Can I deposit with cash?

  • Cash deposits are fine, equaling the amount of the stated credit card deposit on contracts.
  • Tigit may return cash in a different currency or with different notes.
  • We prefer credit card deposits.
  • It is a good idea to notify us before returning the motorbike so we can prepare the cash.

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One Reply to “Can I deposit with cash?”

  1. In 2018 my credit card denied the $1000 deposit, even after 2 attempts. I ended up giving up my passport which was returned in HCM. I was miffed and called the credit card company because I had called the MFs before hand. The guy told me that the first attempt was cancelled by a computer and if I would of waited 15 minutes that attempt would of been positive. The trip and the bike was spectacular and I’m doing it again Oct 14, 2019 and, this time 24 days on the bike. Had 1 flat otherwise the bike was perfect, I drove the 150. This year I’m starting in HCM and will end in Hanoi and will make it to Hal Long Bay and Sapa.