Returns and drop off locations for motorbikes?

Tigit Motorbikes has offices in Ho Chi Minh, DalatDanang and Hanoi. Pickup from one office and returning at another. It is an easy and fluid process.
It takes Tigit around 10 days to move a motorbike from one office to another. Failing to return to your contracted city can be a logistics disaster for the company.

  • Tigit charges $50 for returning in the wrong city with prior notification
  • Tigit charges $100 for returning in the wrong city without notification.

Returning in a location that is not a Tigit location (such as a train station) will be charged as three days from the drop-off date.

Plan the holiday carefully, using rest days (recommended at least once every four days of driving). If you are not going to reach the return city please let us know so we can try and build a contingency plan.

HCM to Danang, or Hanoi to Danang usually takes 7-10 days.
HCM to Hanoi usually takes 15-25 days.
HCM to Hanoi is possible in 10 days, but very few clients successfully do this.

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4 Replies to “Returns and drop off locations for motorbikes?”

  1. Hi, is it possible to rent scooter from Ho chi min and drop it in Dalat? If so, how much it will cost. Thank you