The South Enduro offroad

The South Enduro offroad

Two to 6 days +, our Enduro tours are loosely planned. Distances covered vary depending on conditions and driver skill level. However, Tigit guides are armed with limitless offroad opportunities, many of which are border line physically impossible roads.

Our aim is to have seamless on the fly customization with no real destination objectives. We don’t wish to “underplan” itineraries for the experienced riders, and we don’t want to push the inexperienced riders to uncomfortable breaking points. Go with the flow is the Tigit way of doing things.

  • $170 per /rider per day
  • All-inclusive tour
  • 150-200km a day
Tour guide
  • Local riders who can hopefully
    get you out of the mud.
  • Four drivers to one guide
  • Five drivers and more, two guides
  • Honda CRF 150 offroad kitted
  • Dirt/Clay/Puddles/Rivers
Skill level
  • Intermediate & Expert
  • Helmet/ Knee pads / Elbow pads / Motorcross Boots


confident riders


Perks of this tour

  • A real Offroad/Enduro tour catered for people wanting to challenge themselves
  • Riding that will challenge all skill levels 
  • Get stuck in Vietnam’s jungle in places where very few people go
  • Tigis purpose used Honda CRF 150cc offroad motorbikes
  • Tour guides with the skills to hopefully get you out of the mud when all hope is lost
  • A guarantee of 70/80% offroad on all routes.
  • A tour that will exhaust all riders



The loose concept

The aim is to get stuck in the many Vietnamese jungles and to battle the elements in the process of trying to get out again. The guides that are put on these tours are freelance offroad enthusiasts not culture and translating experts. They are out there to drive and so should you be. No “extra” activities are planned, although waterfall visits can be thrown.

Staying rested is important and these tours are priced and budgeted with the idea of attempting to get a good night’s sleep in a reasonable hotel. Guests may budget or even suggest to the guide hotels up to $25 a day (enough to get a good hotel).

Where do we go

 The tours start from Saigon and heads North in the direction of Cat Tien National Park. 

1 day toursThe Escape saigon Tour is Tigits flagship offroad tour. A simple one day route that avoids Ho Chi Minh traffic and has the ability to cater to all rider experience levels.

2 day tours – Cat Tien National park, back and through the Escape Saigon. When considering value for money and time spent on the tarmac roads, the two day is the least efficient option.

3 day tours – The fun but expensive way of doing things is to battle to Dalat and fly back on Day three. Expensive in terms of flights and buses for the bikes.
The cheaper way of playing a three day tour is Cat Tient to Bao Loc, down toward the coast and then utilise the Escape Saigon Tour into Ho Chi Minh.

4 day tours – Sand dune driving, this extra 4th day gets us to the tourist town of Mui Ne. Now we have the chance to go from the mountains, to the sand!

5 day tours – Apart from the 3 day flight option, the five tour is the “shortest” tour that throws in the incredible single track trail that goes into Dalat. This road is probably one of the best single track enduro trails in the world. It is hard though and sometimes impossible! Give it a go and see what happens….

6 day tours – Includes a secret trail from Dalat to Phan Rang that we guarantee no foreigner has done before. It also allows us a quick break for some road riding along one of the best coastal roads in the world. Even the serious offroad rider will gladly take a rest for this piece of tarmac.. 

7 day tours – Anything is possible, but we haven’t thought this far ahead. If you are not broken by now, the guide will be. But let us know if you want to pursue further!


Who this adventure tour is for

This is Tigits effort to attract the extremely keen intermediate riders who want to push themselves to the limits. Or to attract the experienced riders with a mountain of offroad experience. Enduro and offroad do not properly exist in Vietnam, but Tigit as a shop has both staff and a surrounding building community passionate about offroading.
Not for the faint hearted

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The Motorbike we use

The motorbike used for this tour will be a Honda CRF 150 equipped with 2 x 12 litre saddles bags and offroad tires. The CRF 250 is not equipped for extreme offroad use, and overall is too heavy for the purposes of this tour.

The CRF 150cc weighs in at 122KG, and is the most reliable solution that we have found to this motorbike destroying tour.
Keep in mind 2 x 12L saddles bags are limited in capacity. People who can not pack light and dirty should not be on this tour.


CRF150 3

CRF150 1

CRF150 2

This adventure tour is hosted by our high-energy guides who spend their free time riding the random trails around Saigon

Tour Price

$170 per person per day. All inclusive.
For additional options that include flights for one way journeys, please contact.

Tour Information

What’s included

  • Honda CRF 150
  • Damage Waiver covering all crashes
  • English Speaking Guide
  • All meals, water and soft drinks
  • Accommodation – private rooms
  • Petrol, oil

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