Do you refund for early returns?

  • Early returns are fine.
  • For refunds on an early return we need 5 days of notice.
  • First month price is actually made up from 15-20 days price. We won’t be able to refund if you have passed the 15/20 days.
    • Honda Blade, XR150, CRF150, CRF250, CB500X, Royal Enfield Himalayan: 1 month price = 20 days price.
    • Honda Winner / Exciter: 1 month price = 15 days price.

Case study 1:
I booked from 1st June to 10th June for a 10 day rental. Today I return my bike on the 3rd of June, can I have a refund?

1-3rd is three days at $30 rent.
+ 5 days notice to 8th June.

Total refund is 2 days.

Case study 2:
I booked 1st June to 10th June for a 10 day rental. I am writing today (2nd June), to inform that I will return on the 7th June. Can I have a refund for the 3 days I didn’t use?
A refund of 3 days will be issued due to 5 days notice.

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