Rental motorbikes for travelling Vietnam

All manual motorbikes booked through FEB, no availability.

Rent From Ho Chi Minh, Danang or Hanoi
Tigit Motorbikes long distance travel motorcycles from Ho Chi Minh, Danang and Hanoi. Day rentals and long distance travel packets.
All our motorbikes are genuine and authentic. Every motorbike is 2015 or newer and we do not use Chinese copies!

The concept – Amazing roads, people and motorbikes!
The idea is to arrive in the chaos of Vietnam and join in with the locals by riding a motorbike! Vietnam is easy to travel, locals are helpful and friendly. Hotels, guest houses and home stays are everywhere. Each major destination is within one days drive of each other.
Although the roads may look chaotic, the speeds are unbelievably slow. It is easy for travellers to join in the chaos of local life by using a motorbike!
Vietnam has what must be some of the greatest mountain roads in the world that must not be missed!

A little about Tigit!
Tigit Motorbikes has offices in HCM, Danang and Hanoi creating a simple pick-up and drop-off.
A large fleet of motorbikes of a select few models that we feel are the best performing motorbikes in the country.

Transparent and clear.
Day rentals or long distance travel packets catering for nearly any route.
Tigit provides clear contracts and set prices for every motorbike model and travel plan.

All you need to do is choose a model, choose the route, and book a motorbike!


Honda Blade 110cc

Our most common and popular motorbike

$10 a day start and finish same city
$250 for up to 35 days travelling across Vietnam

The Honda Blade is one of the most common and simple motorbikes in Vietnam. Nothing bad can go wrong on these indestructible machines!

Although Tigit offers more exciting motorbikes, the Blade is all that a traveller needs in Vietnam. The incredible Honda Blade can tackle any road that Vietnam can throw at it!

Honda XR 150cc

International fame and recognition. The XR needs no introduction!

$20 a day start and finish same city
$450 for up to 35 days travelling across Vietnam

The most comfortable motorbike that Tigit has to offer. It is also the best for two people due to the large frame size.

The XR is the only vehicle Tigit has to offer that looks like a real motorbike! This is thanks to Vietnam's expensive import taxes.

Honda Winner 150cc

Highest quality 150cc manual motorbike

$20 a day start and finish same city
$350 for up to 35 days travelling across Vietnam

Stable, fast and built like a rock with a high quality Honda finish.

The Winner is easily the highest quality and most reliable 150cc manual motorbike in Vietnam. Suitable for two people with side Givi boxes.

Honda CRF 250cc

The most common Dual Sport in the world

$35 a day start and finish same city
$700 for up to 35 days travelling across Vietnam

The CRF 250cc is the most popular and common dual sport motorbike in the world. Dual sport being the ability to be used on and offroad.

International fame and use for being indestructible motorbikes. There is no better motorbike for the job of travelling Vietnam. This 2017 CRF 250cc is as good as it gets.

Suzuki Raider 150cc

Tiny Race motorbike where bling and noise shine above all

$20 a day start and finish same city
$350 for up to 35 days travelling across Vietnam

If you love 2 stroke motorbikes then the Raider is the closest you will get in Vietnam.

Although the Raider is 4 stroke, it is built off famous Suzuki race motorbikes and drives like a high performance go-kart!

Yamaha Exciter 150cc

The name says it all, this motorbike is Exciting to drive!

$20 a day start and finish same city
$350 for up to 35 days travelling across Vietnam
The most common manual motorbike in Vietnam!

An exciting motorbike that is easy to drive. The Exciter has amazing handling and a thundering engine noise that is to die for!

Motorbike Rental from Hanoi

Starting from Hanoi, rent a motorbike from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh using one of Tigit’s long distance travel packets. Tigit also has day rentals from Hanoi where travellers can head deep into the mountainous regions of northern Vietnam. Visit Ha Giang, Sapa, Ninh Binh and other famous destinations. The Tigit Hanoi office is located near the train station around 10 minutes from the backpacker old quarter.

Motorbike Rental from Ho Chi Minh

Starting from Ho Chi Minh, rent a motorbike from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi. Long distance travel packets that take travellers from the blazing heat of the South to the extreme mountainous regions of the North. Tigit Motorbikes also has day rentals from Ho Chi Minh, including loops that visit the amazing Cat Tien national park and Dalat. Tigit motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh is located around 10 minutes from the backpacker Bui Vien street. An indoor parking garage that is great for test driving motorbikes!

Motorbike Rental from Danang

Tigit’s secret office of Danang. Rent a motorbike from Danang to Hanoi, or Danang to Ho Chi Minh. A great starting point for travellers wanting to do shorter journeys. Our Danang office also acts as a convenient return location for travellers who do not want to complete the full distance of Vietnam. Danang is a storage unit for Tigit Motorbikes and with advance bookings it is possible to use one of our motorbikes. In Danang Tigit is located on an empty street around 10 minutes from Danang airport. The address will be provided once a booking is made.

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