What was the can’t miss experience for Vietnam?

Jon Tigit

From Tigit Jon’s perspective –

Vietnam is famous for beaches, but it will eventually become famous for its mountains. Vietnam is a mountain country at heart, and that is what us bikers are here to see.

  • Phong Nha, its caves and turquoise rivers are stunning. Paradise Cave, Dark Cave.
  • Ha Giang for amazing mountain roads, or “The North West” for amazing off-road mountain roads.
  • Ban Gioc Waterfall in the North East.
  • Dalat and all its waterfalls.
  • Nha Trang and its mega beach parties (sailing club).

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  1. marc says:

    For me, the best experience by far was the Son Tra peninsula and the Hai Van Pass. These two natural wonders are the hidden gems of Vietnam. Overlooking the South China Sea, wind in my face and sun on my back and then stopping for a cold drink and chatting with the charming locals, this is a can’t miss experience.