Why the Honda XR 150 is the best motorbike in Vietnam

Why the Honda XR 150 is the best motorbike in Vietnam
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“The Honda XR 150 is the best motorbike in Vietnam”, is a bold statement, but it is hard to dispute it. Anyone who owns a Honda XR 150 will know exactly what I am talking about, and what will follow in this article.

The Honda XR 150

The Honda XR 150 in all its glory

The Honda XR 150 is a dual-sport motorbike. It is probably the most common and popular dual-sport motorbike in Vietnam, and for very good reason. The Honda XR 150 is not actually made by Honda, but instead from a Chinese company called Honda Sundiro. This doesn’t appear to make it any less reliable, though, and to call the Honda XR 150 a reliable little Honda is perfectly fair.

Why is the Honda XR 150 amazing

Honda XR 150 going through a puddle

Apart from its amazing reliability and low maintenance, the Honda XR is one of the most diverse motorbikes on the planet. Use it for a city commuter, use it as an adventure motorbike, use it as an Enduro motorbike. It can do all of these things, and it can do them well.

The Honda XR 150 in the city

Nice Roads on Son Tra

The Honda XR is gentle to drive with a light clutch and smooth throttle response. It is bigger than the average scooter but still fits into its local surroundings. The Honda XR 150 is air-cooled and runs at low temperates, which means driving it around in shorts and a T-shirt does work. The one big downfall to the Honda XR 150 in the city is that there is no way to cover up your feet from getting wet. Any moisture on the road gets flicked straight onto your shins.

The Honda XR for long-distance traveling

View of Danang from Son Tra

The seat on the Honda XR is fairly wide and soft. The XR 150 has an upright seating position and one of the most comfortable setups for both the rider and pillion out of any motorbike out there. The rear shock is also soft and comfortable for the passenger.

The one big downfall to the Honda XR 150 for long-distance traveling is its soft and bouncy suspension which will cause you to wobble into corners. The general handling and control of the motorbike does not match a high-capacity machine.

The Honda XR 150 for offroad and Enduro 

The XR 150 at around 130kg is relatively light. It has ample power for wheelies, doughnuts and any stunts you wish to try and do on it. It has soft and bouncy suspension, which at low speeds allows a rider to practice suspension compression for tackling bumps and performing tricks.

The one big downfall to the Honda XR 150 when it comes to offroading is that as a rider progresses, the soft and bouncy suspension starts to act like a pogo stick. This will cause the motorbike to react in strange and unpredictable that can causes crashes.

Is the Honda XR 150 the right motorbike for me

If you are on a budget and playing around in many different disciplines from city riding to offroad riding. Then the Honda XR 150 is the perfect motorbike for you. There is no group that you can not join, no event that you can not attend, and no obstacle that you can’t overcome. As your riding progresses and your love for a particular discipline thickens, then you will find that the Honda XR 150 will start to hold you back. It can take years of riding and practice to reach the stage that the Honda XR 150 becomes a handicap and not an asset. For many people, they will never reach this day and never outgrow the Honda XR 150. This is fine too, and the Honda XR 150 is a motorbike that can satisfy for a lifetime.

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2 Replies to “Why the Honda XR 150 is the best motorbike in Vietnam”

  1. I own honda xr 150 and I really like, it is more comfortable and good fuel savings machine.
    The problem is that I still don’t know when to change oil coz I bought second hand

    Thanks everyone

    1. Hello, you should have a look at our video here. It will provide you the information you need to do the maintenance for your bike, not only the oil change.