Honda Winner is the one to get.
Due to the boxes it is also useful for people with camera gear.

Givi boxes on the Honda Winner

Tigit equips the Honda Winner with 22L plastic Givi boxes.

Honda Winner 150cc's photos

Gears6 Gears
Engine Size150 cc
Seat Height780 mm
Weight119 KG
Horse Power16.1 HP
Tank Size4.5 Litres

Honda Winner 150cc's photos

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Honda Winner 150cc

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  1. Any chance that you will have a Honda Winner 150 available for rent in Hanoi on March 14th ? Alternatively, would you have either an XR150 or CRF150 available with panier bags for luggage? Planning on pick up in Hanoi and dropping it off in HCMC April 4th, 2023. Any recommendations or alternatives would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.