What gear should I bring with me ?

  • The gear you bring depends on the type of rider that you are. Tigit has a full article about what to bring and wear.
  • Vietnam is cold, hot, sunny and rainy regardless of the month. You should be expecting and preparing for all seasons.
  • We recommend bringing as much of your own motorbike gear from home as possible.

Experienced riders

  • The gear in Vietnam is not appropriate for “back home” speeds. Tigit is working on resolving this, but it is still work in progress.
  • Bring proper helmets.
  • Bring rain suits and not rain ponchos (flap in the wind).
  • Keeping your packing to an absolute minimum


  • The gear in Vietnam is cheap, but it is not good. Be wary of this when driving and keep your speeds to the local style.
  • Rain ponchos are great at low speeds.
  • Do not rent a +150cc motorbike and use Vietnamese gear.
  • Backpackers always overpack. This is an adventure holiday. Be dirty, or use hotel washing services on route. Carrying a house load of luggage on sub 150cc motorbikes is not a great idea.
  • We recommend 15kg or less on our racks.

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