What does a Tigit tour guide pack?

Tigit guides pack as light as possible, but as sufficient as possible. The packing motto is ‘pack like there are no stops, and there are no shops’.

If you forget to pack something; do let the tour guide know about your discomfort, but do not be surprised when the guide prioritizes completion of the route over minor discomforts. Tigit tours can take customers into remote areas, and some personal items are not possible to find in between the larger cities. It is very time-consuming to go hunting for a specific product and can set back the schedule substantially. 

In our opinion, you should have

  • 1 set of evening clothes
  • 1 set of driving clothes
  • Shoes are optional, as most hotels provide flip-flops
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses

For a full list of what Tigit Jon wears, see this article.

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