Why are Tigit motorbikes better than backpacker motorbikes?

  • Most backpackers will be seen buying Chinese motorbikes which are cheap and unstable toys. Tigit uses genuine motorbikes.
  • Huge motorbike fleet with a small skillful team. Breakdowns are just as inconvenient to us as they are to you when it comes to support time!
  • A select few models in bulk that we believe to be the best motorbikes for the job of traveling Vietnam!
  • All motorbikes are purchased new by Tigit and registered under the company. This helps with some paperwork problems that can happen on the road.
  • Clear and transparent paperwork for travelers to maintain the motorbike up to our standards
  • Tigit is for real motorbikers, not backpackers. We want real drivers who look after and understand our fleet just like we do

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