Renting Safety Gear

Safety Gear rental prices

A/ Package Rental: $20 for first day, +$ each of the following days.
Includes : (Helmet, boots, knee/elbow protection)

B/ Severally Rental :

1) 165.000 VND ( $7) for first day,  +25.000 VND ($1) each of the following days .Applied separately each item below :


_Knee protection/Elbow (combined)

_Half body armor

2) 350.000 VND ($15) for first day,  +25.000 VND ($1) each of the following days :

_Off-road boots ( only for off-road tour or a few days in the same location )

_Givi Top Box ( only for CB500)

3) We do not rent gloves, you can purchase a suitable pair with  175,000 VND ($7) and above  .

Deposit no bike rental

We take a deposit of 2,000,000 VND ($80) for equipment if you do not have a bike rental from Tigit.
Applied from one item and more.

Losing equipment

(If lost: Customer is responsible for 50% of the product value.)

The definition of lost:

Products may be damaged by falls but must be returned in the same quantity delivered when rented.

(For example: Knee protection, when receiving 1 pair, must return 1 pair (even if damaged).

Helmet: Can be damaged or broken but must have all the parts that come with the helmet. (For example, a damaged visor must still be returned to Tigit)

Shoes must be 2 pieces for 1 pair

Elbow : 750.000vnd:
Knee : 899.000vnd:
Forma boots : 6.990.000vnd: Forma Terrain Boots
Helmet: 1.750.000vnd: