Tigit Motorbikes – Ho Chi Minh City Location

B2-00.01 Sarimi, 72 Nguyen Co Thach, An Loi Dong Ward, District 2, Vietnam, 7000

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Tigit Motorbikes Ho Chi Minh

Package and Pricing Options

To book a motorbike, visit the Tigit homepage, select your preferred locations and times, and the pricing will be calculated for all models using our algorithm. Alternatively, you can refer to our pricing table for rate information.

What to Know

  • Our largest Tigitmotorbikes location is in Ho Chi Minh City, where we provide consistent service thanks to our main mechanic being based here. This location offers high-end motorbikes, quality gear from well-known brands, and professional service.
  • If possible, choose Ho Chi Minh City as your arrival city to take advantage of our extensive offerings.
  • Tigit HCM is situated in District 2, an ideal area for test-driving motorbikes.

How long does it take to Tigitmotorbikes HCMC?

  • Our shop is just a 5-minute taxi ride away from the backpacker area (Pham Ngu Lao). However, walking from District 1 to our office is not feasible due to the tunnel connection. We recommend downloading the “Grab” app and taking a taxi.
  • The Tigitmotorbikes HCMC shop spans three floors: the 1st floor houses the mechanic shop and washroom; the 2nd floor serves as a storage unit; and the 3rd floor features an accessory shop under the name Chrunix.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ho Chi Minh City

What to do in Ho Chi Minh City?
What hotels are near your shop?
  • Air B n B and searching in the Sarimi compound will get you a luxurious apartment with swimming pool and Gym. This is the building of Tigit Motorbikes. It is possible to get a slightly cheaper Air BnB in a compound called “New City” which is just up the road from TigitMotorbikes (these are not tourist areas).
  • Any Hotel in District one (district one is the main area of Ho Chi Minh, and has millions of hotels that will suit all budgets. District one is approximately 10 minutes in a taxi from TigitMotorbikes.
  • Air B n B in an area called “Thao Dien” will set you up in the main expat area of Saigon. Here is where you will find expat bars and the real western world of Saigon
  • District 4 and District 3 are neighboring districts to District one. Here you will find the “Vietnamese life”, without venturing away from the central tourist areas. These two districts are known for having the best authentic local foods. It is where the night food tours spend most of their time.
Where to change money in Saigon

Gold shop Ha Tam near Benh Thanh Market

What is fun but not often done by tourists?
  • Visit Saigon Outcast which has a large outdoor climbing wall and also a skate ramp.
  • Visit the proper coffee shops. Contrary to what tourists understand, Vietnamese street coffee is low quality and terrible. However, there is a growing scene of upper-class coffee establishments, I believe Mekong Merchant is supposed to be one of them!
  • The craft beer scene is enormous in Saigon, however BiaCraft appears dominant. For high quality and dangerously strong beer, combined with the best burgers worldwide. We recommend BiaCraft.


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