Is it easy to travel Vietnam?

  • In our opinion YES!
  • Every tourist destination is within 1 days drive of eachother.
  • Vietnamese are helpful and friendly. Willing to help a foreigner in distress.
  • Public transport and trucks are amazing. Clients can be rescued from nearly anywhere (eventually). Tigit has a wide reach!
  • Food and hotels are everywhere.
  • Vietnamese are everywhere. Think you are alone? Chances are a bushmen is watching you!
  • Motorbikes are low powered, road speeds are slow.
  • Gas stations are everywhere.
  • Mechanic shops are everywhere.
  • Everything is cheap. Money can buy you out of nearly any situation.
  • Vietnam has mild weather (ignore the news). Storms are quickly dealt with. Temperatures are never extreme.
  • Rainy season is manageable, again ignore the news. There is no “right” or “wrong” time to travel Vietnam.
  • English is nearly everywhere (speak slowly and calmly). People do understand.

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