Where is the best place in Vietnam?

From Tigit Jon’s perspective –

There are so many great places in Vietnam. It is a place to come back over and over again. In reality, as a young family man, I am stuck in the house. I have not even touched the surface of this great country!

If I had to choose one spot:

DALAT would be it.

Dalat does appear to be a love/hate city. I fall firmly on the love side, and here is why.

  • I can escape the roasting heat of Saigon for a few days.
  • A city with all the restaurants in the world, but it takes 5 minutes to escape into the beautiful countryside.
  • Stunning scenery all around, from the French architecture to the farmland and hills.
  • Canyoning tours, coffee tours, hiking tours, gardens, greenery, flowers. Dalat has lots to do!
  • The waterfalls are amazing. From touristy, to run down and broken, to stampedes of flowing water.
  • The people are quiet in relation to the rest of Vietnam.
  • I don’t often share this with new arrivals to Vietnam but Dalat has some of the best off-road motorbiking in the world!

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