Vietnam Scooter hire and options available to travelers.


Vietnam Scooter hire and options available to travelers.


Vietnam scooter hire from Tigit Motorbikes

Tigit Motorbikes has scooters for hire between $10 a day or $250 for a journey of up to 35 days. This works out at just $7 a day and is perfect for a one way motorcycle hire!
Vietnam scooter hire can range in qualities, with most rental companies opting to use cheap and old vehicles that are worth next to nothing. At Tigit Motorbikes, all the scooters on offer are 2015 or newer and come with a full breakdown warranty. The same idea as renting a car back home, it is a scooter in good shape and is fully road worthy.

Suzuki Hayate Vietnam Scooter

Suzuki Hayate



For long distance travelling

For long distance travelling Tigit offers manual motorbikes such as the Honda XR, Yamaha Exciter and Honda Winner. Rare motorbikes that are hard to come by with any other rental company. The ultimate way to experience long distance travelling in Vietnam. These 150cc motorbikes pack a huge punch and the power to weight ratio is unbeatable. Experienced motorbike enthusiasts are often blown away at the performance of these machines. Prices starting at $350 for up to 35 days for the local manual motorbikes. For the Dual sport Honda XR, the price is $450 for up to 35 days, which makes it a clear winner over the normal daily rental offered by traditional motorbike hire companies.

Long distance travel Vietnam Scooter

Scooters for long distance travelling


One way scooter hire

For one way scooter hire Tigit Motorbikes uses the Honda Blade semi-automatic scooter. An indestructible machine that really does never break down. Even if a problem does arise, they are one of the most common scooter models within Vietnam – so fixing them is easy.
The idea is to rent the motorbike in Ho Chi Minh, Danang or Hanoi and then drop it off at the other end of the country. Set packages that equal to a $250 rental within 35 days, $300 within 60 days and $350 within 90 days. Over time and distance, Tigit is without question the cheapest option for a scooter hire within Vietnam.

One way scooter hire

Hiring scooters from Tigit



Vietnam scooter hire within Ho Chi Minh city

Tigit uses the Suzuki Hayate or Honda Airblade for city rentals. If an expat is living and working within the city of Ho Chi Minh then a rental of 1.2 million dong a month applies. This works out at around 1.7 USD a day!
Tigit once again separates itself from the general scooter rental market in Vietnam by opting to use scooters that are not outdated and old. The Suzuki Hayate 125cc and Honda Airblade 110cc are both far superior scooters to the more commonly seen Yamaha Nouvo that is normally used for hiring scooters to expats within the city.

A rescue and breakdown service is in operation for if the scooter does have a problem. In-fact the only part of maintenance needed for a scooter hire, is the knowledge to fix flat tires. This is easy in Vietnam, and roadside tire repair men are on nearly every street corner! In Ho Chi Minh it is possible to go on a fully guided motorbike tour using the Honda XR 150.

Airblade 110cc Vietnam Scooter

The Honda Airblade



Vietnam scooter hire within Hanoi

In Hanoi city, Tigit Motorbikes will use the Honda Blade semi-automatic. An absolute guarantee of no breakdowns – the Honda Blade is part of Tigit high quality long distance travel fleet. Once arriving in Hanoi city, and expat can pick one up for using a normal city commuter.

Hanoi scooter hire

Companies in Hanoi picking up a Honda Blade



Vietnam scooter hire within Danang

Tigit Motorbikes stocks Honda Blades for use as daily rentals in Danang. Around the Danang and Hoi An area are beautiful drives from stunning coasts to remote mountain roads. Tigit motorbikes will rent out the Honda Blade on a short term basis for $10 a day. A deposit of $1000 or a passport and very easy collection and drop off service. Most motorbike hire companies operate out of Hoi An, but with Tigit a scooter can be hired from within 10 minutes of Danang airport! Hire a scooter and drive it down to your place of stay within Hoi An!


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  1. DominicTay says:

    What is the cost of a new honda wave? Can i buy it at Da lat? How long will you take to have ready for collection? Do you accept VISA credit card as payment?

  2. Robert Utting says:


    I require two 125cc scooters from Monday 16th July – 31st July. i would like to pick them up from Hanoi and drop them back off in Ho Chi Minh. If you have some available, please can you quote me a price? We are looking at the Honda Blade, automatic.

    Thank you,

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      We use the Blade semi automatic

      $500 deposit on card
      $200 rent within 15 days
      $10 a day after the first 15 days

      Counting 15 days
      $200 total rent

      An email has been sent with more information.

  3. Christopher Lyke says:

    Hello. We have two US riders wanting to rent 2 motorcycles for a self-guided trip from HCMC to Hanoi from June 24 to July 25 this year, one way. Can you help us with this and if so will you please provide pricing and any other requirements we should be aware of? Thank you!

  4. Kristin says:

    Hello I’m staying in Hoi An already and will rent a motorbike, to go to Ho Chi Minh. Is IT possible. I guess about 14 days.

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      We can do a Blade semi automatic
      $500 deposit on card
      $200 rent within 15 days
      $10 a day after the first 10 days

      An email has been sent with more information.

  5. Coco says:

    Hello, I would like to rent 2 motorbikes for round about 8 days from tomorrow on from Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh. Is it possible during Tết?

    Thanks Coco

  6. Laura says:

    hello, I would like to rent a scooter (automatic) for 6 months period. What would be the cost?
    Thank you

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      Is your 6 months in the city or travelling?

      An email has been sent with more information.

  7. Nina says:

    Hi there,

    I want to rent two bikes from hot an on feb 28, and drop off in da nang on march 10, can you tell me how much this will cost?