Danang Motorbike rental shop

Tigit Danang Motorbike rental shop.

Rent motorbike in Danang

Danang Motorbike rentals, rent motorbikes in Danang as a city rental or travel across Vietnam to a different Tigit office in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi.
Tigit Danang is located within 15 minutes of the airport making it an easy and accessible location for motorbike rentals.

Tigit Danang operates mostly as a storage unit, the staff there can speak some English but are not directly Tigit Motorbike employees and are not in a position to answer questions. Bookings must be online and any questions answered before the point of sale. It is possible to book online and have a motorbike waiting in Danang. Walk by sales are not possible from Danang, and travellers showing up without bookings will be met by confused looking faces.

Danang is a cheap city to store motorbikes and transport connections are fast to both HCM and Hanoi. Our fleet management might show lots of motorbikes in Danang, but these can disappear in one truckload to a different city which can create a false sense of motorbike availability in this location. For last minute bookings “thinking about it”, Tigit can sometimes have an unusually pushy sales pitch online due to logistical issues of truck companies waiting on order quantity. If we are threatening the booking potential with a statement of a truck coming to clear out the office, then we are not joking. “Thinking about it” will be considered a non sale.
Stock can change rapidly in Danang.

The team in Danang consists of one of the largest motorbike import shops in Vietnam. Hard to believe that this small location is responsible for distributing imported motorbikes throughout Vietnam to the major players. Behind this quiet looking shop they are running their own fairly enormous operation. For some reason they appear to enjoy sending foreigners off on this motorbike trip. They seem to be working with Tigit through the love of motorbikes more than anything else. This creates a slightly relaxed approach to sales which is not particularly inline with the rest of the Tigit operation.

The guys there are Vietnamese relaxed, which is super relaxed. Serious questions or problems are forwarded to Tigit HCM, so it is much easier if both paperwork and money are sorted out in advance.

Danang motorbike shop

Tigit Danang