What is the most over-rated place in Vietnam?

From Tigit Jon’s perspective –

I am going to have to throw in one location and one activity. These are controversial choices! Keep in mind, I have lived here for 9+ years and I am definitely a “cynical Expat”.

Mui Ne:

  • Mui Ne beach is mostly eroded away unless paying a premium for resorts with private beaches. Even so, I don’t consider this perfect coastline.
  • It is a small location that focuses on kite surfing, the other tours there are mostly gimmicky.

The Hai Van Pass:

  • Short (only 3 hours of actual driving)
  • The views are great, but nothing compared to other areas Vietnam offers.
  • The alternate route is one of the best in the country, yet everyone is on the Hai Van Pass.
  • Full of cheap throw away and dangerous scooters run by backstreet cowboy rental companies.
  • Full of backpackers that can’t drive and shouldn’t be on the road.
  • The notoriety of this route minimizes what Vietnam actually offers to an adventure seeker.
  • The Hai Van Pass is not the pinnacle of Vietnam and so the acclaimed fame of this road is not beneficial to the industry.

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One Reply to “What is the most over-rated place in Vietnam?”

  1. FWIW I am one of those silly backpackers who found the Hai Van Pass incredible. To think there are better vistas in Vietnam than this one is incredible. But then, I only spent two weeks in Central Vietnam. I saw Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An. Still one of the best motorbike rides I ever experienced.