Border crossing by Motorbike

Update post covid

From November 20th 2022 we will no longer be accepting border crossing bookings for rentals. This is due to the difficulties in customers getting back into Vietnam with the motorbike.

Travelers can inquire to buy a Honda XR 150, with a range of $1600-1800. The bikes will range between 60 and 90,000km and sold with a 1 month warranty. The motorbike will be in good condition, just like any other Tigit Rental. We will not buy the motorbike back, the expected resale is $1000-1500usd.

Honda Blades are also available between $450 and $550 with a range of 60,000km+. These motorbikes basically never break down so it is a great opportunity to pickup a motorbike cheap. Expected resale value $300-400.

About crossing borders

Crossing borders into Laos and Cambodia is possible. We believe Thailand and further is no longer possible. To cross borders, the client requires the blue card (ownership papers). The ownership document may be in a different office to the motorbike, Tigit must prepare transporting papers to the pickup location in advance to the clients pickup date.
It is not possible to cross borders on motorbikes above 150cc from TigitMotorbikes.

What borders are possible
For a full article on everything we know, please read crossing borders. Please note, Tigit has no resources, contacts or translating abilities in countries outside of Vietnam.

    • Cambodia and Vietnam – Any international border is possible
    • Laos and Vietnam – The only working border is “Na Meo” border, no other borders will let you through. A visa must be prepared in advance. It is possible to cross back into Vietnam through any international border. The limitation is Vietnam to Laos.
    • Laos and Cambodia – History and many online blogs suggest that it is not possible, however Tigit has had plenty of clients successfully crossing these borders.

For a full description read crossing borders with a motorbike.

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