Motorbiking The Top 15 Mountain Passes In Vietnam

Motorbiking The Top 15 Mountain Passes In Vietnam
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Vietnam is a country covered in rolling hills, cloud-cresting peaks, and majestic Karst limestone mountains. During a motorcycle adventure, you’re going to cross at least one of these incredible mountain passes. Hai Van Pass is one of the more popular tourist attractions with its close proximity to two major cities, but some of these stunning passes hide deep in the northern regions near the border with China, and others rest in the Central Highlands where the pass used to mark the divide between kingdoms. Let’s look at 15 of the most famous passes from a list of nearly 150.

O Quy Ho Pass

A look at the O Quy Ho Pass as the sun begins to set in the beautiful mountains in the background.

1- O Quy Ho Pass

The stats ring off like a daunting Guinness Book challenge; white-knuckle hairpin turns, cloud-breaching 2000-meter pass,  nearly 50kms in agility-testing roads, and a view into heaven. The O Quy Ho Pass is one of the most notorious mountain passes in Vietnam, and to ride it on a motorcycle is next level!

Located roughly 17kms from Sapa on highway 4D (not 40), across from the Hoang Lien Son range that connects the provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau. The 2000-meter peak in the middle is often referred to as “Heaven’s Gate”, and marks the boundary between the two provinces.

One of the four most dangerous passes in Vietnam, it lands on the list of top things to do for young adventure seekers who come here on motorbikes. They arrive to go “cloud hunting” during the spring season, a time when the area is blanketed in white clouds or even ice when temperatures drop.

The name of O Quy Ho is taken from the crying sound of a bird that’s depicted in a love story recounted as a local legend. Outside of local historians, others also referred to the pass by as the “Northwest Pass King” or as the “Hoang Lien Pass”, because it’s located on the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. A place with such a reputation has embodied many titles.

Things To Do Nearby

  • Love Waterfall. Only a 2km drive from Heaven’s Gate will take you to the start of a 1.5km hike into Love Waterfall. Beautiful, a bit challenging and great for photo ops. 
  • Silver Waterfall. A 3km drive from Heaven’s Gate is the Silver Waterfall. Right next to the road, and not nearly as pretty as Love, but if you want to skip the hike, just stop here.
  • The Lookout. There is a scenic stopping point right at Heavens Gate. Here you can stop and take photos or just look out over the majesty of the world.

Before, During & After

  • Before you set out for this ride of a lifetime, you’ll want to be prepared for any weather conditions. Knowing the Vietnam weather here is vital, depending on the season it may snow! 
  • During the cloud hunting or taking photos, you might feel there are too many clouds for a good shot. Wait 15mins, as the weather moves quickly around here. You might get lucky.
  • After it’s all over, take yourself for a hot Pho and a cold beer in Sapa. For more views, check out the upmarket Sapa Skyview Restaurant. For the budget family feel, sit down at Hello Vietnam.

Ma Pi Leng Pass (Ha Giang)

Ma Pi Leng Pass is a colorful mix of vibrant greens and earthy reds, ride this lush countryside for yourself. 

2-Ma Pi Leng Pass (Ha Giang) 

Twisting its way like a 20km long serpent around the Ma Pi Leng mountains, the road here has etched its way into the landscape by the undaunted labor of local ethnic groups. The rugged Ma Pi Leng Pass is part of the Ha Giang loops, this pass breaches 2,000-meters as it makes its way towards the sky and slithers back down the other side linking Meo Vac with Dong Van. An incredible ride by any standard.

The history of the name Ma Pi Leng comes from the local Quan Hoa language, meaning “The bridge of a horse’s nose.” Figuratively this means that the slope is so high it’s like gasping breaths passing through a reared horse’s nose.

The impossible road that was created for the Ma Pi Leng Pass is known as Hanh Phuc Street. This monumental landscaping project was built by the hands of thousands of youth who lived in one of sixteen regional ethnic groups in the eight northern provinces here. The workers dangled from ropes between the cliffs during the eleven years of construction from 1959-1965, an unbelievable challenge with incredible results.

The top of the pass is one of the most beautiful panoramic views, and from here you can see the valley of Nho Que river, one of the most unique topographical valleys in Vietnam. In 2009 the Ma Pi Leng Mountain, it’s unique geology, beautiful landscapes, and deep heritage were finally recognized and are now considered a treasure of the nation’s scenery.

Things To Do Nearby

  • Ma Pi Leng Viewpoint. The best place to stop and see the views down across the earth below. A photographer’s dream, this is a sought after spot by many from behind the lens.
  • SkyWalk – Viewpoint Ride. Summed up as a ride for those with brass balls. Ride your motorbike 1km from the nearby Skywalk to the viewpoint. One track, no safety barrier, unreal views.
  • Ride The River From China. Flowing down from China, the Song Nho Que River makes a great place for viewing the Tu San Abyss Valley. Rent boats from the parking near the hydro plant. 

Before, During & After

  • Before turning off the Ma Pi Leng to explore trails like the SkyWalk, make sure you can handle the experience. It’s cliff faces on one side, views on the other & no room to turn around or pass.
  • During the ride stop off at any of the road-side coffee shops and pho eateries to take it all in. 
  • After the pass, roughly 8kms is Dong Van Town. This once remote village was locked in a centuries-old time capsule. Today it’s much more accessible & holds onto a lot of it’s looks.

Pha Din Pass

This once shipping route for war supplies can now be enjoyed on an adventure motorbike tour. Come and ride this mountain pass as part of the ultimate two-wheeled adventure. 

3-Pha Din Pass 

A member of the four famous passes in northern Vietnam, this narrow road on highway 6 zig-zags its way between Son La and Lai Chau provinces. A contrast of two worlds, the road has been blessed with beauty and riddled with risk. Pha Din Pass rises up to an altitude of 1,648m above sea level, via the small old road with lush green terrain and rough cliff faces that drop off into the valley.

While riding this 32km route, you’ll pass scattered villages at the bottom and likely pass through the clouds as you ride the top. This cloud coverage adds to the ambiance and the danger, adrenaline junkies rejoice! 

Once a prominent shipping route for supplies like ammunition and food during the war with the French in 1954. This area was heavily bombed, killing over 8,000 of the nation’s youth that was fighting back against the French. Near the top of the pass, you can see the war memorial dedicated to leader Dien Bien Phu and these brave Vietnamese fighters. 

The name Pha Din when translated from a Thai dialect means “Heaven and Earth”, and when you ride your motorbike through here, it feels like your touching the blue sky while riding over the rolling mountains. It won’t take you long to figure out why they picked the name.

Things To Do Nearby

  • Pha Din Top. Located at the peak of the pass, a local family built a viewpoint you can walk to, some gardens to enjoy and many heart symbols. Good for photos. 10,000vnd entrance. 
  • Eateries. Stop in one of the small villages along the way for a coffee or some regional food. You won’t find most on Google Maps, but you’ll see them.
  • Garden Pha Din. Another family adding to the beauty where heaven meets the earth. Check out the stunning view from here or another family-run business close by.  

Before, During, & After

  • Before you go decide if you want to take the recently completed Pha Din bypass road, it’s now safer and less dramatic. Or take the original road, right over the peak, and full of adventure.
  • During the ride, consider what it must have been like to carry supplies over this route, easy to spot and nowhere to go during the war with the French. Be happy you’re free to ride it today.
  • After the ride, you might be ready for a break. Check out, or into, Tuan Giao Guest House, in nearby Tuan Giao. Parking, cheap, and plenty of places to eat close by.

Khau Pha Pass

From the Khau Pha Pass, the views over the valley below are incredible but keep your eyes on the road. There are no safety barriers here, but it adds to the adventure. 

4- Khau Pha Pass

More than just an adventurous day on a motorbike, the Khau Pha Pass lures in those looking to fly through the skies! Khau Pha totals roughly 30kms while you ride up over the 1200-meter peak through terraced rice fields cut into the mountainside. The elevation & scenery add up to the perfect spot for air-riding adventure seekers, and now the slopes around the Khau Pass are one of the top paragliding destinations in Vietnam.

The steep inclines, sharp curves, and complete lack of safety barriers help keep the pass on the top of the most dangerous roads list. No need to worry about obstructed views, you won’t find even a warning sign along this road! 

The name Khau Pha translates from Thai minority groups’ to “Heavenly Horn,” or look of a horn-shaped mountain rising up to the sky. For the best views of this Heavenly Horn, try to time your visit in September and October when the rice in the terrace fields is ripe and ready for harvest. The lush look brings the whole mountain to life. 

Things To Do Nearby

  • Paraglide. In May & Sept/Oct there are paragliding festivals here attracting locals and tourists from afar. If you want to join in, contact VietWings in Hanoi for the flight of your life.
  • Sung A Ho Homestay. Close to the peak is a local homestay that built lookout towers for better views of the Horn. Trade a small donation for some amazing photos.
  • Disco Cave. About 5kms from the peak is Dong Tien Nu Cave. Lit up with an array of colored lighting, it looks part disco bar from the inside. About 50,000vnd to explore. 

Before, During, & After

  • Before you set out to conquer the pass, check the weather. On cloudy days the road will be difficult to see, and the lack of signs and barriers could mean missing a corner. 
  • During the ride you can venture off road and test your skills next to the Vietnamese up the mountain at Mam Xoi Viewpoint. A challenging & busy track &, you best be good on two wheels.
  • After the hiking, biking, and viewpoints, reward yourself with a cold beer and some regional cuisine at nearby Nha Hang Huy Thanh restaurant. Popular, excellent views and you earned it!

Hai Van Pass Image

Probably the most photographed pass in Vietnam, the Hai Van Pass can be done in one day and is well worth the drive. Take your time and savor the moments here. 

5- Hai Van Pass

The infamous Hai Van Pass longed for by photographers, wannabe vloggers, backpackers, poets, painters, and even a major television series. The Hai Van Pass was most famously depicted in the road trip calamity that brought motorcycling Vietnam into the spotlight on the Top Gear Special by Jeremy Clarkson and friends. 

The pass slopes up 500-meters and makes up about 20kms of the road connecting the provinces of Thua Thien Hue and Da Nang. Historically this location acted as the divide of regional kingdoms between the Champa and Dai Viet. Today the area is untied, but the Hai Van mountain range will forever protect the southern side of Danang from the cool northern winds, keeping it warmer.

Riding the Hai Van pass becomes a top priority for those motorbiking Vietnam & can easily be done in one day from the nearby Hue & where you can enjoy the views of Lang Co fishing village and the city of Danang. 

Things To Do Nearby

  • Rent A Motorbike. If you didn’t already have plans to ride the pass via motorbike. Do it! Thousands of people ride Hai Van every year, it’s easy & fun.
  • Top Of Hai Van. A small road that turns off the pass will lead you up a steep hill that overlooks the land and out into the sea. A fun side trip in a slow first gear crawl.
  • Beaches. Whether you have a motorcycle for the day or longer, coupling the pass with a stop at one of the beautiful beaches around Danang or Hue is perfect. Check out My Khe & Lang Co.

Before, During, & After

  • Before setting out to ride the pass, rent from a reputable company or check your motorcycle thoroughly.  Plenty of companies rent motorcycle that are more moving metal garbage than bike. 
  • During the ride stop at the lookouts or stop for lunch. You could rush through here in a morning, but you’ll miss all the beauty.
  • After this right of passage, take yourself to the Bamboo 2 bar in Danang. If you time it right you can watch the Dragon Bridge come alive.

Ngang Pass 

Ride the pass then enjoy the activities near Ngang Pass. There are beaches, shrines and a cemetery to visit. Never a dull moment. 

6- Ngang Pass 

An area with deep historical roots memorialized with shrines to remember the history of the region. The Ngang Pass is part road and part tunnel connecting the provinces of Ha Tinh and Quang Binh. The pass is located in Ky Nam commune, Ha Tinh province, 75km south of Ha Tinh city.

At the foot of the pass, you’ll find some of the areas most inviting beaches, and along the way, be treated with stops to see the mountains that divide the area.

What To Do Nearby

  • Temples & Shrines. The pass is dotted with temples and monuments dating back to the Champa and Nguyen dynasties. Stop and see these aging historical treasures.
  • Generals Cemetery. The resting place of general Dai Cat-Thien and some of his men. A spiritual place, popular with national tourists paying their respects and enjoying the ocean view.
  • Beaches. There are a number of good clean beach options on both sides of the pass. If you’re visiting the cemetery stop down the road at Vung Chau Beach, it’s clean and pristine!

Before, During, & After

Ngang Pass 

The name says it all, Ngoan Muc or “Spectacular Pass” is beautiful to see from the seat of a motorbike. 

7 – Ngoan Muc (Spectacular Pass) / Song Pha pass

Translated directly, Ngoan Muc means “Spectacular Pass” and the title captures the essence of the area beautifully. It wins top points for looks and since discovery in the late 19th century, it has been continually wowing those passing through. 

Under other aliases, you might also find it called “Song Pha”. To the French, it was “Bellevue” or “The pass with the beautiful view.” 

Located in Ninh Thuan province the slope of the road sits at about 9-degrees while you climb up towards its 980-meter height across the 18.5-kilometer passage length. During the ride, you’ll experience four switchback turns, ongoing zig-zig roads, and a soft romantic setting that is best enjoyed through the eyes of a dirty motorcycle visor. 

Things To Do Nearby

  • Giac Nguyen. Built in 1923 of “earth & trees,” Giac Nguyen temple has been rebuilt several times into today’s grand structure. Lake views, & decor donated by Thai royalty, it’s worth a visit.
  • Cuban Bar. Phan Rang is a quiet place before or after the pass with fun sand dunes to climb and a tasty evening at the Cuban Bar & Grill. Or ride the Mui Ne to Phan Rang road
  • Waterfalls. Making up some of the areas lush beauty, waterfalls flow next to the highway feeding into the green forest below.

Before, During, & After

  • Before the journey, decide where you want to go. With Dalat, Phan Rang and Mui Ne all so close, maybe you’ll want to make a multi-day loop of it.
  • During your stop at the top. Ride over to the Mieu Ong Ho monument that’s just up the road. The tiger statue and pagodas are great photo ops.
  • After you’ve carefully navigated the pass, go for dinner then come back in the evening to see roadside pagodas lite up. On full moon nights, it’s a particularly enchanting to drive. 

Violak Pass 

The Violak Pass will help connect you with nature and adventure, take your time and enjoy the ride up over 1300-meters.

8- Violak Pass 

Deo Violak Pass sits at the intersection between Kon Plong district of Kon Tum province and Ba To the district of Quang Ngai province on the QL24 highway that takes you up around 1300-meters. The scenery here is very poetic. Here you’ll find Dak So-torn village, with only about a hundred houses that rest in the hillside.

Things To Do Nearby

  • Minority Villages. This region is still rich with ethnic minority villages living in traditional ways. You’ll need to access most of them via a tour booked out of Kon Tum. Try Highland Eco Tours.
  • Beaches. If you’re looking for a relaxing beach day, in Quang Ngai about 100kms down the road, is the calm, peaceful My Khe Beach. (Not the Danang My Khe)
  • Nature Reserve. Hidden inside the Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve is a stunning waterfall and an abundant number of animals and birds. You can take your bike, but a guide will make life easier.

Before, During, & After

  • Before the pass fill up with fuel and food, it’s not far but there isn’t much in the way of services along the drive.
  • During your adventure pull into one of the few ethnic villages that might be expecting a tourist. Lang Du Lich Cong village is friendly and unique. A place trapped in time. 
  • After a poetic day on the motorbike, you can join up at the middle section on the Ho Chi Minh trail between Kon Tum or Pleiku and continue on through the amazing central highlands route.

Omega Pass 

With Dalat and Nha Trang as options on both sides of the Omega Pass, you’ll have plenty of exploring opportunities. Spend some time on both sides of the pass to enjoy the area. 

9- Omega Pass 

The shortcut from Dalat to Nha Trang, your motorbike will take you through the pine forest and up the 1700-meters that make up Omega Pass. As you climb higher, the pines will start to thin and open up to the picturesque scene that surrounds the pass.

If the sun is on your side, the clouds melt away, and drops of dew will rise to the tops of the grass glistening in the sun before evaporating back into the forming clouds as the cycle repeats. The whole area becomes a reflection of its own colors as the vibrant greens from the mountains, trees and foliage blend as one.

If stopping to ask locals for directions, the Omega Pass might also be referred to as Hon Giao, Khanh Le, Bidoup or Lung Linh, each referencing mountains in the area. The pass itself though belongs to the Lac Duong district, in Lam Dong province.

Things To Do Nearby

  • The Lookout. Right near the peak is a lookout point with an even higher tower built to enjoy the serenity of the area. Check our map or remember, “Thac Nuoc Deo Khan” Lookout.
  • ZooDoo Zoo. On the Dalat side is the popular ZooDoo Zoo. Naturally geared towards kids or the kid in all of us. Come and see the camels, sheep, kangaroo & more! Careful, the monkey bites 🙂
  • Dalat & Nha Trang. Both sides of the pass have incredible cities. On a motorbike, check out the Dalat Waterfalls Route, and in Nha Trang head for the people watching and party scene

Before, During, & After

  • Before you set out on this road, plan to be up early. The best way to experience the peak is early in the morning as the sun welcomes you. For real keeners, arrive for sunrise!
  • During the descent from 1700m, through 1000m, and under 500m your ears are likely to pop like they do when landing in a plane. 
  • After the ride from Dalat through the pass, you’ll be welcome with open arms to the warm beaches and inviting waters that kiss the edge of Nha Trang.

Ma Phuc Pass 

Ever been caving? After riding over the Ma Phuc Pass take some time to seek out the nearby caves and underground rivers here. 

10- Ma Phuc Pass 

The rolling mountain scenery, fresh air, and feeling of remoteness make the Ma Phuc Pass a highlight of northern Vietnam. Located on Highway 3 from Phu Lo to Ta Nung border, 22 km from Cao Bang, in Quoc Toan Commune, Tra Linh district, near China. Venturing through the pass is top of the list for adventurers taking on the Ha Giang Loops around Hanoi and the North

The pass takes its name from the shape of two limestone peaks staring back at each other from across the pass as you drive through. They look like two horses submissively looking at the other, this look translates locally to “Ma Phuc”. 

A day exploring here will take you around several wandering bends as you gradually roll over the 620-meter peak. If you’re adventure lines up with the end of spring you also get to enjoy the bounty of blooming purple flowers shaped like hearts next to the rolling green cornfields that thrive here.

Things To Do Nearby

  • Ban Gioc Waterfall. The most popular waterfall in the north, this flooding fountain of liquid beauty is about as close as you’ll get to China too.
  • Nguom Ngao Cave. A quick ride from Ban Gioc takes you inside the stunning Nguom Ngao cave. Born from the underground rivers of the area, a tour here won’t be forgotten.
  • Coc Bo Cave. An area of caves, swimming, and sightseeing. This was the alleged location where Ho Chi Minh was living while he planned his Vietnam revolution. Mainly Vietnamese tourists.

Before, During, & After 

  • Before planning a trip here check the weather for that time of year. To the surprise of many tourists in the winter months, it can snow here. Spring is February – March. 
  • During your exploration, stay at local homestays in the rural villages. A night with a family could be the highlight. See Mr. Kim, he’s very popular with travelers who enjoy authenticity. 
  • After this section, check your options for putting a motorbike on the bus. If you’re headed to Ha Giang this could save you some travel time on your way back to Hanoi. 


Thung Khe Pass

Image @doh.nam – There’s twists, there’s turns, there’s a cool little market, but there’s also mist and fog on the Thung Khe Pass. Drive slow, and watch for stray cows!

11- Thung Khe Pass

While exploring the north of Vietnam around Hanoi, or venturing into the once capital for the first time. You’ll get the chance to cross the Thung Khe Pass. Known for its consistent misty setting and blanketing cloud coverage, exploring the road via motorbike isn’t extreme, but it’s a bit exciting.

Thung Khe’s peak sits at roughly 1000-meters in Hoa Binh province, just north of Thanh Hoa province on the QL6 highway.  The views are dramatic, valley lush, and potential for plummeting over the edge high enough to keep the interest and excitement up for every sort of adventure rider. The large bends that work their way around the mountain are usually cloaked in the misty cloud coverage making visibility difficult. This mist, coupled with the lack of safety barriers mean that a rider not paying attention could be taking their last ride. Drive slow and drive safely, and you should be just fine.

As for the name, Thung Khe translates to “White Stone Pass”, and as you come around the curves in the road you’ll see the whitewashed limestone that the road is carved from. This limestone finish is where the name comes from.

Things To Do Nearby

  • Cloud Market. At the peak of the White Rock Pass, is a small market run by local minority groups. Dubbed the “Cloud Market”, most people stop for the regional boiled corn lunch. 
  • Chieu Cave. 1,200 steps from the base to the top will take you inside Chieu Cave for stalagmite exploration. An interesting stop, to save the 20,000vnd fee, park on the road and walk-in. 
  • Mai Chau Market. Unique, traditional, & a great place to find some one-of-a-kind treasures. If you’re looking for an authentic silk Brocade made from local silkworms and hand-woven, it’s here!

Before, During, & After

  • Before the pass, you should spend a night in Mai Chau with a local family in their stilt houses. These Vietnamese minorities will welcome you with open arms. Try Homestay 14 Pom Coong. 
  • During the ride drive slow. The mist reduces visibility, and it’s worth taking the time to enjoy the route. 
  • After the pass, catch up with the final stage of the Ho Chi Minh Highway as you make your way into historical Hanoi. 


Ca Pass

Image Mai Xuan Sanh via Google  – A look over the Ca Pass as it cuts through the lush greenery and out towards the Vung Ro Bay. Stunning!

12 – Ca Pass

What was once part of the busy QL1 coastal road, crammed with big trucks chugging their way over the 1000-meter pass, is now a clam road fun to explore and certainly safer. In 2017 a set of tunnels opened that would take the Ca Pass inside the mountain rather than over it, and today motorbike exploration on this route could not be more enjoyable.

The Ca Pass connects the provinces of Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen, and like so many others passes around Vietnam, this physical divide once divided kingdoms. When driving the short 2km pass you’ll find jungle-covered mountains from the Trung Son Mountain Range on the one side and the deep blue waters of the Vung Ro Bay on the other. 

The most known trademark of the pass is the sharp turn made that takes you nearly 180o around the cliff face. The look of this bend is similar to that of a  neck, and this trademark is where the pass gets its name.

What To Do Nearby

  • Desolate Beaches. Nearby you’ll find tinted blue waters lapping effortlessly against an empty sand beach. Mon Beach looks like the postcard picture setting of a quiet, relaxing holiday.
  • Lighthouse Hike. Next to Mon Beach one of the first lighthouses in Vietnam peers out over the water. You can hike here for some of the best ocean views in the area. 
  • B&U Farm. A purpose-built tourist stop with drinks, food, and farm animals. The site is ideal for photos and people make this part of their stop for wedding photos. 10,000vnd entrance.

Before, During, & After

  • Before getting here, plan a night or three in Nha Trang 100km south. It’s a fun place to party and sightsee.
  • During the ride, temperatures will likely be in the high 20’s. You’ll be happy to know that springs pour out near the roadside and you can stop to soak yourself and get some relief from the heat.
  • After riding the pass & exploring the beach, consider sleeping on it! Bai Mon campground is right on the sand and tent rental with a night’s rest is under $5. A backpacker’s dream! 

Prenn Pass

Image @annguyenvietnam – Busy with bikers, there are few moments in the day where you’ll find empty highway making its way over the Prenn Pass and into Dalat. 

13 – Prenn Pass

As part of the main QL20 highway that takes you into Dalat city, the 10km long Prenn Pass is a very popular and scenic way to travel through this part of the country. The road is busy with traffic and can become foggy and wet with the changing weather. This climate is good for the pine forest and surrounding vegetation, but damp dewy roads, heavy traffic, and hairpin turns can be dangerous for motorcyclists. Take care when traversing Prenn on your way to and from Dalat and enjoy the wandering beauty of the road.

Things To Do Nearby

  • Prenn Waterfalls. An extremely popular stop on the Dalat Waterfalls Route. This bustling tourist falls makes for a nice resting stop, but not a worthy tourist activity. 40,000vnd entry. 
  • Meditate With The Monks. The Truc Lam Zen Monastery is your gateway to zen for the day. Come and meditate with the monks twice a day at this tourist-friendly facility.
  • Clay Tunnel. A hand-carved land of statues, Dalat City replicas, and figures from your imagination. Wacky and wonderful, take your bike here and get some weird photos.

Before, During, & After

  • Before planning to ride Prenn, go to bed early and get here for sunrise. The view of the sun breaking through the pine forest is amazing & less of the crazy traffic makes for a better ride.
  • During your trip down the QL20, you could also take the Mimosa Pass into Dalat. Will cover that pass next.
  • After the pass, plan a few days getting to know some of the other top attractions around Dalat. There is plenty of adrenaline activities to keep you busy here.

Mimosa Pass

Image: Truong Nguyen Via Google – A look at the gardens that bloom along the Mimosa Pass. The area is full of flowers and a welcome sight to see.

14- Mimosa Pass

If you were looking for a back route into Dalat this is it. The Mimosa Pass is part of the Mimosa Highway that scrambles its way into Dalat via the flower route.

Unlike the popular breakfast cocktail with Champagne and orange juice, this equally as colorful route can be bubbling with floral interest when the namesake “Mimosa flowers” along the way are in full bloom.

Things To Do Nearby

  • Noah’s Gardens. The main focus is on growing Mulberrys in this tranquil setting surrounded by nature. Then they ruin it a bit with the deers in cages. For a peaceful day, come for a stroll.
  • Tau Pagoda. If you haven’t had your fill of pagoda stops yet, the Tau Pagoda is a popular Chinese-Style Pagoda. Good for photos and prayer selfies!
  • Bao Dai Palace. With hundreds of things to do around Dalat, make one a stop at Bao Dai Palace. A previous summer palace of Vietnamese royalty, it still holds the same royal ambiance. 

Before, During, & After

  • Before getting here you’ll probably begin in Ho Chi Minh City. We have everything you need to know to get from HCMC to Dalat by motorbike. Educate yourself for a better experience. 
  • During the day you’re going to get side-tracked with photos and things to do. Expect to spend a few days around here exploring to enjoy it.
  • After you complete the pass spend the night in someplace you’ll never forget. The Crazy House doubles as a visual experience as well as a bazaar place to sleep for a night!

Phuong Hoang Pass

Image @vanny.lam – The Phuong Hoang Pass curing back around itself as the road passes the lush green landscapes. As you can see, a scooter will get you there 🙂

15 – Phuong Hoang Pass

Connecting the central highlands route from Buon Ma Thuot to coastal Nha Trang. Phuong Hoang Pass makes up a 10km section of intense curves along the QL26 road that connects Khanh Hoa Province with Dak Lak Province.

Along the way, you might notice that this mountainous pass resembles the wings of a Phoenix rising up, and so it was given the title “Phong Hoang” meaning “Phoenix.” Motorbike travelers riding this route from Buon Ma Thuot will be graced with incredible mountain views that fade to warm coastlines and seemingly endless sand & seas. 

Things To Do Nearby

  • Natural Hot Springs. Raw and unexploited hot springs, Suoi Nuoc Nong is where the locals and the odd tourist go to soak. Locals boil eggs in the water to sell, it’s all they sell so be prepared.      
  • M’Drak Airstrip. Nearby is an abandoned airstrip you can ride a motorbike on, about 30-minutes from M’Drak. It’s cool if you’re going by. Not cool enough to go out of your way for. 
  • Cliff Jumping. Catering heavily to commercial tourism. If you’re looking for a day to get wet the Ba Ho Waterfalls & Cliff Jumping is your spot.

Before, During, After

  • Before taking QL26 down to Nha Trang, spend a few days around Buon Ma Thuot. The area is rich in culture & coffee. 
  • During the drive along QL26, stop into M’Drak village to experience rural life. There is a deep history with elephants here and you can still ride them today.
  • After the Phoenix Pass, sink your feet in the sand or spread your wings and get to know coastal Vietnam. Nha Trang likes to party just as much as you do 🙂

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