Can I rent a motorbike to do the Hai Van Pass?

The Hai Van pass is a road between Danang and Hue, and has been made famous by the Top Gear Vietnam Special.
Today it is full of travelers enjoying the pass. A short one day journey has become a quick and easy way to tick the box of motorbiking Vietnam.
Please read here for a our full article on the Hai Van Pass.

We personally feel the Hai Van Pass is over-rated. Its popularity is due to the Top Gear TV show combined with the roads easy accessibility for casual drivers. It is not famous due to its organic beauty (although it is a nice drive, there are far better roads in Vietnam).

As a general rule, the audience of quick one day motorbike rentals is not hugely interested in quality motorbikes. This allows local companies to pump out very cheap 1 day motorbike rentals between Hoi An and Hue on worthless scooters. This is great for a quick one day trip for enjoying the pass, but the motorbikes are not suited or equipped for anything further than this one day drive!

Tigit does not have a specific service for Hai Van Pass rentals, but it is possible to pickup from Danang and use our return city of “another location” to ship the motorbike back to Tigit.
With a quick Google, it can be seen there are companies that specialize in the Hai Van Pass rentals.

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