How is the weather in Vietnam?

  • August to September is the best time to travel the North. The weather is mostly stable and the yellow paddy fields bloom.
  • Keep in mind this is also stormy season in Vietnam and random cyclones can smash through the area at any point.
  • Storms come and go quickly, they usually pass over within two days.
  • March and May is also good for allround mostly stable conditions.
  • June to August is rainy season.
  • December to February are cold, so cold that the snow can fall. Plan for a skiing holiday and you should be ok! A big mistake travelers make when motorbiking Vietnam is to assume everywhere is hot. With Tigit Motorbikes it is possible to send luggage on the train, so plan ahead and have the correct gear sitting in our office waiting for cold weather conditions.

Travellers spend far too much time worrying about the weather and attempting to predict it. Just get on with it and drive, there is nothing that will stop a holiday.
For a full detailed description on weather please read the weather in Vietnam.

For more information please visit our section about how to navigate Vietnam.

Please do not rent from us if you are not adventure travelers. This is an adventure holiday and there is no “perfect season”!

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One Reply to “How is the weather in Vietnam?”

  1. We were travelling in May. The north was dry and hot. I was wearing long hiking pants and a long-sleeve compression shirt underneath a T-shirt. Long sleeves are the best protection against the sun and the wind when driving is cooling enough. When we came to the south we usually paused during the afternoon shower. One time we didn’t and used ponchos, but I don’t like those. If you can, take break. And drive during daylight. In May it was dark at 7pm so we planned getting to places before that.