What happens if I crash the motorbike?

  • Tigit Motorbikes now has an optional damage waiver, which can be bought to cover all damages to the motorbike in the event of a crash.
  • Crashes are subjective – we try and judge this on what we feel a future customer can potentially complain about.
  • If a customer does not trust our report then we are happy to use 3rd party Honda / Yamaha / Suzuki receipts.
  • Customers crash all the time. This is routine for us and we are good at dealing with the situation.
  • Motorbikes can always be fixed and it is cheap in Vietnam to do so. We have no negative reviews in regards to crash quotations!
  • Tigit does not charge for “loss of use” which is the concept that a rental company can no longer use the vehicle whilst parts are being ordered.
  • We charge for parts, and nothing more!

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