How much do I need to pay for a good bed?

  • $3-$7 will get you a dorm bed and a “free breakfast”, consisting of a piece of bread, egg and coffee.
  • $8-15 will get you “a bed” in a hotel with a hard mattress. An old TV, 1/4 working WIFI. Most of the time a hot shower, and sometimes a “free breakfast”.
  • $25-50 will get a bed usually with a soft mattress and a hot shower. Nearly working Wifi.
  • $50-80 will get a bed with a soft mattress. Usually some service, Wifi and a limited choice breakfast buffet.
  • $80-100 will get you a bed with a soft mattress. Service, swimming pool, and a large breakfast buffet.
  • $100+ will get you a very nice resort with swimming pools, gyms, spa’s and everything else that comes with a nice resort!

Hotel prices depend on the location and the above list is very generalized. Usually, it is worth attempting to go into the $25-50 category if wanting to travel in respectable conditions. Most remote areas do not have $25-50 rooms. Remote areas have the $8-15 category, so get a good hotel when and where you can!

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2 Replies to “How much do I need to pay for a good bed?”

  1. Not always possible outside the main cities, trying to book an Airbnb homestay and they have been surprisingly comfortable. You get to meet a local family most of the time, they offer home cooked meals and they make sure the room is comfortable.

    1. I agree. Air B n B is underrated and under priced in Vietnam at the moment.