What happens if the motorbike is stolen?

  • For a full description please visit our page about secure parking lots.
  • In Vietnam the motorbike always goes inside the hotel or in a parking lot.
  • Don’t use cheap hostels in major cities.
  • There are security guards and parking lots everywhere!
  • Unfortunately, if the motorbike is stolen then there is nothing that can be done.
  • The police are useless and there is no point spending the holiday attempting to do paperwork.
  • Motorbike theft can be easily avoided in Vietnam, just be mindful where it is parked.
  • If the motorbike is stolen, the customer owes the value of the motorbike which is stated on each contract. The value depends on the number of KM at the starting point of the rental.
  • Don’t rent a motorbike that you can not afford.

People often ask if they need to buy a lock.
If you need to lock the motorbike then the bike is in the wrong place!

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