Do you take Credit cards?

  • Tigit uses the Stripe payment Gateway which is a leading payment gateway globally. They accept basically all forms of cards.
  • Payments by card can be chosen in your home and local currency. This avoids unknown conversion fees.
  • The payment is split into two transactions. “Deposit”, “Rent”.
  • The “Rent” has a fee of 2.9% if paying by credit card.
  • The “Deposit” is a pre-authorization hold. The money never leaves your account so there are no fees.
  • The “Deposit” is automatically released, the decision when to release is down to the clients bank. Tigit never takes/charges the money.

Other information to note:

  • Before coming to Vietnam or a Tigit Office it is a good idea to tell your credit card company to not block payments in Vietnam from “Stripe Payments UK”.
  • Tigit does not have a credit card machine. Clients pay via a secure website link.
  • Clients may pay using their own mobile devices.
  • Clients may pay using the Tigit provided PC or Tablet.
  • We do not ask clients to physically hand the card to us. We prefer clients to pay on their own devices without us handling any sensitive information.

Tigit does not accept pre-paid credit cards for the deposit of the motorbike.

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