Do you refund for early returns?

We refund early returns, so please book for the maximum length of time that you might use the bike. When you return early we will refund the remaining days.
We link returns to bookings closely so trying to “extend your rental” may not be possible, and if you extend without notifying us, it may cause another traveler to not have a bike waiting. Don’t be the person who destroys someone else’s holiday.

Returning a motorbike early at Tigit is free, and we will refund all the remaining days providing you return in the correct location.
We will charge a minimum of 3 days rent. (For example, if you book a motorbike for 1 month, then return after 1 day, we will charge for 3 days).

Returning in a location that is not a Tigit location (such as a train station) will be charged as three days from the drop-off date.

Please be respectful and notify Tigit in advance if you are not going to make it to your return destination. It may cause another traveler to miss their booking. This is an adventure holiday, and you must book with the intent to complete your journey.

Tigit Refund calculation

Tigit prices are based on an algorithm, the full price list can be seen on our prices page. Note, that the price gets cheaper over time, it is not based on “per day”. The refund amount might be less than you expect!

Returning randomly in a different city to the original booking

Tigit charges $50 for returning in the wrong city with prior notification and $100 for returning in the wrong city without notification.
Respect the fact, that your actions could impact another traveler’s holiday.

Returning late

Extensions are usually possible with five days of notice in advance. However, with our early return policy of refunding early returns, we encourage you to book the maximum possible time that you might need the motorbike. This avoids issues with us overbooking motorbikes.

Bookings at Tigit are taken seriously. Returning late or to a city not on the original contract can cause us to miss bookings. We charge $100 or more for returning late if it causes us to miss a booking.
Please be respectful to Tigit and to future clients and let us know when plans are changing.

Email us for extensions.

Book the maximum duration possible
We have flexible early returns, and so encourage travelers to book for the maximum duration possible, and then to return early for a refund. This is better than booking the minimum duration and then trying to extend.

If you do wish to extend, please email in advance and we will let you know if the motorbike is still available for an extension.

Pricing calculator for refunds

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