Is the traffic in Vietnam dangerous?

  • In cities it is chaotic but people drive unbelievably slowly. Even in a crash you will probably be OK!
  • The countryside remains slow, but has less people.
  • To avoid crashes drive at the locals pace, they drive slowly (but badly).
  • Tigit Motorbikes HCM and Danang are away from the chaos of the city center and have convenient test drive and practice areas.
  • For more information on crashes please read our Damage Waiver.

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3 Replies to “Is the traffic in Vietnam dangerous?”

  1. Once you know how to drive like a Vietnamese it is not so dangerous.
    Cars hug the center of the road, bikes the right side. Beware trucks and especially busses, they expect you to yield. Don’t drive next to a bus, when you can avoid it.
    The rule is: Everything you see in front of you matters. Which means if you want someone to pay attention to your driving, get in front of them. Change directions slowly to remain predictable. People drive slow.
    Turning left is a story of its own. Watch Vietnamese do it or have someone explain it to you. If you can, follow in the shadow of a car (a car is a good shield).
    Only stop for police if it looks, like they will follow you if you don’t (a guy sitting on a bike is a give away). They usually only want bribe money.

  2. Driving in Vietnam was one of the most powerful experiences I did. It’s great, and what seems to be chaotic it’s not. They are rules indeed, and they work perfect. 1) stop or go, don’t hesitate. 2) don’t care what’s going on behind you or at your side. Focus on whats going on ahead of you and avoid hitting anyone. 3) drive slowly 4) be demonstrative 5) be kind and don’t worry about anything!

    1. Nice experience ever :)) I like your rules.
      I experienced in driving in Vietnam for years and I had to look at every direction whenever I go across the street, especially in Ho Chi Minh at rush hours.