Rent a Honda Winner 150cc

The Honda Winner 150cc is a new release in June 2016 in Vietnam. Customers who rent a Honda Winner are on a rare breed of motorbike and heads will be turned everywhere!

A fuel injection 6 gear manual motorbike puts the Honda Winner as the fastest locally made manual transmission in the country. A top speed of around 120KM/H and an easy cruise of 90 to 100km/h

Built like a rock, the Honda Winner has amazing suspension for a small motorbike and it glides over the roads of Vietnam. A high running rev’d up engine gives the Winner acceleration that is unmatched by any other 150cc motorbike. It accelerates away with gliding power that quickly brings it to a high cruising speed.

A front tire and wheel that is larger than other motorbikes in it’s class also gives the Winner the best braking power. In one motorbike, it has the best suspension, the best acceleration and the best stopping speed.

At Tigit Motorbikes we fit the Honda Winner with Givi boxes to carry extra luggage. The motorbike runs well with side boxes and the suspension and power of the motorbike is sufficient to handle the extra load.

The Winner’s downfall which is not shown in this video is the riding position. To help with the seating position Tigit Motorbikes customizes the seat. Short riders find the Winner too high and tall riders find it a little cramp’d. For people falling in the middle then the Winner remains to be a comfortable choice.
To rent a Honda Winner, the seating position is a small price to pay for what is easily the best performing 150cc manual motorbike in the country.

Honda reliability and the ability to fix any small problems on the road, make this motorbike an unbeatable option for a one way rental across Vietnam.


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  1. Tommy says:

    I am 6 foot tall & weigh 90 kg.My question,Is the winner a good bike for me in Vietnam or to small?

    I was looking at a XR 150L but the winner is almost 1/2 the cost & it is liquid cooled with a 6 speed trans.
    I will be riding 2 up 50% of the time with my lady.She weighs 50 kg.

    She has a 2019 Honda Lead that is not to bad for us to ride around HCMC & go to short 2 hour rides to the beach.
    I want a more motorcycle like bike since I have a big touring bike in the USA.But,I don’t want to spend a lot of money since I live here part-time.
    I want to stick with a Honda so, that is where my interest is.I see that a Honda Sh125 is double what I want to spend & wondered if the Winner would be a loser for me?

    Thank you,TK

    I know the Rebel 300 is probably what I should buy but can’t justify the $$$$…

    • Jon - TigitMotorbikes says:

      The Winner is not a big bike. Recommend the Honda XR 150 for taller people.

      Yes would say the Winner is a loser.

      Go for an XR