Honda CB 500x

Long distance travel and Day rentals

HCM Hanoi
$950 RENT WITHIN 1 month
  • $1000 PreAuth Credit card deposit
  • $500 rent within 10 days
  • Extra​ ​months​ ​:​ $700
  • Unlimited ​ ​KM
  • Free breakdown coverage
  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Free 2nd hand helmet, rack, bungees
HCM or Hanoi Danang
$1000 Deposit
  • $1000 PreAuth Credit card deposit
  • $275 rent within 5 days
  • Extra Days : $45 a day
  • Unlimited KM
  • Free breakdown coverage
  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Free 2nd hand helmet, rack, bungees
Day ​ ​Rental ​ ​Start​ ​and Finish ​ ​same ​ ​city.
$45 day
  • $1000 PreAuth Credit card deposit
  • $45 a day
  • Minimum 2 days
  • Unlimited ​ ​KM
  • Free breakdown coverage
  • Collision Damage Waiver
  • Free 2nd hand helmet, rack, bungees

To enquire about this motorbike please contact us. We are working on a checkout system. We reply within 24 hours, so check spam if nothing arrives.

The largest rental motorbike in Vietnam

With anything in Vietnam above 170cc getting heavily tax'd, “big motorbikes” are still rarely seen out there on the roads. Tigit is the first to be renting large capacity motorbikes in Vietnam with legit/real paperwork.

For two people luggage or careful cruising

This motorbike is in our fleet for a traveler wanting something similar to what they may drive at home, or for a comfy two person cruise. This motorbike is way beyond the performance capabilities needed in Vietnam. Get this motorbike for comfort, safety, control and stability. Not for speed or power.

Honda CB 500 Adventure with side boxes / panniers

Tigit's Honda CB 500x is loaded up with Aluminium boxes from Givi and full crash protection gear. The 500x is marketed by Honda as an “adventure motorbike”. We don't really buy into this concept of a road bike pretending to be an offroad dual sport, but that mild adventure concept is probably handy for the potholes and occasional gravel tracks.

Honda CB 500x detailed specs.

Twin piston liquid cooled engine packing 49.6 horsepower.

ABS front and back breaks

Adjustable pre-load front and back suspension.

Weight – 196kg

Seat Height – 31.8 inches (810mm)

We require a licence

To rent this motorbike the driver must have a valid motorbike licence from home and an international drivers permit. We will not rent this motorbike without the correct documents.

Videos are filmed with a wide angle go-pro. Footage appears faster and in closer proximity than in real life.

5 Gears
Engine Size
500 CC
Seat Height
810 mm
195 KG
Horse Power
46.9 HP
Tank Size
17.4 Liters

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  1. patrick autran says:

    bonjour,j aurai aimé savoir pour la fin janvier 2020 ,il y aurait une 500 cb de disponible pour 1 mois,et le prix,et comment il faut faire pour reserver. merci de votre serai seul sur la moto,et compte la rendre a hanoi .

  2. Jens Nagel says:

    Hi Jon, we are a couple from Germany and want to travel from 27.11. (arriving in Hanoi) to 14.01.2020 (departing in Saigon) through Vietnam. Is there a motorbike available for this period with 500ccm or higher ? or do you think that another motorbike would be the better choice…. ???

    Regards Jens

  3. Petar Georgiev says:

    Hello, I have a driving license for this motorbike but I didn’t get my international driving license when coming to Asia. Will that be a problem? I’m looking to rent one from Ho Chi Minh 7.12-9.12
    Thank you in advance

  4. TEZE Dominique says:

    1) est il possible de passer au laos et au cambodge avec vos motos de location ?
    ou avez-vous des 150 ou 250 cc a vendre pour un voyage de mi-decembre a fin mars 2020.

    2) avez-vous une 500 cbx disponible de mi-fevrier a fin mars 2020 de hcm a hanoi ?
    tarif ?
    nous avont tout les deux le permis moto .

  5. Jean Pierre Borremans says:


    I would like to rent a CB500X for the weekend.
    Pick up: Saturday evening 16/11
    Return: Monday morning 18/11
    City: HCMC.

    Do you have 1 available?


    Hello ,we are interesting to rent CB 500X or ENFIELD HIMALAYAN as below
    PICK UP HANOI 3 FEB 2020
    DROP OFF HCM 14 FEB 2020
    please let us know the availability and costs.
    Thanks in advance

    Kostas & Irene

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      The Himalayan is possible.

      For bikes over 150cc we require a license + IDP

      $1000 deposit on card
      Counting 12 days
      $470 total rent
      $35 a day after 12 days

      An email has been sent with more information.

  7. Irfan Ahmed says:

    Hello we are 2 old time big bikers coming from India from this MC

    We are planning to be in Vietnam on 01/11 and will need 2 big bikes for 10 days…preferably a 500 cc or above….what can you offer us ?

    Please get back to us with details.


    Phone : +91-33-23446431
    Mobile : +91-9830172003
    Skype : irfanmyco

  8. De tollenaere says:

    Hello, i want to rent the 500cb from 29 november for about 10 days. Is there a motorbike available for this period?


    We already rented at your place in january.

    Best regards, Laurence De Tollenaere

  9. Chris says:

    Hi I’m looking into riding from Ho Chi Minh to ha noi starting October the 29th do you have any CB 500s available? Would be looking to rent it for 3 weeks to a month ?

  10. Max says:

    Is this available 20ish oct for 5-6 days?

  11. kevin says:

    Can we go from Hanoi to HCM?

  12. Labeeb says:

    I’d like to do the ha giang loop in November. Are there CB 500s still available in november and I’ll plan my flights around the week it is. Want bike for 7 days

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      From the 15th November onward, there are CB 500’s available.

      An email has been sent requesting more information.

  13. Geof Kenah says:

    Is this available 14ish Nov for 2-3 months?

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      For bikes over 150cc we require a license + international drivers permit

      $1000 deposit on card
      $950 rent within 1 month
      $700 a month after the first month

      An email has been sent with more information.

  14. Michael McKee says:

    I’d like to rent a CB 500 x, September 29 thru October 2nd, to ride from Ho Chi Min City to Dalat and back. Do you have a bike available?
    thank you.

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      The CB 500 we require a license + international drivers permit
      $1000 deposit on card
      $275 rent within 4 days
      $45 a day after the first 4 days

      An email has been sent with more information.

  15. Sandra Garcia says:

    Hello, we want to rent the Honda CB500 from Da nang on January 3 and deliver it in Hanoi on January 11. Available? And what does it cost? Can you please send me information about the deposit.
    Thank you

  16. Robert Schroeder says:

    I’d like to travel Vietnam on self guided tour 16. Dec. – 30 from HCM to Hanoi or inverse. Dec.2019. I´d like to rent the Honda 500CB? What conditions?
    What are best Pick-up and Drop-down locations? Please advice
    Please quote

    • Justine says:

      We would like this bike ( cbx 500) from Hanoi on Friday 1st Nov drop off danang fri 8 th Nov. Will this be possible?

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      Sorry all bikes over 150cc are booked during these dates.
      The largest available is the XR 150.

  17. Chandra says:

    I am looking to rent the bike from the 6-Oct until the 12-Oct, for 7 days.
    Let me know how much would it cost of a week and the procedure to complete the booking.

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      What is your starting / finishing city?
      An email has been sent requesting more information.

  18. Shane Baldwin says:

    looking to book cb 500 two up for travel from hcm to hanoi for Formula 1 would 1 week be eneogh time to get to Hanoi

  19. Charlie says:


    Will this bike be available from 12 October to 2 November, pickup in Hanoi and drop off in HCM?



  20. Lee Woo Suk says:

    Dear Tigit Motorbikes,
    I want to rent CB500x 10 Days.
    From Sep,10 to Sep, 19.
    And I want to get it in Danang and return to Hanoi.
    Can it possible?
    If so I want to reservate this plan.

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      The CB 500 is 
      $3000 deposit on card
      $500 rent within 10 days
      $45 a day after the first 10 days

      For the CB 500x we require a license + international drivers permit.

      An email has been sent with more information.

  21. Arnie Kahn says:

    Do you sell the Honda CB500? If so, what year, mileage and price?

  22. Hans Sørensen says:

    Hi we can rent 4 Honda cb 500 x in January 2020

  23. ADAM MARTIN says:

    Hi there

    I am keen to rent a CB500X for a 3 or 4 days as a sort of try before you buy option. I see that currently they are all out on the road but when becomes available can you let me know please?

    Many thanks


    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      Which city are you based in ?
      An email has been sent with more information.

  24. Ray says:

    You guys offer any insurance with your bikes? Looking at the cb500x for a trip from HCMC to Danang and back.
    I notice you can claim the full cost of the motorcycle should it be stolen etc. Do you have insurance to cover this?

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      Currently we do not have theft insurance for this, though the concept is under discussion.

      The issue we have is, there is literally a 0% chance of getting a motorbike stolen in Vietnam if using parking lots and sensible hotels. There are no reasons to get a motorbike stolen.

      Adding the concept of insurance, disclaims against such a notion. Theft is 100% driver error and should never happen in this country.

    • Stephen says:

      Hi I’d love to rent for a month the cb 500x, from the 5th October till 5th November 2019. Hanoi to hcmc. Thank you

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      The CB 500x is 
      $3000 deposit on card
      $950 rent for 1 month

      An email has been sent with more information.

  25. Pascal says:

    I’d like to rent a CB500X (or equivalent) from June 15 ~3PM to June 16~7PM.
    2 questions:
    – Can you deliver the bike at a hotel in Hanoï or I’ll have to pop to your office?
    – I’m from France with an international licence (I didn’t take my French one) would it be enough?

    Thanks in advance

    • Mint says:


      Sorry that the minimum rental is 3 days and we don’t work on Sunday.
      Also, big bikes should be booked in advance for weeks to 1 month

  26. Alexander Tsapin says:

    Hi, I want to go to Bao Loc on June 16 (this Sunday) – it will be a round trip, morning to Bao Loc and afternoon back to HCMC. I want to ride the bike in HCMC 2 days before that date, to get used to it. So the dates will be June 14, 15, 16. So pick up and drop off is HCMC.

  27. Lorne says:

    Hi I plan to move to Vietnam in a few years and would like to buy this type of motorcycle
    Can you tell me how much it would cost and do you sell your used bikes .if not how many months in advance do you need to reserve one..I’m in Hanoi right now but coming back in Nov and can fly into either Hanoi or Saigon. Let me know cheers

  28. Sebastian says:

    Hello Tigit.

    I was wondering if it is possible to book a Honda CB 500x from the 18 th of may until the 25 th (7 days)? 🙂
    Best reguards

  29. Stéphane El Hassan says:


    Is this cb500x available from 9-13 of May?

    • mint says:

      Hi Stéphane,

      Sorry that we are run out of this model during these days.
      Big bikes should be booked in advance for 1 month.

  30. Garry Scott says:

    Hi Tigit.
    3 of us are planning to ride from HCM City to Hanoi starting on 29th September.
    We require 3 bikes for one month each.
    We would like 2 x Honda CB 500x or 2 x KTM Duke and the Suzuki Raider.


    • mint says:


      The Suzuki Raider is all booked. Alternatively, the XR150:

      The Xr150 is
      $1000 pre-auth deposit on card per bike
      $450 within a month per bike

      The CB500 or KTM390 is
      $3000 pre-auth deposit on card per bike
      $950 within a month per bike

      For bikes over 150cc, we required license + international driver permit.

      An email has sent over to you with more information.

  31. Jannis Drabner says:


    Is the cb available from 12 – 16. April?
    If not how about the duke and Himalayan? Thanks ;$

    • mint says:


      What is your pick up/ drop off location so that we can check the availability for you?

      An email has sent to you with more information.

  32. Victor Sarafian says:


    I’m interested but renting your motorbikes. I would like to know the availability for :
    – a Honda Cb 500
    – a KTM duke 390

    My trip is the 27,28,29,30(may) and 1st April (5days). From hanoi and back I Hanoi. I’ve the A2 licence.

    Thanks for your prompt answer.

    • mint says:


      The CB is all booked. The KTM is possible with a booking.

      $3000 pre-auth deposit on card
      $45 a day

      Counting 5 days = $225 in total
      We require license and international driver permit for bikes over 150cc.

      An email has sent over to you with more information.

  33. Michaela Stahl says:

    Hi Jon,

    my name is Michaela and I like to rent the Honda for a month.
    I’am arriving in HCM at 02.11.2019 and I like to start my journey at 04. or 05. and I like to give up the bike in Hanoi latest at 27.11.
    I’am very told, is there a possibilty for a higher seat than 810mm?

    Thanks and kind regards,

  34. Mijnd Huijser says:

    How long before a trip (10 days) approx should I book a cb500x?
    I ride both cb500x and NC750X in Thailand.
    I have a European DL and a Thai DL, would that be okay, as I will not visit Europe for a IDL for a long time.

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      I understand the Thai licence is accepted in Vietnam.

      The CB 500 books around 6 months in advance. We only have 1 and are currently unable to get more.

      The CB 500 is
      $3000 deposit on card
      $500 rent within 10 days
      $45 a day after the first 10 days

      An email has been sent with more information.

  35. Suryanarayanan Vaitheeswaran says:

    I need a large capacity bike to go from hanoi to Halong bay. Preferably the CB 500 or Royal Enfield or the KTM.

    I want to pick it up tomorrow, Feb 23.

    Is it possible?

  36. Joel Dagenais says:

    I would like to rent the cb 500 from Ho Chi Minh from the 13th to the 18th of January retuning to Ho chi Minh
    Also i would like to take the $1000 deposit and leave the passport option
    Thanks Kindly
    Joel Dagenais

  37. derek says:

    I’m interested in cb500x from the 3 to the 8 January is the deposit $3000 per bike ?? total $6000 dollars ????