How much stuff can I carry on my Motorbike?

  • We recommend around 15 KG of luggage. However it depends on the model of the motorbike.
  • People with lots of luggage can send a bag between Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Danang and collect the bag when dropping the motorbike off. The cost to send a bag is $20.
  • All of the Tigit motorbike rental fleet can carry two people and luggage across Vietnam. There are no roads that these motorbikes can not handle.
  • The limitation is in rack space and strength, not the power of the vehicle.
  • We have no major restrictions, but travelers must be responsible for overloading the luggage and breaking racks.

A common complaint is the Honda Blade 110cc with two people and luggage. We won’t stop you, the bike can handle the load. However the rack is likely to break and need welding on the journey. This is your responsibility.

Welding is easy on route, and we do not consider this a “breakdown”. Racks are not a priority check for our mechanics and we expect customers to investigate rack condition upon pickup.

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2 Replies to “How much stuff can I carry on my Motorbike?”

  1. Hey guys, I will buy a motorbike tomorrow, can I leave my luggage at your shop and pick it up in 2 or three month?
    Greetings Tristan