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This tour takes you from the bustling city of Saigon to the Beach in Lagi. Open rubber plantation trails to begin that start to turn into sand tracks as we near the coast. On day two it is possible to drive along the beach for many KM before departing back to Saigon.

The ADV version will replace deep sand with gravel.
The Enduro version will keep you offroad as much as possible.

Tour Highlights

  • Mixture of rubber plantations and sand
  • Start the day in the city and finish on the beautiful coastline
  • An entire route of ADV riding without getting stuck in traffic
  • A two day journey that feels like an entire holiday getting away from the city

Who this tour is for

An absolutely perfect weekend getaway. Just two days, but the journey will feel like an entire holiday. A chance to get out to the peace and quiet of Vietnam’s coastline. The route itself is quiet in itself, with very little interruptions from people.

Tour Itinerary

Day 01

Heading to the coastline

Difficulty: Easy – hard
The tour guide can make this route as difficult or as easy as you wish.


  •  Meet at Tigit Motorbikes
  •  Preparation of your motorcycle gear & motorbike

During The Day: 

  • A short ferry ride to escape the city. 
  • Rubber plantations heading East from Saigon
  • Sandy tracks heading to the coast
  • Evening BBQ on the beach


  • Arrive at hotel
  • Dinner party
Day 02

Heading to Saigon

Difficulty: Easy – Medium

The day is full of great driving and is not just a route to “get back to Saigon”.


  •  7 am breakfast
  • 8am Depart from Lagi

During The Day: 

  • Drive down the beach
  • Very difficult sand driving or a casual gravel road, your choice
  • A bit of farmland and urban driving
  • A fun backroad route into Saigon


  • Arrive back at TigitMotorbikes 
  • Drop off your motorbike and let us take care of the dirty work.

Tour Map

Tour Prices

Please read our full Tour Guide Disclaimer which describes all our terms and conditions for motorbike tours.

  • Prices are in United States Dollars
  • This is an all-inclusive tour, including damage waiver
  • The standard bike for the tour is the Honda CRF 150

The prices listed are for two people or more, for one person please see rent a guide.

Price per person solo CRF 150350usd 
Price per person 2+ riders CRF 150300usd 

Tour Info

  • Motorbike Rental and Gas
  • English Speaking Guide (1 guide for every 5 clients)
  • Private accommodation and no budget options
  • All food
  • All drinks (including alcohol within reason)
  • MX boots, Full Face Helmet, Water Bladder, Knee and Elbow Pads
  • Damage Waiver (crashing the motorbike)
  • Personal Insurance

Tour Guide

Tigit Guides

Tigit guides are local enduro enthusiasts. Passion lies in driving and motorbikes. A tour is a way to escape the Tigit office and be out there on the roads. Be assured they are enjoying the trip just as much as you are.

We will attempt to match the right tour guide to the right client based on the emails we receive.

The Motorbikes we use

This route can be adapted to any motorbike but for maximum enjoyment we recommend the Honda XR 150 or Honda CRF 250cc. ADV motorbikes will be treated as road motorbikes and there will be little opportunity to go offroad into plantations.

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