The Legendary Honda Cub

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The Legendary Honda Cub


The Honda Cub is a thing of beauty and long may it live – throw it in a canal, come back in 10 years, and you can still ride it to work.


Tigit gave the Cub an orange look to bring a little modern for it

The Tigit Limited Orange Edition of Honda Cub

How the Honda Cub Became a World-Renowned Name

The Cub’s fame mostly came from its reliability, longevity, convenience and economical efficiency. The original name was Honda C100, or Honda 50, with a 4-strokes 49cc engine, first designed by Honda Motor in 1958, America, began the age of domination on motorbike market by Honda. The name Cub was said to be the acronym “Cheap Urban Bike”, referenced Soichiro Honda’s idea for the motorbike. However at the time… it was worth a small fortune!

In 2006, Discovery Channel rated Honda Cub The Greatest Machine Of All Time. Within the top ten names were Ducati, Harley… and other big cylinder engines. Surprisingly, among them was the Honda Cub.


Honda Campaign poster

Honda Campaign poster

You Meet the Nicest People On a Honda

Honda started a promotion campaign for the Cub with “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” to conquer the British and American market, which at the time was dominated by bigger bikes with an image of adventurous and muscular, cool looking bikers.

In Saigon, you will find most of the best looking, well maintained Cubs belong to people from a past time. They have clubs and groups for Cub lovers, usually hang out at weekends at cafe’s to showcase their bikes. The cub is instant eye candy and driving one leads to random people approaching to try and buy your bike.


Classic Bike in a Modern Life

Today, people can still be seen riding Cubs on the streets of Vietnam, both locals and foreigners. The name Cub carries a lot of sentimental feelings from old time Vietnamese people, especially those above 60. To them, the Cub was both a friend and a legacy. Owning a Cub at the time is like owning a car nowadays. My father bought one when I was a 4 year old boy, and we were seen as celebrities in the local neighborhood!

Although Cubs are seen still running to this day, they are not meant for everyone since they’re all 20-30 years old bikes that need a lot of on-going maintenance. They are also slow in comparison with modern 125-150cc scooters now commonly found on the streets. The reasons they’re still running is due to being cheap, small and no license is required to drive one.


How Much to Own this Classic Beauty in Saigon?

Right now on the market, the Cub is like a jewel in a collection. You can find some original, well maintained Cubs with prices up to 40 million VND or even higher than a Honda SH150 from elders. I’ve seen some newer models with slightly different designs in many local motorbike dealers, claimed Honda Super Cub 2015/2016 or Honda Little Cub “imported from Japan”, with price around $600. These however are Chinese copies that hold little value.

Honda just revived their Super Cub with a new breeze on engine, next year 2018 will be their 60yrs Anniversary since the Super Cub’s Debut in 1958

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    Cub has never stood for anything let alone cheap urban bike! It’s a name (a baby animal) not an acronym.