Honda Blade

 The Motorbike that never breaks down.
The Honda semi-automatic is the most common motorbike type in Vietnam. Indestructible machines that never break down. Even if they do, they are the cheapest in the country to fix.
The Blades listed here are all 2015 or newer!

Save money.
Cheap to buy, cheap to fix and minimal depreciation makes these the cheapest motorbikes to own over their lifetime by a long way!
At around $1000 new, they drop to around $600-800 when second hand, and then drop to a bare minimum of $500 when really old. It doesn't take a mathematician to appreciate what amazing depreciation this is!

Safety in numbers with Tigit Motorbikes.
The Honda Blade is Tigits most popular motorbike! Our fleet is around 100 Honda Blades at any given time. We buy them new and maintain them perfectly. No corners are cut and these motorbikes fall easily inline with our perfect review ratings.

6 month warranty and easy returns.
Tigit provides a 6 month warranty where any maintenance is paid for by Tigit. Customers can return the motorbike for any reason within the first 6 months for the purchase value less a normal monthly rental of 1.2 million a month.

Honda Blade
  • Transmission semi-auto
  • Gears 4 gears
  • Engine Size 110 cc
  • Warranty 6 months

Monthly Rent price

1.2 million dong

3 million dong or passport as deposit


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