Tigit Motorbike Rental – Da Nang Location

113 Lê Văn Duyệt, Nại Hiên Đông, Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng 777777

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Danang motorbike rental office
Danang motorbike rental office

Package & Pricing Options

Pick Up & Drop Off In The Same Location

Semi-Automatics Manuals
$500 deposit on card $1000 deposit on card
$10 a day $20 a day

Pick Up & Drop Off In Different Locations – Long Distance

Semi-Automatics Manuals
$500 deposit on card $1000 deposit on card
$80 rent within 3 days $110 rent within 3 days
$10 a day after the first 3 days $20 a day after the first 3 day

What to Know

  • DaNang is considered Vietnam’s most modern and up and coming city. Low corruption and a booming tech sector.
  • The city has the mountains and the sea within minutes of each other.
  • Known for more temperate weather than the two larger cities in Vietnam.

Frequently Asked Questions About DaNang

What is the most authentic district to stay in DaNang?
The Hai Chau district off the Han river is perhaps the most “Vietnamese district.
Where is the safest place to stay in Danang?
As Danang is a relatively safe city compared to HCM and Hanoi, there isn’t really an unsafe district. People are much more easy-going here than in bigger cities in Vietnam.
How hard is it to navigate the city by motorbike?
It takes a few days getting used to the traffic density but the slow-moving pace coupled with the foreigner friendly locals make it a fast learning curve.
What do you recommend for eating in Danang
While there are tons of great blogs on the topic we have a list for regional dishes based on your tolerance for culinary adventure here.

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