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Short on all bikes HCM+Hanoi. No walkby customers. Pre-bookings only.

26th Jan to 4th Feb Hanoi office closed. No sales and no bike returns.
27th Jan to 2nd Feb HCM office closed. No sales and no bike returns.
Please understand this is TET holiday and a really inconvenient time to travel. Nothing will be open.

Working hours 9-5 Monday to Saturday.

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Motorbikes for travelling and the city!

Backpacker Motorbikes

Ride Vietnam on genuine Motorbikes that are safe to drive and do not break down.
Own a  genuine motorbike for up to 35 days from Hanoi or HCM. These are not chinese copies or outdated scooters!
Buy a genuine motorbike and sell it back to us from anywhere in Vietnam using our guaranteed buyback.
No need to waste holiday time in mechanic shops when real motorbikes are so affordable!
Check our trip advisor for proof!

Motorbike models!

Scooters for Expats

High quality scooters for expats. Carefully selected models allows for a high level of consistency on reliability. This is proven by our confident and long guarantees.
Tigit has an easy exit strategy on all purchases allowing a customer to return a purchase for the same value as a normal rental.
We also offer high quality Suzuki Hayate rental scooters that are far superior to the normal outdated Yamaha Nouvo’s found with other rental companies.

Travel Vietnam by Motorbike!

Tigit Motorbikes changed the backpacker market! Now there is no need to buy cheap and dangerous Chinese toy motorbikes. Use our Honda Blade program and guaranteed buyback to finish your journey from any major city in Vietnam! A safe, reliable and trustworthy service proven by our Trip advisor page!

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